September 29, 2014

Men's walking group

Good walk today Hey Ed we have all seen the quarry before, after all we are a walking group mainly not a sight seeing group. We did 7 k leaving lots of time for our coffee at the Subway. Tks to the drivers. Next week we can walk the quarry just in case someone hasn't seen it. Okay? Tks

Men's Walking Group

Well, today I was supposed to lead you all on a trail starting from the Shawnigan Beach Estates(end of Gregory Road) to the Quarry. Thanks to my inattention we took a wrong turn and missed the Quarry entirely. Sorry! We also missed our able photographer Dennis so no pictures of the event. I did however capture our walk on my cell phone which shows where I went wrong. The weather mostly was good with essentially no rain.

The red arrow shows the trail that I missed. Google calls the Quarry Kingzett Lake. The walk was just under 7 km.

September 25, 2014

Men's walking group

Hi Gang We had a good walk and a lot of food to put away in that Cafe. Thanks for the pictures and report Dennis. and thanks for driving Ed. For next week we can work on the guy up stairs for some sun. If that happens we will walk behind Shawnigan Estates, from Gregory to the Quarey. Okay? Tks

September 24, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Denis hasn't lost his touch - the weather held perfectly for our stroll around Matheson Lake on Monday 21st as witnessed by these photos.  Nine of us did about 6 Km.

Started at the Parking Lot (bottom right) onto the Trans-Canada Galloping Goose Regional Trail (red and white trace) counter-clockwise around Matheson Lake. Easy walking on the GG Trail portion but a few Ups and Downs on the rest of the trail. Met lots of other hikers along the way.
This from Apr.12-2010 - took more shots of this
trick of nature Monday. (This was a better copy.)

This photo from April 12-2010 - must have been cool swimming.

.Checking the view over the lake

Mother Natures contribution.

Time to count heads.

Panoramic view of the lake.

Fortunately we are all in good shape and quite slim so we can get through these tight spots.


Great day for enjoying the lake.

Battle of  the giants - looks like the big guy came out on top.

Lunch at "My-Chosin" - Barley sandwiches are very healthy.

Tacky looking turkey -
- and a pretty bad hair-do!

September 23, 2014

Womens Walking Group

The Campbell road,Cobble Hill road, Lovers Lane loop of 3.5 Km was a leisurely stroll. Spied some Cyclemen. Lovers Lane was very noisy with barking and howling dogs. Coffee at at the schoolhouse. Unable to search for mushrooms at CVRD property which has been sold and fenced, so no trespassing. Next monday the 29th the walk will be Aros road/Grenfield Park trail. Meet as usual at 9:30am.  
Thanks to Dianne for the walk information, and to Joan for the pictures.    VM

Fall flowers

Fall flowers

Fall flowers ?

These guys can really howl

Fence posts

Retro fence posts

September 18, 2014

Womens Walking Group

Ten walkers explored Bright Angel Park after many improvements were made this summer. The park signage is quite informative and interesting. The park is now an excellent local place for a picnic, a fitness workout, or a hike along the many trails. It was rather sad to see the river so low. Some areas were just rock bottom and log jams. A thank you to our drivers. The next walk monday the 22nd. will be along Campbell Road and beyond. We meet at the Legion at 9:30 am.      VM
In the pictures below, the last four were taken by Joan Stone.

Looking out at rocks where once the river flowed.

Walking on the river

A pond left for some reflections

Dianne finds some Garden Art she would like to have

A strange, colourful fungus found on the trail

There are now many good sized parking spots in two areas

Grassed picnic areas with tables

The Habitat Restoration Area

A children's natural play area

These trees are made for climbing

The Fitness Workout area

This walker may not need the fitness workout

An unusual spider

An unusual and colourful bug

Here is the walkers fitness group

The walkers

September 15, 2014

Men's Walking Group

An easier but slightly longer walk today from Mill Bay Shopping Center to Mill Bay Ferry Terminal and return.  Nine of us braved the elements (beautiful day) and walked a total of 11.6Km -  (with exception as noted below).

It may take some zoom to read street names on this Google Earth map but most are familiar with the route as noted above.We investigated the Government Wharf and the "Old Earth Wharf" as shown on the trace along the way.
We were very fortunate to catch sight of this Orca (Killer Whale) shortly after beginning our walk.  What a treat!

On the Old earthen Wharf.

We were very lucky to escape the jaws of this  enormous sea monster.

Feathered Royalty on his Throne.

The Rotary Club Memorial marker. 

Looking north from the Mill Bay Ferry Terminal.

The "Exception" noted above - these guys went on strike and refused to do the last hill down to the Ferry Terminal - they only get credited with about 9.5 Km.

Even with all the drought - Mother Nature still puts out.

The Government Wharf at the bottom of Keir Rd.

September 11, 2014

Womens Walking Group

Eight walkers did 5 K at the Cowichan Bay Estuary and Maple Grove Park. We saw birds, berries, acres of corn, and beautiful views towards Mt Prevost. Returning to the park we stopped to admire the 32  Big Leaf Maples that are about 300 years old. Many have deteriorated and fallen due to age and flooding of the land. The Nature Trust leased the land to the CVRD in 2003 for the park. They caution people to stay within the park area as there is a danger of tree limbs falling at anytime. Our lunch was at the Pioneer House. The next walk on Monday the 15th. will be at Bright Angel Park. Meet at the Legion at 9:30 am. A reminder, to bring suggestions for future walks.   V.M.

The walkers

A Blue Heron

A Kingfisher

The corn field

Corn as high as an elephants eye

The old Maples are quite beautiful

The beginning of deterioration from the top of the Maples

Much moss hangs from the branches

A rough bark on the trees

These Maples have large seed pods

Some are colourful

Many Soap Berries this year