April 26, 2017

Women's Walking Group

April 24, 2017   ---   Women's Walking Group.

Photos and comments courtesy Doreen Parker.

Ladies walk was at Silvermine Road area and we did three trails just over 5 Km.

It was a lovely warm day and a very enjoyable walk.  We then went to Cobble Hill Hall for a very nice lunch.

Our next walk we plan on going to Hemer Park and then to lunch at the Crow and Gate.

Hope to see more ladies walking now that the weather has warmed up.  We leave the Legion every Monday morning at 9:30 so plan on being there before that time.

Helen crossing one of the bridges on our first trail.

Helen, Margaret and Lenora crossing the bridge.

A little teepee in the woods.

A shy trillium looking the other way.

Lovely yellow violets.

Woodpeckers have been busy here.

A close up of the woodpeckers work.

Sure sign of spring.

Beautiful.  Does this suggest summer?

Ok, we don't know what this is and would like to know if
anyone has an idea.

Now who said only the young are addicted?

April 24, 2017

Men's Walking Group

They (?) said it was going to rain today.  But not on OUR walk!  Weather turned out very nice.  Here is the map and photos from todays stroll around the Victoria Airport.   --   DeNNis.

Map is very simple.  We parked across the road from Marys Bleue Moon Café (lower right) near the BC Aviation Museum and did a counter-clockwise loop as shown by the red arrows.  Only encountered minor ups and downs.

A couple pf small aircraft near the Museum building.

Looking over to the intersection of Highway 17 and Beacon Ave. going into Sydney.

Dandelions are out anyway.

And other wild flowers.

An unique older aircraft.

Daisies are out as well.

Some trees coming into leaf.

A large passenger aircraft off to some exotic location?

North Saanich Municipal Hall saving energy.

Came from this direction.

Heading in this direction.

STOP sign here - for what reason?

Memorium for aircrews from 2nd
world war.

Very nice Memorial area with names of aircrews from
Patricia Bay Airport during 2nd world war.

Brilliant Pirus(?) bush by Anglican
Church entrance.

Helicopter spreading fertilizer(?) on
hay field alongside pathway.

The Airport Terminal Building.

Broom in bloom.

Natures plant nursery.

Marys Bleue Moon Café.

And a delicious lunch was enjoyed by all!

April 17, 2017

Men's Walking Group

A great workout for the 10 of us to walk the 9Km along haul road followed with coffee at the Shawnigan House.  --  Brook


Today we took a slightly different walk behind the Legion as shown in the map and photos.  The weather cooperated as usual.  --  DeNNis.

Ignore the solid yellow line on the left.  Started at the Legion (left center), follow the red arrow right and down to the Bamberton Haul Rd to the alpaca farm.  Did a loop up from the alpaca farm, then down through the bush back to the Bamberton Haul Rd and all the way back to where the horses reside.  From there we followed another trail through the bush back to the Legion.

Bridge over troubled water.

Somebodys art work.  It has been here for quite some time.

Remnants of the old mountain bike ramps now fallen apart.

Trees can grow beards, too.

Looks like more lights and cameras added to the
BusyBee Day Care sign.

Good turnout today including Denis L. behind the camera.

Teepee under construction.

Skunk cabbage crop coming along well.

The horses were a little shy today.

Definitely a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Popular woodpecker tree.

A couple of these turkeys were snacking below the
parking lot behind the Shawnigan barber shop.

April 10, 2017

Women's Walking Group

Comments and photos courtesy Doreen Parker.

We walked a new trail (new to us ladies) off Silvermine Rd.  Just over 3 Km.  Drove around to check out other trails that we will do in the future.  Was a great long walk and good weather and we got home just as the rain started so that was a plus.  We stopped in Shawnigan for coffee and treats.

Next Monday being Easter Monday we decided to cancel the walk but will walk the following Monday.  Lots of wild flowers coming out now.  Saw a beautiful Trillium so should be more flowers out for our next walk.

Looking for our summer walkers returning to join us.
Yes, we climbed all those steps, can we go now?

   Very nice horse farm.

Two trees with lots of "legs".  Maybe "walking trees".   lol