April 29, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Ten of us ventured into what I called "No Mans Land" today.  We covered about 6 Km and then stopped for a well earned coffee at Shawnigan Coffee House.  The weather is much more to our hiking liking this week.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Started from the Legion.  Through Cairn Park across the road, then follow the trace in a clockwise direction back to the Legion.

Up through Cairn Park.

We regroup on Wilmot Ave.

We have to check out an interesting vehicle for sale on Treit Rd.

Then down the trail at the end of Treit Rd into No Mans Land.

Surprisingly there are some large puddles along the way. 

A relic from the past.

A pleasant walk so far.

Anyone interested in shopping??

Some pleasant colour along the way.

A vehicle, maybe?

Fiddlehead ferns growing well.

A trailer or boat??

Or maybe a pickup truck?

Lots of choices.

Including heavy machinery.

Bicycles, too.

Motorcycles --

and a heavy duty generator.

A comfy(?) seat we have seen before - made of granite or
concrete - so we can't pick it up and take it home.

Ready for a parade.

Passengers aboard.

Back onto Bob-O-Link Trail  -- from Elford Rd.

Across the street is the entrance to the Cowichan Cricket and
Sports Club.

Everything is blooming.

Including dandelions and daisies.

Treehouse and firewood storage on
Bob-O-Link trail.

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