March 27, 2013

Womens Walking Group

Seven walkers on a sunny monday.We walked local areas and
looked for signs of spring.A coffee in Shawnigan, then a walk
back to the Legion.Next monday the 1st of april is Easter
Monday but most wanted to walk.(also April Fools Day)
We will walk Wilmot Rd. to Cowichan Bay starting at
Koksilah Rd.Then onto Pioneer House Restaurant for lunch.
Meeting at the Legion at 10 am.    V.M.

Womens Walking Group

 Signs Of Spring

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March 26, 2013

Men's Walking Group

Some shots from our Thetis Lake walk.

Lovely day for a stroll around Thetis Lake.

The beach from further down the lake.

Natures art.


Spring has sprung.

Lunch (the liquid portion) at the West Coast Tap Housse.

March 25, 2013

Men's walking group

That was a good walk today rounding off the distance we did 7 k, Some up and some down hill. ha . Lots of dogs use Thetis Lake. The weather always makes our walks. Thanks for driving Ed & Dieter. Next week we will walk around the trails in Shawnigan School. We meet at the Legion at 8:30 or those that want to can meet us at the end of Gragory in Shawnigan Estatres, But then you'll miss out on the coffee, Okay C U then.

March 20, 2013

Womens Walking Group

On the longest trail at the trestle

The McGee Creek Trestle

Some walkers carried on past the trestle

Enjoying the sunshine

Eight walkers did 5.5 K along the Trans Canada Trail and beyond
It was a beautiful,sunny,monday morning. Thanks again to all our
drivers.We enjoyed coffee in Shawnigan,then walked back to the
Legion. Next monday the 25th we meet at 10am at the Legion for
a local walk.   VM
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March 19, 2013

Men's walking group

Here is the post I lost the other day

Thanks for the pictures Ed. I'm sorry but I didn't notice the up hill part today, I'll see if I can find some more for next week, We do want to stay in good physical condition don't we, ha .
That was a good walk thanks to the weather. And next week we plan on doing Thitis Lake with lunch at Moe Sehotta's by Costco, Getting back to the Legion by 2pm Okay?. Tks

Womens Walking Group

Please Note: The posting date is March 19 but this walk actually happened on March 5, 2013, I believe.  Ed.
The invisible club swingers

Spring has sprung on the golf course

A golf course resident

Snow Drops

Great weather and a nice walk on the back nine of the Cowichan
Golf Course. We did take a wrong turn at one point but the golfers
didn't mind. It would be nice to walk the whole course one day but
there was mention of difficulties a group of ladies may have keeping
silent on the course,when necessary,for that length of time. Such
cheek ! Where would they get that idea ? Most of the walkers
did about three and one half miles and then back to the clubhouse
for lunch. Next mon March 11th we will walk part of the Trans
Canada Trail. Meet at the Legion at 10 am.   V.M.
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March 18, 2013

Men's Walking Group

Thanks Denis and Ken for providing transportation to Gold Stream Park today. It is interesting Denis, that you found a trail that had only uphills - how did you mange that?
Here are some pictures of the walk.
So here is the answer to spend seven years of free room and board.

Lots of water in Gold Stream right now.

Today's gang. Notice that Mike is a real fast mover.

A little stream in the woods.

March 11, 2013

Men's walking group

Well  another good work out, That's two weeks in a row. Last week the snow shoes and this week we did 13 k, We will be ready for the 27 k Shawnigan walk, ha  I think that was a little far today, I didn't realize it was quite that far when I set it up. Anyway we didn't need the coffee today.Thanks for driving Harry & Ken, Next week we can walk around Cobble Hill in St Johns Church area, Okay Tks

Men's Walking Group

A familiar site - Kinsol Trestle.
Another perfect Monday for an enjoyable outing.
The deer believed it.

Or maybe they thought that old blunderbuss was useless.

The paparazzi strike again.

I think they follow us and then make it look like they are going the other way.

Start and finish of walk - McGhee Creek Trestle.

March 6, 2013

YSAG Men's Walking

I'm a bit late with my pack of pictures taken on our trip to Mt. Washington snow shoeing. Thanks a big lot Denis for organizing this great trip. This was a first for many of us to be on snow shoes, but we mastered the tchnique and had a lot of fun doing it. And of course we can't fprget the Chinese Buffet in Ladysmith on our way home.
A mountain with a funny bump.

The gangs all here and we are off.

Helen and Denis.

Was the Sasquatch here?

Good trail maps are provided-but you have to bend down to read them.

Great form Alice!

Chinese buffet - Good anytime.

Mt. Washington Snowshoeing Group

An enjoyable outing at Mt. Washington.

At Alpine Lodge.

Big Foot is everywhere.

Service with a smile.

The paparazzi is everywhere.

See above.

Wide open spaces.

What is left of Mother Natures snow sculptures.

Yes, we climbed hills, too.

But we stayed in bounds.

March 5, 2013

The Canasta Group

The Canasta Ladies

Everyone is welcome whether you would like to learn how to
play or brush up and update, we will help you. We meet in the
YSAG room at 1 to 4 pm every tuesday. For further information
or questions you may phone Nina at 250 743 1535.
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