May 29, 2017

Eight of us walked through Beacon Hill Park and around the Inner Harbor.  We managed to get in about 10Km and a great lunch at Fisherman's Warf on a beautiful warm sunny day.

I am doing this post because Dennis's computer is beyond life support and he will be picking up a brand new one tomorrow in Victoria.  Exciting times, Eh, Dennis?  Below are some of the pictures I took. -- Ed

We parked on Dallas Road (bottom right) and walked counterclockwise through the Park.  Back to the cars via Dallas Road after Lunch at Fisherman's Warf. -- Brook

The view across the water.

An escapee from Easter Island.

A strange bird nest.

The queen is looking at you!

Just checking our arrival time.

Bob is setting his watch.

Water Lilys.

Brook feeding fake food to the goose. The goose was not impressed.

Turtles sunbathing - that log got very crowded!

You saw it - NO CAMPING.

The new V to V ferry.

A diver in the Inner Harbour.

A Hummingbird in flight.

May 11, 2017

A brisk 8Km walk for the 8 of us around Old Mill Park and Shawnigan Lake Village.  Started clockwise at the Legion with a break for coffee at the Shawnigan House before returning to the Legion. -- Brook

May 2, 2017

Women's Walking Group

Women's Walking Group  ---   May 1st, 2017.

Photos and comments courtesy Doreen Parker.

Ladies walk was to Hemer Park where we had a quiet peaceful walk for better than two hours and then went to the Crow and Gate for a great lunch.  Weather was mild with very little rain.

We meet at the Legion every Monday Morning and leave for our walk at 9:30 sharp so don't be late or you will miss us.

Sign at entrance to the park.


An older Trillium turning pink.

Fairy slipper or Lady's slipper.  Both names are right.

This was a whole robin egg so wonder how it didn't break.

Two pretty ladies by a pretty flowering bush.

The trail.

Lots of owls in the trees but this one has an extra "bump" on
the tree.

This is the old sign from the Crow and Gate.

At the entrance of the Pub.

Helen driving home.

Beautiful tulips at the Crow and Gate.

May 1, 2017

Men's Walking Group

Escaped most of the rain today while walking from Deloume Rd through part of Mill Springs.  A little shorter walk but interesting to see the new phase of construction.  Below is my map and a few photos.  --  DeNNis.

Parked on Deloume Rd behind Tim Hortons (bottom right).  Just follow the wiggly loop counter clockwise around to Tim Hortons.

Fiddlestick ferns.

New growth out of rotted stump.

Thank heaven for bridges over some sloppy spots.

Checking out the gulley below.

Another tree growing out of a stump.

Nice bridge here.  Skunk cabbage is growing well with all the
wet weather we are having.


What looks like the eyes on this piece of art
(old tree stump) are actually cuts where the
the old time loggers inserted planks to stand
on while sawing the tree to fall it.

Healthy looking Skunk Cabbage.

Very large houses going up in the latest phase of Mill Springs.

Deloume Community Park in Mill Springs.