February 24, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Eight walked about 4 Km on the trails at Shawnigan Lake School. Many interesting things to see on beautiful grounds. Nursery gardens, plants, flowers, and creatures in the pond. There was an unusual vivid blue water based covering for the field hockey court, which makes it easier to play on. Near by is the observatory with a donation of a telescope to the school. A teacher at the arts centre explained the history of a totem pole being restored. Staff was friendly and we were invited in to see the dining hall. It will seat 500 students plus the staff with approximately 600 seats. We admired huge wood beams, and a fireplace Dianne was sure was large enough for a Volkswagon van to enter. A thank you to the drivers. Next Monday the 23rd. we will walk on the Trans Canada Trail starting in the Glenora area, then returning to the Glenora Café for our lunch. Meeting at the Legion at 10 am. VM

The Chapel
Field Hockey Court

An apple a day keeps the Vet away

Nice trails on the grounds

GPS Arrow- needed more dirt on the shoes

Helen and Sue find a seat

The Turtle

The garden nursery

The Dining Hall

The Totem being restored

Good walk-Coffee time

The handsome horse deserves another picture

Men's walking group

I'm a little late on my report. My excuse is I've been waiting to see what the weather is going to be next Monday. Seems like it is going to be decent so I think Kingburne should be an okay hike. We haven't done it for sometime. 10 of us had some great view's from Gowland Heights during our 7k hike. Thanks to Harry and John for driving. See you all next wk. Tks

February 20, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Ten walkers did about 5 Km around Briarwood. Great weather. Much new growth noticed, of plants, flowers, and fungus. Ducks seen at Briarwood Park which was unusual. We said hello to the horses next to the park. Saw a huge Laurel hedge more than 100 Ft long and 10 Ft high, which will have many grape-like clusters of berries this spring. A place to see many birds flock to the hedge when the berries are ripe. Sharen is back from down south and will be joining us for Monday walks. Welcome back Sharen. Thank you to the drivers. Next Monday the 23rd. we will be at Shawnigan School. Meet at the Legion at 10 am.  VM

Good to see the creeks flowing again

Rare to see ducks at the park

Mushroom Monday at Briarwood Begins

This mushroom village was attacked by someone

The Laurel hedge

Dianne checks out the door to nowhere

A park neighbour

This boot aint made for walking cause it's full of water !

Remembering days gone by Margaret ?


February 16, 2015

Mens walking group

Dennis you beat me again with your pictures but thats okay thanks. Great walk and in the sun today, also good food and lots of it at the Saltair Pub. I looked back through my records and I found this hike we haven't done for 5 years, so thought as it is suppose to be nice weather next Monday we can try it again. Its Gowland Heights off of Goldstream, some great views of Pat Bay. Leave legion at 8:30 getting back normal time 12:00. Thank to the drivers for todays walk.

Good weather, good company - another great walk.  0 deg. when we met at the legion - about 13 deg. on the way home.  My map and photos of our Holland Creek stroll today.  --  DeNNis.

Left off Island Highway at Coronation Square just before Ladysmith.  Right on Dogwood Drive just behind Coronation Square.  Parking lot at the bottom of "Dogwood Dip" just before the bridge.  Walked up the south side of Holland Creek, across the Bridge (shown on the left) and returned down the North side.  Today it is the "Blue Brick Road", 

Bright green moss everywhere.

Lots of UPS and Downs on the South side trail.

And lots of unique trees.

Some pretty Funky Fungi, too!

Gathered for a head count -- the gang's all here!

One of the UPs - but nice stairs.  Well looked after trail.

Holland Creek waterfall.

One of two Colliery (coal mining) dams on Holland Creek.

Bridge crossing to North side of Holland Creek for the return part of the loop.

Rock steps as well as many wooden stairways - great trail!

The other Colliery dam.

Memorial for a young girl who fell down the cliff
 above the Holland Creek waterfall while
trying to retrieve her cell-phone,


It is a long way straight down in places.

Mother Nature weaves a tangled web.

Other unique creations.

Somebody has a very artistic mind!!!

Barley sandwiches, etc. at the Saltair Pub.  Great way to finish the walk.

February 13, 2015

Woman's Walking Group

Seven walked from Arbutus Ridge down through Manley Park. We did 3,915 steps - or more. Much fast flowing water and many mini waterfalls, some with unusual colour. Some pretty seashells were found by the walkers that went down to the beach. The damp weather has produced many mushrooms to be photographed. Coffee was at the Ridge Café. Next Monday the 16th we will be in the Briarwood area. Leaving the Legion at 10 am.     VM

Strange layers of colour

Mini creek/waterfall

Hanging on by the roots

Odd coloured creek

Heading down to the beach

Fungus found on the way

Fungus 2

Fungus 3

Back up the hill for coffee time

Nice little trail that led to more fungus


Anna's Hummingbird 


The Robin at the Ridge