April 8, 2019

Men's Walking Group

A few drops of rain, but not enough to hold us back.  Eleven of us covered about 6 Km down through Manley Park and Satellite Pk Rd.  The tide was in enough so we didn't try the beach route.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars at the entrance to Manley Park below Arbutus Ridge.  Walked down to the beach, but the tide was in enough that we didn't try that route.  So back up to the Granfield trail where we did a clockwise loop around Aros Rd and Satellite Pk Rd and back to the cars.  We finished off our walk with coffee at the "Olde School Cafe".

 Manley Park Entrance.

 Into the park and off we go.

The reservoir is just about empty.

A little water running down the
creek to the ocean. 

Some fairly large trees down, but cleared off the pathways.

The stairway down to the beach area.

Most of the stairs and railings have
been renewed in the last few

Looking over to the fuel dock.

Someone has been adding Inukshuks to the beach area.

A ship waiting for harbour entry.

What is this??

Just another dead tree.

Back up the stairway to the trail.

Oregon Grape blooming well.

An old Arbutus looking a little precarious.

Dieter has to check the
library at the top of Satellite
Point Rd.

Looking down Satellite Point Rd.

The stairway down to the beach at the bottom of
Satellite Point Rd  --  If we go down we will have to come
back up as there is not enough dry beach to walk.

Sign re dedication of Granfield Trail.

A couple examples of Mother Natures Gardens for new tree growth.

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