September 30, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Fourteen (14) of us showed up for todays walk.  We drove down to Spectacle Lake where we covered about 6 Km around the lake and through the village area.  A little chilly to start but otherwise a nice sunny day as can be seen in the photos and map below.  After our walk we headed back to Mill Bay "Tim Hortons" for coffee.  --  DeNNis

Parked cars as shown above in Spectacle Lake parking lot.  Did a counter-clockwise loop around the lake and then walked up through part of the village area.

Arrive on the beach at the lake.

Great day for reflections.

We are all here.

It's not that chilly.

Just a light mist over the shaded side of the lake.

Which way is up???

Reflections in panoramic view.

Three or four bridges to cross.

Lots of roots to step over.

The bench shown on the map.

The view from the bench.

Mother Nature plants toadstools.

A very old stump with cuts for the planks that the "fallers"
used to stand on.

Painted rocks can be found on any of the trails.

Heading up to the village area from the road into the parking lot.

Some ones art work.

Back down past the Malahat Fire Hall to the parking lot.

Back to the cars and off to Tim Hortons for our coffee.

September 23, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Somewhat damp today - but what the heck, we won't melt.  So nine of us ventured out into the rain for a walk down to the Bamberton-Haul Road behind the Legion.  About 6 Km later we figured it was time to warm up with a coffee.  So up to Shawnigan Coffee House where we took our coffee across the street to enjoy.  Map and photos follow.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars at the Legion (bottom right).  Down the trail to the Bamberton-Haul Road where we walked until we were pretty well soaked, then backup to the Legion.

  What a mess of bush piles etcetera behind the Legion due to the clear cutting.

Consequently it took us a bit of searching to find the trail.

Eventually we were succesful.

It sure looks like autumn.

When we get down to where the horses usually are they seem
to be missing.

After a bit, the one we call "Big Red" wanders out of the barn
and his owner shows up at the window.  In conversation with her
we learn that t"Big Red" is his given name and that he comes
from a breed of Canadian horses that are very powerful animals.

Then it is off down the road in the rain.

We come across a couple
of old gate posts on either
side of the road.

The white spot about halfway down
is a rock that Rick brought from his
garage, painted by his wife.

We are pretty well soaked by this time.

We stop to check out an old teepee frame that has been here
for some years.

At that point we decide we are wet enough and need a cup of  java.

On the way back we notice that some poor soul has lost his "soul."

COFFEE across the street from Shawnigan Coffee House.

September 16, 2019


Men's Walking Group

Ten of us piled into two cars and drove down to Matheson Lake in the Metchosin area today.  On arrival we walked 6Km around the Matheson Lake Loop Trail.  Once we finished our walk we proceeded to the "My Chosen" Cafe where we enjoyed refreshments and a great lunch.  Map and photos below --  DeNNis.
From the parking lot (bottom right) we took the Matheson Lake Loop Trail in a clockwise direction until we reached the Galloping Goose Trail (top left) and followed it back to the cars.

First glimpses of the lake.

Along the south side of the lake.

The first of a few bridges.

Lots of ups and downs and some quite narrow
parts of the trail along this side.

This old tree looks in pretty
rough shape.

Lots of mossy weird shapes -- hence the "wet coast."

A mossy, rotting partial tree.


Another great viewpoint.

More reflections.

An attempt to keep peoples feet dry in wet weather.

A real backwoods trail in places.

Looking upwards.

A very old stump with another tree
growing out of it.  Note the cuts for
a sawing platform from the early days
of logging

It pays to watch for tripping hazards.

A newer bridge followed by an older one.

A few signposts to keep us on
the right path.

Tried to get a shot of this guy a few times but trees in the way.
Finally got him from the far side of the lake with a zoom shot..

Onto the Galloping Goose Trail at the northwest corner of
the lake.

Some photos of the "My Chosen Cafe" grounds before we
head back home.

A close up of the caption on the right hand gate post.

The goats appreciate the attention.

A neat place to stoop and look about.

And a good place for some candid shots.
That's Brook behind the scenes.