December 27, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Better late than never??!!  At last - my pics from our Cobble Hill walk and lunch Dec. 22nd.  Got caught up in Christmas, but here we go.  -  DeNNis

Parked by the Cobble Hill  Off-leash dog park (Red box 020 - bottom left)  -  did the big loop as shown and ended up with lunch at the Cobblestone Pub.

Some artistic soul added decorations to some trees on the Dusk to Dawn Trail in Fairfield Road Park  -  Nice touch.


- in a web - 

"Neat toy - Let's play."
Scary creature in the "Dusk to Dawn" trail  -  somebody had to shinny up the tree a few feet to create this guy. 

Unique fence - needs some TLC though.

Gotta love that green at this time of year.

Old steam donkey fly wheel at base of Cobble Hill Mountain.

The highlight  --  Lunch at the Cobblestone Pub.

Men's Walking Group

Better late than never!?  At last - pics from our Dec 22nd walk and Cobblestone lunch.  Sorry for the delay.  DeNNis.

December 24, 2014

Womens Walking Group

Four walkers did 4 km through Old Mill Park along the rails and down to the government wharf.
There will not be a walk on the 29th. The next walk is on Monday Jan 5th. We will begin at St. Johns Church. It is also our "lunch bunch" Monday which is the first one for 2015. Lunch will be at the Cobblestone Inn. Meet at 10am. at the Legion. No pictures from the walk, so a few Christmas pictures below. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.  VM.

December 22, 2014

Men's walking group

HI All. If I rush I may get my last report for 2014 out before DeNNis . Good walk, rounded off we did 9k and got back in lots of time for our Lunch at the Cobblestone. Congratulations Brook for best attendance for the year and Larry for the second best.Well done.Thanks to Bill C for dropping by to wish us all the best and Jim B,its nice to see you looking so good and its nice to have you back Mike L. We plan our first walk for 2015 on the 5th Jan. See you all there. I wish you all a great Xmas & New Year.

December 18, 2014

Women's Walking Group

Eight walkers did about 4 km beginning at Carlton Road. Along the way we saw a few new trails which we plan to explore in the new year. Many are busy this time of year, but a few walkers will be going to the Old Mill Park on Monday the 22nd. Meet at the Legion at 10am.  VM

Skip takes a picture

A Giant Sequoia

The Sequoia has beautiful wispy delicate, needles

The Holly Tree

This cougar had many admirers

And was photographed many times

Very lifelike

The Cougar Guard Dog


December 17, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Better later than Denis than never.  Good weather again and good company as usual.  Not much in photo ops, but better a little than none.  Another enjoyable jaunt.  --  DeNNis.

The Yellow Brick Road again.  Ignore the brownish-purple lines.  They are clutter from various other trips showing "as the crow flies" in the car.  Started at the Legion (Red Flag 001).  GPS slow to pick up satellites so part of trace missing.  From behind the Legion down to the Haul Rd  -  went right, down to visit with Mr Ed the horse, but he wasn't there this time. So back the other way down the Haul Rd to the Alpaca farm.  Then back up through the various streets to return to the Legion.  As Denis said, we did this walk at a pretty good pace.
A cool, somewhat frosty morning - good weather for a brisk walk.

The circle of  Wisdom????

A unique imaginative sign near the alpaca farm.

The little park near the Weir.  No shortage of water at this time of year.

Thought I would throw in the Google Earth version as well.

Men's walking group

Better late the never. Ha good walk on Monday and we must have set some kind of record doing 7k and being back to the Legion by 10:20, Well we have completed (almost} another year of good walks and we plan on celebrating this next Monday 22nd 11:30 at the Cobblestone, Hope to see all you present and past walkers there, Tks

December 10, 2014

Women's Walking Group

The warnings of rain and winds held off and we enjoyed a 6.38 km country walk in the great fresh air. We did not see the many Rottweiler guard dogs this walk, but there were farms and other animals along the way. We stopped at an interesting Day Care where the children had their own raised garden beds on the property and two tepees near by. We came upon some attractive "Eggs For Sale " signs and found they were made by a YSAG member in our walking group. (picture below) Next walk on Dec 15th will be on Carlton Road. Meet at 10am. at the Legion.  VM

We are on our way

The raging river

Outdoor Christmas decorations, all done !

Well done, Dianne

The chickens would be pleased with these signs

The tepee at the Day Care

The animals do "Follow The Leader"

Unusual markings on the dark goat

The lone poser

The leader

The "OUCH" Tree