April 22, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Ten of us braved the threat of rain this morning to take a hike through Stoney Hill Park off Genoa Bay road.  We did about 5 to 6 Km of sometimes muddy ups and downs through the park, but the views, though sometimes a little foggy, made it worthwhile.  And we finished off by drying out over a delicious lunch at the Shipyard Cafe on Genoa Bay road.  --  DeNNis.

We did a counter-clockwise loop around the park as shown.  There are four excellent viewing areas on the cliffs above the water almost 200 meters above sea level and lots to see along the trail.           Some rain drops on the lens of the camera messed things up a bit.

Lots of strange looking tree shapes.

Nearing the first viewing area.

And some huge rocks - how they got there makes you wonder.

Many fantastic views.

Had to throw in a few panoramic shots.

Lots of unique Arbutus trees.

Checking out their domain.

Some were clever enough to carry an umbrella.

Arriving at another viewpoint.

Looks a bit like a fish farm down below.

More spectacular views.

Everything is a bright green.

This large rock is caught in the crevice of two others.

"Shooting Star" flower.

Arbutus trees grow in many directions.

Lots of unique tree shapes.

And moss covered rocks.

A lot of rocks made up of many small ones.

Could be slippery!

The "Shipyard" Pub.

NOTICE - We all drink healthy drinks - Water.

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