August 29, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Interesting 6Km trek for 10 of us back up to the Quarry from Silvermine Road.  Next week is local walk on Wilkinson Road and along Shawnigan creek.  -- Brook

The weather just keeps holding out for our walks.  Today we attacked the Quarry from a different angle.  Hope my map is not too confusing as I had a small problem with the GPS satellites (my fault, not the GPS).  --  DeNNis.

Parked the vehicles near Burnham Park.  Walked down Silvermine Rd past 1 to 2 where we turned up Coleman Rd.  At point 3 we followed a path just inside the tree line to 4 and up to 5.  From 5 the GPS shows the rest of the route.

Mother Nature is so precise with her patterns -
even when working with weeds.

At the end of Coleman Rd its through the gate and onto the trail.

Up the staircase we go.

Fall (of leaves) is in the air.

Looking over the UFO landing site to the Quarry.

Lets zoom in a bit.

August 22, 2016

Men's Walking Group

We had 15 to walk the 5 Km around the Quarry, some for the first time.  We may need to give the Shawnigan House a heads up when we are coming, they temporally ran out of coffee?  Next week plan is the Silver Mine route which will start from the same parking area as the Quarry only walk down Thain Road and along the Silver Mine trails. -- Brook

Cooler weather today for a stroll around the old Bamberton Quarry.  Even got a couple of photo ops that haven't been on previous blogs.  There is always something new to see.  The walk was enjoyed by all as was coffee at Shawnigan Coffee House.  --  DeNNis.

Parked near entrance to Burnham Pk off Thain Rd.  Follow the arrows clockwise around the Quarry. The white letters -- (A) is where the swimmers left from.  (B) Is where they were when
I took the photo from (C).  The Stone Oven is top-center of the map.

The Canada Goose on the right is missing its left wing, but has been in the
Quarry for several years - fed by visitors and always waiting for hand outs.

Pan shot from point A.

Shortcut through the rock barricade.

What is creating this wake?

These two swimmers doing a loop around the Quarry.

At the old Stone Oven.

There are lots of theorys as to what it was used for.

Had to brighten image to see what was further down.

Near the top.

We didn't make our fortune on this - it was already cleaned
out and checked by the police.
Google Earth view of the Quarry. (and our track around it)

August 15, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Great workout for the 13 of us to trek up the mountain to Rat Lake followed by a Serious Coffee.  Next week plan is a walk around Kingzett Lake (aka the Quarry).   ---  Brook

Hot day for walking but we had shade for a lot of it and the company was good. Below is my map and some photos of our journey using a different approach to Rat Lake.   ---   DeNNis.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road from Serious Coffee (top right) up Benko Rd and off into the wilderness to Rat Lake and back down by the Mill Springs water tower to Frayne Road.

The weeds don't have a problem with water restrictions.

Nice shaded pathways for a lot of our walk.

Bridge strength test  -  about a TON of weight  here, literally.

Rat Lake is pretty much choked with Lily pads at this time of year.

And they are in bloom.

Lots of cones - dry weather causes
them to try and reproduce.

A few Mountain Ash with lots of berries.

The Mill Springs water tower.

The sign on the rear of Valley Vines to
Wines beside Serious Coffee.

August 8, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Always a nice trek for the 11 of us to walk the 7 Km around Jack Point followed by lunch at the Crow & Gate pub.  Next week plan is to park at Sincere Coffee on Frayne Road and walk up to Rat Lake via Benko Road.  --  Brook

The weather cooperated for a great walk around Duke and Jack Point today.  The unique ocean front scenery provided many photo ops - too many to fit on the blog.  Below are some glimpses of a very interesting stroll.  --  DeNNis.

The map speaks for itself.

Through the tunnel, onto the trail.

Breakfast first is a good idea - lots of blackberries.

The always present "trail greeter".

And the faux petroglyph.

Plus a few sets of stairs.

Gabriola Ferry departing Gabriola Island.

Someday this precarious perch will tumble.

Always lots of unique rock formations.
Which angle works best for a shot of
Jack Point Light?

Lots of action on the water.

Once you do the loop it is downhill all the way back to the cars.

August 1, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Great day for the 11 of us to walk 7Km on the trails behind the Legion.  Next week will be our road trip to walk around Duke Point with lunch at the Crow & Gate Pub.  --- Brook

Map from my Smartphone Tracker App

Below are a few photos from todays walk behind the Legion.  My GPS batteries died so no map from me.  A bit of shade in many areas made for a very comfortable stroll. --- DeNNis

A unique creation by some artsy person or persons.

A diversion from our usual route took us through some
abandoned "mountain bike skill testers".

Obviously not used for a long time.

A "Mother Nature Planter"  -  new growth in an
old stump.

Far away and blurry - wasn't even sure I got him in the lens.

Reflections in the water at William Rivers Park near Masons Store.

Some new art on the outside of Shawnigan Coffee House.

And of course a cup of brew before the last short leg back
to the Legion.