October 29, 2013

Womens Walking Group

Eight walkers began at Ann's walking up Kilmalu and down to the Mill Bay Nature Park. Some
heavy duty equipment was working on the road at the park so we started at the beach. We saw fish
jumping, a Kingfisher, seals, and many mushrooms. Completing a circle we went back through
the Beehive Campground and on to Shawnigan for coffee. Thanks to all our drivers, and Ann for
the parking spots. Next Monday Nov 4th. we begin at the cemetery, then Old Mill Park, and if we
have the time, part of the Baldy Mt.Trail. We will have our November lunch at the Gather. Meet
at the Legion, leaving at 10am.   V.M.

October 28, 2013

Men's walking group

Hi gang What a great day in all respects Weather, Company, Hike< and food. It doesn't get much better then this , Thanks you Ken for finding this and for checking it out we all appreciate it. Thanks as always Dennis for your great pictures.and thanks to the drivers John & John. For those reading this 11 hikers from our men's walking club from the seniors group YSAG in Shawnigan Lake.Car pooled down to Cedar area to Morden Colliery Historical Park [2.5k] and Hemer provincial Park [5k] both great hiking spots. Next week we will plan on doing Rat Lake.

Men's Walking Group

My maps and photos from today's walk(s).  Weather, company and lunch were all great as usual. - Dennis.

Left  highway at Morden Rd (bottom left) -trail from Colliery remains (blue flag)  down to Nanaimo River (red flag) about 1 Km each way - then up Akenhead Rd  and Cedar Rd over to Hemer Park (red flag) where we did about 4 or 5 Km thru the park and back alongside Holden Lake - then back and down Cedar Rd to the Crow & Gate (red flag) for a delicious lunch and brew.

Main shaft hoist structure - steam engines lifted coal up the shaft which was sunk about 600 feet down.

Another view - is that a stairway up the left side?

This arch formed the base of a 60 foot smoke stack.

Natures art work.

More of nature - lots of dead salmon - a few still struggling to spawn -

-which made these guys happy.

A great place to sit and watch nature at work.

More of Mother Natures Art.

Wild life was scarce.

Nice park - nice wide trails -  viewing deck on the marsh - nice view of Holden Lake.

Part of the marsh from the viewing deck.

Looking across Holden Lake.

Computer/Photography group

One of 4 trees coming down in our back yard.

Hello All,
This is short notice for our meeting tomorrow, Oct. 29 which is for computers but we all know the time and place, so it is just letting you know my proposed agenda.
1) I am planning to do a Skype demonstration. It is very easy to use and works best if both parties have the Skype program, although you can make regular phone calls also(for a small fee).
2) Two little programs I have on my computer called a)Belarc Adviser and b)Speccy that tell you a lot about what hardware and software you are using and how well your computer is working is great information. I'll demonstrate them.
3) The rest of the meeting is for individual questions and hopefully useful answers.
Next week for our photography meeting, lets see who can show the best fungi pictures. This year has been a bumper crop. I like to find the mushrooms and take pictures but I'm not very brave so no eating them for me.


October 23, 2013

Womens Walking Group

Eight walkers did Malta Road area and down to the Shawnigan Weir. A good walk with very little
traffic and interesting things to see. Many varieties of fungus have appeared this fall. Back to
Shawnigan for coffee. Thank you to our drivers, Ann and Claudia. Next Monday Oct 28th we will walk at Mill Bay Nature Park and Beehive Campground area. Arrive at the Legion to leave at 10am
sharp.   V.M.   p.s. to the walking group. When I arrived home after the walk, Cliff had repaired
my camera.(with a toothpick) So I went right back out and did it again to get pictures.

October 21, 2013

Men's walking group

Hi All Today we had a good walk along a country road kicking Maple leaves as we went, Richards Trail which is northeast of Duncan. With coffee at the Gardwen market on the highway at the turn off to Crofton. We did about 10k. Next week is our day out we plan on walking the Cable Bay trail in Cedar having lunch at the Crow & Gate , We will be back to the Legion by 2pm . okay? Tks

Men's Walking Group

My contribution from our Richards Trail walk today.  

Google Earth image of our walk.  Lots of great farmland.

Ainta gonna need this house no longer!!

The tractor needs a bit of work too!

Interesting architecture at our turn-around point.

Time to regroup and head back the way we came.

October 16, 2013

Womens Walking Group

On a beautiful, sunny, Thanksgiving Morning, 5 walkers did 7 K on many up and down trails around the legion area, then down to say hello to the Alpacas. Coffee and a chair were most welcome after
the walk. A welcome to our new members in the walking group, Lila and Ann. Adios to Joyce from
all of us. She is leaving for Mexico, returning in April. Thank you Joyce for driving us to our
destinations and back safely. Next Monday Oct. 21st. meet at the Legion at 10am.    V.M.

October 15, 2013

Men's walking group

I didn't get to my report before the Turkey. First things first,ha  Anyway yesterday Thanksgiving 6 of us walked be hind the Legion WoW what a great day weather wise and we had a good walk too.Next week we will investigate a little country road north of Duncan called Richards trail, Also we plan on a walk in Cedar and go out for lunch to the Crow & Gate{hows that sound--- good food} on the 28th of Oct. Tks

October 14, 2013

Computer/Photography group

Hello All Computer/Photography members,
Well, I was gone for one week and I missed you all. I hear you had a great time at the photography meeting talking about computers. That's all right, I plan to show you some great mushroom pictures at the next computer meeting.
1) The Blackberry phone that was given to me recently(about 6 months ago) has developed intermittent problems of going dead completely or showing only a blank screen. This gave me an excuse to buy a new smart phone and I chose the Samsung Galaxy S4. It's a rather large phone but it sure does everything you might think of. I'll bring it to the meeting. So far I think it is a better phone than the iPhone 5 s/c.
2) I got caught again downloading more than I wanted. This time it is a search engine called Snap Do and it just will not go away. It now is in all 3 browsers, Firefox, IE and Google. Will ask for advice on how to remove it.
3) Your questions, concerns, and input as always is welcome.
1) Our next photography session is October 22. This happens to be the day of the IMAX trip to Victoria. I was planning to go to this and also attend the IMAX show instead of actually doing photography stuff. We should discuss this further tomorrow.

These according to Ed Hughes are short stemmed Rossulas. They are usaully white but when they are infected with a parasite they turn bright orange and become very tasty! We did not taste them.

October 9, 2013

Womens Walking Group

Ten did 5.4 k along part of the Trans Canada Trail that began off Beverly St. Claudia directed us to
the start of our walk. This was also the trail that was done by many for the Parkinson's Walk. This is
a very nice trail with much to see along the way. A good walk and lunch at the pub. Thank you to
our drivers, Claudia and Joyce. We had mentioned we might cancel the walk for next Monday which
is Thanksgiving Day. I have since then found there are some who would like to walk, so we will
meet at the Legion at 10 am.   V.M.