April 30, 2012

Womens Walking Group

Ten walkers drove to the Honeymoon Bay Wildflower
Reserve. It was a bit of a drizzly day but we barely noticed.
It was an exciting day walking the trails and seeing thousands
of Pink Lilies matting the reserve grounds.A special
experience to spot the lilies as far as the eye could see at
times.Unusual to see so many.We then went on to Gordon
Bay where Marianne led us on to the Point Trail where we
enjoyed some great views of Cowichan Lake.Then on to
the Senior Centre were we were greeted at the door and
enjoyed a delicious lunch while being entertained by the
line dancers.Thanks to the drivers, Claudia, Marianne,and
Diane.Next monday May 7th. we will hike Mt Tzouhalem.
Meet at the Legion at 10am which is back to the usual
time.   V.M.

Womens Walking Group

A drizzly day at the Wildflower Reserve

Pink Lilies

Lilies on the riverbank

A field of lilies

Lilies as far as one can see

On our way to Point Trail
Many ups and downs on the trail

Men's wealking group

Well the sky's were good to us as we got our walk in before the rain, 9 of us did about {I'm guessing} 5 kms.Tks for driving Bill & Denis. Next week we can try Kingburn Park, and we talked about going to Stanley Park for our special walk this year it will be an all day trip, The date we are looking at is 28th May, I hope this works for you1. The next thing is our annual Bike ride set for 18th or 25 June [depending on the weather] Tks C.U.Next week

Men's Walking Group

Bright Angel Suspension Bridge - Lots of moss.
Panorama of Koksilah River

Trilliums (near end of season?)
Halloween left over - or something more sinister?

April 28, 2012

Computer/Photography Group

Hello Computer/Photography YSAG members,
I am making a few changes to our meeting schedule.
Since we cancelled our meeting last week because of the bus trip and our May 8 meeting will be cancelled because of the Spring Tea, here is my suggestion.
Schedule: May 1 - This meetings' topic will be about computers. (This is a change from photography).
May 8 - Meeting cancelled because of Spring Tea. (Our room will be used to make sandwiches in the morning).
May 15 - The theme is 'Photography'. (Details to follow).
May 1: Agenda: I have downloaded 2 free programs that we can discuss.
The first one is called "Duplicate Finder". This program searches all your files or designated discs only and lists files that have been duplicated. It then tells you how much GBs of space is taken up by these duplications. You can then delete the duplications.
The second free download is called "Slim Cleaner". It works like "CCleaner" in that it removes temporary files, broken links, history, etc. and empties the Recycle bin. We will compare the 2 programs.
See you all Tuesday!
Shooting Stars seen at St Peter's Anglican Church, Duncan


April 25, 2012


Hello All,
That was a great bus trip to the Qualicum Cheese Works. Thanks to Skip, Denis and Ray and others for organizing this.
Here are some pictures:
Hi!  And who are you all?

I am number 266.

We are future farmers of Canada

Making cheese is great!

April 24, 2012

Womens Walking Group

Twelve walked / explored at the estuary near the loading
docks.Another nice,sunny monday.Returned to the Legion
for coffee.Thanks to our drivers,Wendy and Marianne.
Welcome back Rouhi. Next monday the 30th we will leave
the Legion at 9am and travel to the wildflower reserve near
Mesachie Lake.After a walk and some photos we will come
back to the Cowichan Lake Senior Centre for our lunch.
Remember,leaving the Legion one hour earlier at 9am. V.M.

Womens Walking Group

The swans approach - Cowichan Bay in the background.

Swans swim by.

Swans swim away.

Ducks at the estuary.

Abandoned Cherry Tree ?

Tall Oregon Grape.

April 23, 2012

Men's walking group

Hay that was a great walk today at U Vic. We could have spent more time in the flower area I guess , But hay we seen a lot and a lot of area we didn't  know was there,. Thanks for checking it out for us Jim and leading us on the right trails. Tks for those great pictures Ed and thank you and Dennis for driving. Next week we will plan on walking in Bright Angle park. C U.


Hello to the members that are posting.
You will notice that the Men's Walking Group Post looks different. I tried posting the images as "extra large". I also exceeded our limit of 3 or 4 images per post. Let me know if you are OK with this and whether it will improve the Blog.


Men's Walking Group

Hi, The Men's Walkers had a great day today walking around the University of Victoria and up Mt. Tolmie and then a great lunch at Maude Miller's.
Thanks Jim and Denis for organizing the day,
When you go down -Remember, you have to go up.

A dead leaf stuck on a twig.

Our fearless Leader!

Where shall we go next?

The view from Mt. Tolmie.

Flower in the U Vic. Garden.

There are many Rhodos in bloom.

Also many other flowers.

Just one of many trees in bloom.

April 17, 2012

Womens Walking Group

Nine walked, explored Bright Angel Park area. The rain held
off and the umbrellas stayed closed.We saw various wild-
flowers including many Fawn Lilies.We then enjoyed a
coffee at the Legion.Thanks to our drivers,Claudia and
Diane.Next monday the 23rd we will walk the part of the
estuary that is conserved by the Nature Trust.There are ten
different types of birds found in this area,so we should be
able to see some of the waterfowl.
Meet at the Legion at 10am.  V.M.

Womens Walking Group

Many moss covered trees throughout the park

Enjoying the Fawn Lilies



Indian Plum

Men's walking group

Yesterday was a mixed up day, but after coffee at Timmie's the rain stopped and we did get a fare walk in, and seen the progress on the new Marina, Tks for the pictures 2n and for driving Dennis and Wayne. next week we go to the big city and walk around U Vic \with lunch out. Tks to Jim for checking this out.  C.U.

April 16, 2012

Men's Walking Group

New Mill Bay Marina

More of new Mill Bay Marina
Lookout over Government Wharf - Keir Rd.
Beach House? or Shipwreck?                                 2N's

April 15, 2012

Computer/Photography Group

Hello All,
This is a reminder of our C/P group meeting on Tuesday at 10 am. The topic is Photography and our theme is "Catch the Light".
I will show some short clips about "Light" and how understanding it is so important for photography.
If you have the time check out the following: http://digital-photography-school.com/are-you-a-light-seeker
Attached are a couple of pictures taken Saturday in Sidney. I used some of the Picasa features to show what can be done in Picasa.


Wood Carving Group

Our wood carvers made their presence known at the Pacific Brant Carving and Art Show held in Sidney.  Four carvings from three members; Ron Hillen, Denis Lainchbury and Alice Wiebe were displayed as shown.