October 28, 2022





Two carvers hard at work.

October 24, 2022

Special Events

Special Events 

Skip Whitfield President of YSAG presented Shannon Donnelly,Fund Development Coordinator Broadmead Care in Victoria with knitting and quilts from Busy Hands and Quilting. These items will be going to our Veterans in Broadmead care for Christmas. Presentation made 23 Oct at Legion's General Meeting. 

October 19, 2022

Quilting Group


Quilting Group

Two busy quilters with two busy smiles?

October 16, 2022

Busy Hands


Busy Hands

Hi everyone 

Here is a picture of what was given from Busy Hands to the Homeless shelter in Duncan as part of the Winter clothes drive. They said they should have enough winter clothing just what we collected to last them the winter up until we do this again in late February. 

The knitting group has Broadmead care stuff ready to present to the Director on 23 Oct at the Legion GM. They are still working on the 3 T's they don't need the hats toques and scarfs until mid-November. 
CMS Food bank will also have all they need to be taken care of. We are well ahead of schedule on giving stuff out early for Christmas. 

Big thank you from the Canadian Mental Health Association - Cowichan Branch for helping out this year with the warm clothes drive and the knitting stuff. They were very pleased. 


Ukrainian Potluck



Artwork by Folk Art group. Many authentic Ukrainian dishes.