June 25, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Lots of rain last night but the weather cooperated with our walking group for today -- SUNSHINE.  Six of us walked from behind Serious Coffee on Frayne Rd up to Rat Lake and return to Serious for coffee.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Started behind Serious Coffee off of Frayne Rd (top left).  Took a trail off Benko Rd and went in a large figure 8 over to Bamberton-Haul Rd, past Rat Lake, then down onto Frayne Rd.

Up the trail off Benko Rd.

Met a couple canine friends of Ed that wanted to join us.

Lots of Salmon berries that were not quite ready for eating.

Looks like a good crop of broom coming, too.

Rat Lake is almost fully covered with Lily Pads.

Yellow flowers
And white.

The trail along Rat Lake.

Very little water in Handysen Creek.

The bridge over Handysen Creek where it leaves Rat Lake.

Just about back where we met the dogs.

These Arbutus trees make a nice arch
over the trail.

Down the trail to Frayne Rd.

Checking out the library on Frayne Rd.

June 18, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Warm day for a 7Km hike through part of the Shawnigan area followed by coffee at Shawnigan Coffee House.  Seven of us did the walk.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Started at the Legion (top center).  Across the road through Cairn Park.  Into the bush at the end of Treit Rd, then a clockwise loop back to the Legion with a stop for coffee at Shawnigan Coffee House.

The shadows show a lack of cloud cover.

I know these as "Red Hot Poker".  Look like they are about done.
California Poppies looking good.

Various trails through the bush.

A huge tank left from days gone by.

Deeper into the woods.

Two of a few greeters.  All barking with tails wagging.

Lots of choices of vehicles -

- and equipment.

Looking up towards the Cricket Pitch on Elford Rd.

This friendly soul came out to greet us.

June 11, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Great weather today for 10 of us to do a 7Km walk through the Mill Bay-Mill Springs area.  Followed by a stop at Tim Hortons for a donut?  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked cars above Tim Hortons.  Walked down through Mill Bay Center.  Follow the yellow trace clockwise through Mill Spring trails back to Tim Hortons.

Clearing on Partridge Rd for new home construction.

Down the path from Partridge over to Seaview Rd.

These flowers formed an almost perfect crest.

A somewhat unique 
shaped tree on 

If you need a pay phone,
this one can be found
behind the Deer Lodge Motel on
Bay Rd.

Rest stop at the top of Partridge Rd.

California Poppies in Mill Springs.

Odd shaped tree on path in Mill Springs.

Deloume Community Park in Mill Springs.

Dogwood Tree off to a
fresh start.

One of the "downs" on the walk.


Also in white.

This guy is topping trees.  Notice
his chainsaw hanging from the belt.
Leaving Mill Springs at the top of 
Deloume Rd.  A large Monkey Tree with
Red Hot Poker growing below.

June 4, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Great day for a 9Km stroll around the Duncan city perimeter on the berm created to protect the area from extreme high water situations.  We had a pleasant walk and finished off with a delicious lunch at Craig Street Brew Pub.  --  DeNNis.
We parked the cars in the Duncan Mall parking lot near the entrance to JYSK and Pet Smart (bottom near left of map). Follow the yellow trace in a counter-clockwise direction starting down Trunk Rd.

This ornamental tree was pruned to enable people to walk 
under it without it hitting their heads.

Another unique pruning job.

We get onto the trail near the Cowichan River.

Taken from a viewing platform showing some of the standing water.

A water filtration pond - lots of ducks in here.

The trail goes down beside the Public Works Yard.

A few of the Canada Geese in the field alongside the berm.

Still lots of daisies and dandelions along the trail.

This section of concrete barrier is made to add a water
blocking fence in the opening.  See photo on right.

Quite a few California Poppies in one area of the trail.

Golf driving range alongside the trail.

Daisies as far as you can see.

What type of grass is this??

Killing time before lunch in the Duncan alley ways.

The city of Totems.

Also some neat murals.

The lunch turned out much better than the photograph.