July 31, 2017

Men's Walking Group

Weather and location worked out for a great walk around Westwood Lake in the Nanaimo area.  Nice sunny day but under the umbrella of trees resulted in a very comfortable hike.  Below is my map and photos.   --   DeNNis.

It was an easy 6Km walk for 7 of us around Westwood Lake near Nanaimo.  Next stop was at the Fox & Hounds Pub in Ladysmith where we were joined by 2 others for lunch.  --  Brook.

Ignore the straight solid yellow line.  Follow the dotted yellow line counter-clockwise from the  "Parking Lot" around the lake.

Starting point - obviously.

Part of the beach area.

Near the parking area and washrooms.

Boardwalk right on the lake edge.

Shallow area complete with lily pads.

A very tall barren tree trunk.

About the half way point.

I need help with the name of these flowers.

A natural canopy of trees over the trail.

Looks a lot like "butterfly bush".

About 17 boardwalks around the lake - all numbered.

Lookout point on the east end of the lake.  The high point in
the trail.

Lots of great views.  The lake was obviously flooded at one time.

Mother nature nursery.

Bob taking a picture of me
taking a picture of him.

Swimming area near entrance to park. 

July 24, 2017

Men's Walking Group

We had a nice 6Km trek for 4 of us around the trails of Mill Springs.  Unfortunately our photographer and map tracker was absent, therefore no photo record of our journey.  Last stop was at Tim Hortons for refreshments and a donut.  --  Brook

July 17, 2017

Men's Walking Group

Great summers day for 7 of us to walk the 7Km from the Legion and around the Shawnigan Lake School grounds.  Also a tour of the School Library and Art displayed.  On the way back coffee stop at the Shawnigan House. --  Brook

From the Legion up to Wilmot and through the Village to Shawnigan Lake School

Starting from the Legion up the hill to Wilmot Avenue
Not a leak, only flushing the water mains on Wilmot Avenue

Along the tracks to Masons Beach

Girls Soccer Camp on one of the Schools Sports Fields

Boys Hockey Camp at the School's Ice Rink

Shawnigan Lake School Administration Building

The main hall to the School Library

Library Art included this painting by Emily Carr

Beautiful manicured School Grounds
Coffee at the Shawnigan House



July 12, 2017

Men's Walking Group

The 9 of us had a leisurely 6Km walk around the Kingzett Lake at the Quarry. Thanks to Bob for the photos as Dennis is on vacation.  Last stop was at the Shawnigan House for refreshments. -- Brook

Parked at Thain Road walked up the old Haul Road and clockwise around Kingzett Lake.

Start off up Haul Road

Work in progress to block Motorized vehicles

A few obstacles for the walkers

Over looking the Lake

View of Kingzett Lake

No respect for private property, several remains of fires and cigarette butts


Last obstacle was to get through the gate to block motorized vehicles

July 3, 2017

Men's Walking Group

Good day for a leisurely stroll up Cobble Hill Mountain.  Under the trees most of the time so not too hot.  Sunshine as we enjoyed the views from the top.  Very enjoyable hike.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars at Cobble Hill off-leash dog park (right).  Follow the convoluted "yellow-brick road" in a counter-clockwise direction (if you can).  Starting elevation about 100 meters - Cobble Hill summit about 320 meters.  The switchback trails make for an easier ascent.

Wet coast forest - lots of big green trees - lots of moss.

Lots of new growth from old-growth

Lots of interesting fungi.

Natural arch over the trail.

The final steep stretch before the top of the mountain.

Looking east from 1st viewpoint - the narrow line just to the right of center is Hutchison Rd.

Cobble Hill village.

Lots of Arbutus on top of the mountain.

Looking north from 2nd viewpoint - enjoying the same view
as the eagle soaring about.

A turkey vulture watches over the fledgling eagles testing their wings.

Lovely views from the mountain top.

We will skip this route.

Millions of ferns all through the woods.

The water tower tells us we are just about at the bottom.

Someone got creative with some rock work.