October 28, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Nine walkers did some Cobble Hill trails. A bit damp, but not pouring. We had lunch at Cobble Hill Hall, then watched a demonstration done by a Tai Chi Master. This type of Tai Chi would require much stamina, strength, and balance, even though it was done gracefully. Next monday Nov 2nd. the walk is on the Trans Canada Trail near Glenora. Rain or shine. Lunch will be at the Glenora Store and Cafe. Meeting at the Legion at 10 am.   VM

October 26, 2015

Men's walkinggroup

You guys that weren't there today missed a great outing. First we did the trail around Swan Lake which was great seeing a bit of wild life and then up to Christmas Mt. where you normaly get a great 360 dg look at the city but unfortunately it was foggy today. Then onto the Monkey Tree pub for a {big} lunch, very good and then back to the Legion at 1:30. Nine of us did 8 k. Next week we will try Silver Mine trail. We'll see you at the Legion 8:30 Tks

Men"s Walking Group

Map and photos from todays hike around Swan Lake and Christmas Hill.  Weather (except for some fog), company and lunch were all great.  --  DeNNis.

Parked cars on Rainbow St by Rainbow Park (upper center). Follow yellow brick road down and to
the left, then counterclockwise around Swan Lake Park, then right, across McKenzie Ave and on to
Christmas Hill, and finally back to the cars.

Entering Swan Lake Park - looking across towards Douglas St.

Nature House.

Interesting displays including some live creatures.

Lots of Mallards in the lake.

Ducks enjoying the weedy stuff floating on the water around
the underwater spouts.

Floating bridge across lake near the west end.

Various wooden bridges and walkways throughout the park.

Lots of leaves - and unique branch growing down over path.

Lovely view of the city from Christmas Hill  --  if you can see through the fog.


Map of Christmas Hill Summit.
Flowers - of some sort.

Rock stairways - a lot of work on
someones part.
"The Watcher"
After all, it is almost Halloween.

October 21, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Four enjoyed a good, brisk walk to the Mill Bay ferry hill. Much fresh air along the waterfront, no rain, and three umbrellas. Fall colours were nice, but we noticed many more brown leaves that lacked water during the summer. Thank you for the drive Claudia. Coffee was at Timmies. Next monday the 26th. we will do a local walk near Cobble Hill. Meet at the Legion at 10am.   VM

October 20, 2015

Men's walking group

Good walk on Richards Trail yesterday. No sunshine but also not much rain good for walking. Nine of us did 10k, and wound it up with coffee at Serious Coffee in Duncan. Next week we can try the walk at Swan Lake and Christmas Hill with lunch at the Monkey Tree. We will get back to the Legion by 2 pm. This should be a great walk with lots of new board walks at Swan Lake and when we get to the top of Christmas Hill we can see all around the city. See you all at 8:30 at the Legion

October 19, 2015

Men's Walking Group

A great walk today on Richards Trail.  A little damp at times but we were so dried out from the long hot summer that it felt good.  Anyway, here are my impressions.  --  DeNNis.

Missed a bit of the trace on the GPS, but follow the blue trace up and counter-clockwise from where we parked (bottom right).

A bit socked in as you can see.

I hope the cows can read this sign.

A very large toadstool??  Looks like a gourd.

Just a walkin' in the rain.

Guess we didn't impress these guys too much.

Some of the trees getting dressed up for Halloween in bright colours.

A glimpse into the past.

What kind of sheep are these?

Whatever - we won't argue with him.


Just across the road from where we parked.