February 29, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Nice sunny day for 7 of us to walk the 9kM around Cowichan Bay.  Thought we would see the nesting Herons, but unfortunately we did not see any birds or their nests as we were looking in the wrong spot?  Next week plan is a road trip to walk Duke Point followed by lunch at the Crow & Gate.  Thanks to Ken and Rick for driving. -- Brook

Men's Walking Group

Below is a map and a couple of shots from the walk I did not do today due to a nasty cold.  Photos and map are from Brook.  Hope it was enjoyed by all.  --  DeNNis.

The guys did a loop as shown from the Market at HiWay 1 and Koksilah Rd, via Cowichan Bay Rd
and back.

Lots of geese and swans in the field (dont know if they counted) - next photo is a closer view.

More than my fingers and toes can calculate.

February 25, 2016

Women's Walking Group

Eight walkers did 6.25 km. starting at the church and walking through the countryside. Many farms in the area so we saw some animals and ducks at the pond. A new walker joined us this morning, welcome to the YSAG ladies walking group, Lynne. A thank you to the drivers. Next monday the 29th.we will be at MacAdam Park and walk along the Cowichan river.
We meet at the Legion at 10 am.   VM

February 22, 2016

Men's Walking Group

We had a nice day with a few early drops of rain but otherwise a nice day for 9 of us to take an easy 12kM walk along the (AKA Galloping Goose) Trail.  Next week plan is to see the return of the Herons nesting on a trek through Cowichan Bay. -- Brook

Men's Walking Group

Below is my map and photos of todays Galloping Goose (Cowichan Valley Trail) walk.  Fortunately we drew out the sun on the way.  An enjoyable stroll and I did get a few shots.  --  DeNNis.

But first:
from T.W. Patersons book "Historic Hikes, Sites & Sights of the Cowichan Valley", a photo of the
"box-like but famous 'Galloping Goose' motorized passenger car" for which the Galloping Goose trail is named.  And according to the write up it did indeed travel to the end of the line at Youbou.

We parked the cars where the Trail crosses Renfrew Rd (left) and proceeded down the trail to the
McGee Creek Trestle (right)  with a stop at an interesting logging operation.  (North would be
in approximately the top left corner of the map.)

No "No Trespassing" signs but certainly a barrier to motorized

The numbers on the ends we assume to be the lengths of these
logs - they look to be meant for use as Hydro poles - very long
and straight. (Derek counting age rings.)

The waste was used as a filler for the road bed.

Just a few of the many piles of poles in the area.

The trail going down across the road to Shawnigan Lake Park.

McGee Creek Trestle
The side railings have been renewed and raised - looks good.

Looking down over the road and Shawnigan Lake from the
Galloping Goose trail.

And see what greeted us as we returned to the cars  --

February 18, 2016

Women's Walking Group

On a very wet and rainy monday, no one else arrived at the Legion so my camera and I went looking for someone enjoying the rain. A quick stop on Briarwood, next stop passing St. Johns
church to the duck pond, then on to Tim Hortons where I parked and walked the Brentwood School grounds and area. An hour later, a bit wet, back to the car and lunch. I was surprised to see how many people were out jogging and walking dogs. Next monday the 22nd. the walk is from St. Johns Church. Meet at the Legion at 10 am.  VM
My explanation for the pictures at the duck pond. Perhaps Ed will let me know if I am not correct.
I believe the raindrops being a few inches from the lens appear larger than the ducks in the distance. There was also reflections in the drops. I was puzzled when I could not find the ducks, but there are quite a few ducks under those raindrops. Can anyone find them ?

February 15, 2016

Men's Walking Group

We decided not to walk the Galloping Goose in the open in favor of climbing up Cobble Hill in the trees to avoid the steady rain.  We were wrong as it was just as wet under the trees.  The 7 of us climbed up & down the Hill (Mountain) covering over 6kM and elevation of 300 Meters that felt like 12kM for some of us?  Next week we will try the Galloping Goose off Renfrew Road, hopefully the Sun will be shining by then.
-- Brook

Men's Walking Group

Another enjoyable walk in the Cobble Hill sunshine - the liquid type! - but we persevered - and left some puddles at the coffee shop while drying out a bit.  Below is the proof.   --   DeNNis.

Parked near the off-leash dog park(bottom right).  Follow the yellow brick road counter-clockwise -
taking some of the easier zig-zag route up the steeper part, then straight down coming back.   The lighter brownish-purple lines are from previous walks.  Coffee at the old School House across from
the park.
Umbrellas are the dress of the day for some.

Cannot understand why.

Still a very scenic walk.

Nature producing nature.

The final push to the summit.

The "spectacular" view from the lookout area.

It's shorter and quicker coming down.

Nice place to sit and enjoy the view if you don't mind a wet bum.

February 11, 2016

Women's Walking Group

On this warm, sunny Family Day, five walked 4.88 km. at the Wilkinson road area. The rushing water of the creek could be heard long before we reached the bridge. It was good to see new growth happening on shrubs and trees. We met three friendly dogs walking with people and a lot of Rottweilers chasing a ball at Empey Farm. The puppy tried to catch up with the group, but finally gave up. Next monday the 15th. we will walk from St. Johns Church. Meeting at the Legion at 10 am.VM