November 24, 2014

Men's walking group

Well like DeNNis said we got our walk in just before the rain, thats a good thing!!!. Thank you drivers Harry & Ed. We did in the neighborhood of 8 kilometers,right Brook? Next week we can try Mill Bay Park. I looked back on our log and we haven't done it for a couple of years. okay. Tks

Men's Walking Group

Missed the rain again!!!  Pleasant walk through Manley Park and Patsy Granfield Memorial Trail (used to be Eves Trail??).  Here are my photos.  --  DeNNis.

Parked at Manley Park entrance, just beyond the Tank Farm - down lots of stairs to the Beach area, back up along Patsy Granfield Trail to Aros Rd, then Telegraph Rd and onto Hatch Point Rd across the end of the field and down Ratcliffe Rd back to the cars.

Not a lot of water in the creeks yet - remember the wash-out year??

Difficult to chose which part of the waterfalls  show.

Thought this tree made a good picture frame.

The Fuel Barge Dock.

Had to include this colourful residence.

Cobble Hill countryside.

This is about a quarter of the Canada Goose multitudes that were spread out all over the fields.

Mushrooms?  or  Toadstools?

THE END  --  Except for COFFEE!!

P.S.  The lettering on the trailer at the Tank Farm, WCMRC stands for Western Canada Marine Response Corporation.

November 19, 2014

Women's Walking Group

Ten walkers did a woodsy trail connecting a wider dirt road to Haul Road. Then down to see the Alpacas and Llamas. A welcome to Susan, a new member to our group. Next Monday the 24th the walk will be at the Cobble Hill Quarry. Meet at the Legion at 10 am.   VM
Message by Dianne
Pictures and captions by Joan

Dinner anyone ?

We are not really that cold.

Frosty Vale

Another fallen tree - we didn't do it.

A group of nine plus a new recruit

Where did it come from ?

Another lovely growth - Turkey Tail

November 13, 2014

Womens Walking Group

Twelve walkers enjoyed a cool, but bright and sunny morning on the Trans Canada Trail. The trees are quite bare now and most of the colour is gone. It is beginning to look and feel a bit like winter. All the more reason to layer and do our Monday walk to warm up. We did find some strawberry plants and may be putting up our U-Pick sign in the future. Drinks and goodies were at the Chippery, Thank you to our drivers. Next Monday the 17th. the walk is from the Legion to Haul Road, to visit Wendy's Llamas and Alpacas. Leaving at 10 am.  VM

The walkers

Interesting gates

The Spider Web

Anne had a bit of a climb for this picture

Bright sun and mossy shadows

The Strawberry

November 10, 2014

Men's walking group

It was a little cool this morning but not as cold as we expect in the next few days, I think its time to head south for a few days. Good walk and thanks DeNNis for your comments and pictures and driving. Next week I'll be sitting in the sun.ha ha and you can walk where ever. Larry maybe you can keep an eye on things and let me know who all showed up, so I can keep the log up. Tks have fun.

Men's Walking Group

Chilly first thing but a great day for some climbing.  My photos from our Prospecters Trail stroll.  -  DeNNis

Parked where the river goes under the road at the bottom of  what I would call Ice Cream Mountain Hill - crossed the highway there - (took a while for satellites to catch us) -  Up the stairway - along Prospectors Trail - Down the long stairway to Finlayson Rd - Checked out the spawning salmon - back alongside the highway to the cars.  Follow the arrows on the yellow brick road.  The dark trace below the highway is from our last years hike to Niagara Falls - the red box is the top of Niagara Falls.

All members present and accounted for.

Larry, being the TALLEST of the group, gives an indication of how big some of these trees are.

Hold on Brook - don't let that one topple until we are all past it.

Thanks to whom ever cut the steps into this tree.

Archway passage archway for the "Little People".

One of several sections of the lo-n- n-n-g stairway down.

At the bottom of this set we still have more stairs to go down.

Which way do I turn for my next tid-bit??

Lots of seagulls and lots more salmon!

November 5, 2014

Womens Walking Group

Twelve did close to 5 km on the Trans Canada Trail. It was a good walk with no umbrellas needed. There are some fall colours left on the trails. We saw a few different birds and some mushrooms. Lunch at the grill was delicious. Thanks to Marianne and Anne for driving. Next Monday Nov 10th. we will walk the Trans Canada Trail from Rebecca Road. Meeting at the Legion at 10 am.   VM

Enjoying another beautiful November Monday morning walk.

November 4, 2014

Photography Group

Some of us photographers took advantage of a great Fall day to see the Salmon spawning at Goldstrem Park. The Chum salmon aew now coming up there is lots of activity - in the stream, sea gulls in the air and all around and of course many people and bus loads of children. Below are some pictures. We also had a good lunch at Whiskey Pioint Cafe in Mill Bay on our way home.

Two salmon in shallow water.

A sea gull enjoying a salmon roe feast!

Some tiny mushrooms standing guard.

Someone got too close!

The shallow side pools were teeming with fish.

Fighting the dtrong currant.

Those small logs were a real challenge to get over, under or around.

November 3, 2014

Mens walking group

Thanks for the pictures DeNNis.Yes that was a great walk. I had my doubts about the weather when we started but it turned out great. Thank you up there!.Lets hope for the same next week when we hike the prospectors trail. Maybe we will get a look at some fish spawning. Normal times leave legion at 8:30 and getting back by 12:00 noon.Tks

Men's Walking Group

AGAIN -- We missed the rain!!  Another great hike - on Richards Trail.  Just a few photos. - DeNNis.

This map shows where we started on Richards Trail, and we did the loop clockwise from there. The double traces are because the GPS was on as we were driving to and from our start point.  The road across the bottom from Relke Rd to Bell McKinnon is Mays Rd.
Looking down on the "Tea Farm" which the Photo Group visited earlier in the year - the only one in Canada.

Looking for a couple of vehicles? - probably at a good price. Might be fun getting them out.

The signs contrast well with the Autumn leaves.

Unique architecture in this house.

NOTICE - The umbrellas are being used only as leaning posts.  We lucked out again.

A great area for a leisurely country stroll.