April 1, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Lovely weather today - and that is no April Fools joke.  However, our planned walk to Split Rock did turn out to be just that.  Map and photos follow.  -- DeNNis.

Turns out, we were on the right trail even though we thought we blew it.  How we got lost is a mystery.  The dark blue trace is where we walked.  The smaller green trace is where we should have been.  We were on the right trail even though we didn't realize it. - just missed a turn somewhere.

This is shown at bottom
left of previous photo.
His deputy, maybe?

We had to clear things with the Sherrif on
arrival at Providence Farm.

Evidence of previous logging - the old saw board cut in the stump.

We thought this was the gate we were looking for.

Turns out, it was the right one.

Heading back down the trail after we realized we
were going the wrong way.
Back at Providence Farm - the riding stables.

Someone with better eyesight than myself spotted the Cross
at the top of Mt Tzouhalem.

Some lovely trees on the grounds.

The main building??

This is what we expected at the end of our walk -
the Split Rock.

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