February 29, 2012

Womens Walking

Seven had a great 5 K walk on a beautiful day.We walked
through Manley Park,along the Granfield Memorial
Trail overlooking Boatswain Bank.There were some
beautiful views of Mt. Tuam and Satellite Channel.We
then had our lunch at the Cafe On The Ridge.Good
food and delicious carrot cake.Thanks for the invitation
Joan.Next monday March 5th. we will walk in the
Briarwood area.Meet at the Legion at 10am.   V.M.

Womens Walking Group

At Manley Creek Park

Boatswain Bank and Mt. Tuam

Grass icicles on a slippery slope

What did you step in,Fran ?

February 24, 2012


Hello All YSAGers,
Here is our Events Calender till the end of this year.

February 22, 2012

Womens Walking Group

Thank you Joan, for supplying the Blog and the
pictures for this week.
Missing their dedicated knowledgable drivers,the six
walkers who met at the Legion opted to put off Rat Lake
yet again.Instead they headed off through the woods
behind the parking lot straight for the first big mud hole.
Turning back then off eastword, parallel to but not on,
Haul Road.They proceeded until halted by a locked gate.
(see photo) No one got lost, even exploring in the
opposite direction.Next week we propose to visit the
upper part of Manley Park and go on towards Aros Road.
Meet at the Legion at 10am. with cash for lunch at the
new Cafe On The Ridge.     V.M.

Womens Walking Group

The locked gate

There are 700 species of moss.This is Haircap moss

A pair of Goldeneyes

A Bufflehead female

February 20, 2012

Men's walking group

Here are the pictures I promised to try latter , I'm not sure mwho or where this last picture came from, Ha all good fun Tks

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Men's walking group

I tried to post some pictures with this but I couldn't  get them up here{so your lucky Larry ] but I'll try again latter okay. Good walk to day and interesting about the Japanese garden  and bird house up the tree. also good food and tks for driving Dave & Ed. Next week we will try Mt Baldy Okay? Tks

February 19, 2012


Hello YSAG Photographers,
Our meeting on Tuesday will feature all our pictures on the Theme: "AWESOME". What kind of awesome pictures have you recently taken? Bring your photos to show and explain the awesomeness of your picture.
Attached are 2 pictures and a 'HOW TO' of what to do when you want to get a decent picture through a wire fence.
OK, lets set a day in March to do a field trip to the BC Royal Museum to see their special exhibition.
See you all Tuesday.

February 14, 2012


The Canasta group meets in the YSAG room every monday from 1 to 4 pm.
Everyone is welcome. If you are not sure how to play Canasta,we will teach
you.Anyone interested may phone Nina at 250 743 1535


Womens Walking

The access to Rat Lake we planned to take was blocked due to logging so we
continued on to Mill Bay road and walked about 5 K.Back to the legion for
coffee.Next week monday the 20th. we will try Rat Lake starting from the
Frayne Centre. Meet at the Legion at 10am.Welcome back Lenora.   V.M.

Womens Walking

A tug boat tows a barge full of  ?

When there isn't much to see on the water,there are always seagulls

Interesting markings on a seagulls tail

February 13, 2012

Men's walking group

Hi Yes Ed I agree that was a great walk in the sun this morning, We did about 7 kms.and thanks for the pictures I like the riveting one, ha. Next week  will be our big day out, We plan on walking the Gorge next week the 20th Feb. Parking at the Canada Tire store on Admirals Road.We'll walk the Gorge and then have lunch at the 4 mile Pub getting back to the Legion by 2pm, Have a good time at our pot luck tomorrow and we will see you next week, Tks

Men's Walking

That was a great walk today in the bright sunshine. You picked another great day, Denis - no rain!
Waterfalls at Rat Lake

Rat Lake in Winter

A Riveting picture

February 10, 2012

Computer/Photography grp

Hello All,
Here is the Agenda for our Computer session next Tuesday.
1. Did you know the new services our library is offering? You can borrow the usual printed materials but they also allow you to borrow eBooks in audio or text form which then can be heard or read on your computer or other electronic devices. 
Just this month another feature has been introduced. You can now download music to your electronic device for free and it is yours to keep. We will go through the process of how to set this up.
2. Have you ever wondered how fast your ISP(Internet Service Provider) and your computer download and upload. I found 2 sites that allow you to test and see the results. See an example of one, above.
3. Photography stuff: Just Framing in Duncan right now is offering great deals for 20 x16 frames and mattes. I will give you the details on Tuesday.


February 8, 2012


From Gwen,
YSAG Crafts participate in many local areas with all that they do and make.
The afghans, toques, socks, slippers, scarves and mitts are very well received wherever they go.Our raffles seem very popular plus our Christmas Bake Sale and Spring Tea.
Each and every one of us work at our special things, but when specific requests are made everyone pitches in.
We have two new areas we have started to donate to in Duncan. One is Transition House and the other is Warmlands. Eight afghans were donated in December and put aside for people who don't have visitors at Christmas. The photo of the hat weavers has changed in the members with numbers. If everyone attends we have 20 members.
The ladies had quite a challenge with this years Xmas table item, but as always they came through with flying colours and incidentally I've already had three ideas put to me for next year. I feel there is a message there somewhere.
They really are a wonderful group and work together well. I don't always put things on the blog, as we usually do our regular things but I do try to be informative at our meetings.
Thank you all for your donations, that helps to keep us going. It is greatly appreciated by us.

Gwen Gudgeon


Hello everyone, here is the following events for the month of February. Come and join us.

14th February, Tuesday will be the Valentines Pot Luck
5:00 PM -Cocktails
6:00 PM - Dinner
7:00 PM - We will be entertained by Tony & Elisabeth Brouwers
Please bring your favorite dish enough for 8 people, your dishes and cutlery.
and if you like wear a Valentine hat or whatever for fun and your smile.
Door Prizes to follow.

21st of February- General Meeting - 2:00 PM
With Derek Gibson who will give us a Video presentation of "Travel Through Spain"

Hugs and Kisses from Cupid

men's walking group


February 7, 2012

men's walking group

Hi All
I have to apologize for the extra kilometers we added on to our walk yesterday backtracking when we couldn't find our way out, also Dave for not meeting up with you. We did about 8 kms. Next week some one suggested Rat lake so that's the plan. And on the 20th we plan on a walk at the gorge with lunch at the 4 mile pub, okay? Tks   

February 6, 2012


My apologies, this is late. For our meeting tomorrow, remember our Theme: Muddled. I think we will need to look up the defination  of the word first and then see if our pictures match it.
I went to the Mill Bay library last week and I have signed us up for the month of March to display pictures. I hope you all are OK with it and you need to participate only if you want to. I'll discuss what I have in mind.
Alice and I went Butterfly Gardens with our 10 year old grandson. there were fewer butterflies this time than last time

Men's Walking

Here are some pictures of our walk today at the Quarry.
Smooth Water

Another view of the Quarry.


Womens Walking

Nine walked 5.6 K which included a few hills.We had a beautiful day exploring
the Kinsol Trestle and trails.Thanks for driving,Claudia.Welcome to the walking
group,Elaine.Back to the Legion for coffee and for some,soup and sandwich
also.Next monday Feb 13th.we will walk to Rat Lake.Meet at the Legion
at 10am.   V.

Womens Walking

On a trail near the bottom of the Kinsol Trestle

Just before going under the trestle

Directly under the  trestle

The darker section are the original trusses covered in creosote and
reinforced with wood and steel

Men's Walking Group

"I think the trail is up here."

The Quarry

Looks good enough for a swim.        deNNis