January 28, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Cool and clear weather.  Nice day for a walk along Wilkinson Rd.  Nine of us did about 7 to 8 Km.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

GPS slow to start.  We did a large clockwise loop from where we parked the cars on Deloume Rd above Tim Hortons (top right).

Lots of crocus starting to bloom just above Tim Hortons.

The old Stone Bridge.
Lots of water flowing in Shawnigan Creek.

Mill Bay Ambulance staion on Shawnigan-Mill Bay Road.

Sylvan Church and Frances Kelsey School.

From Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd we take the path as soon as we
cross the bridge over Shawnigan Creek

Storm damage - you can see where the tree broke
off at the roots.

The rest of the tree reaches down to Shawnigan Creek.

Here we took the high road.

The creek is running very well.

A lone mushroom? toadstool?

Some geese off feeding in the field.

Our third crossing of Shawnigan Creek near Wilkinson Rd.

Monkey tree - these take a long time to
reach their full height.

It is obvious where the sun hasn't warmed the ground.

Always have to get a shot of this guy.

Extra large pulley if you need a lift.

Waiting to see when this old Arbutus is going to split.

Someday we will carry a can of white spray paint with us.

Curious deer way down in the field.

The old church beside the highway is now a Mill Bay
Heritage Museum.

Mt Baker makes an appearance today - thanks to the weather.

The Masons hall near Brentwood college.

Guess where we had coffee.

January 21, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Looks like great weather for a stroll along the waterfront at Duke/Jack Point.  Eleven of us did the Duke/Jack Point walk - about 7 Km.  Then we retired to the Crow & Gate Pub for a delicious lunch where we were joined by Denis Lainchbury and Bill Cairns.  A good time was had by all.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Started at the parking lot (bottom right).  At the Jack Point light end we did a counter-clockwise loop and headed back to the cars.

Dan got his exercise
before we even got
going.  Had to run 
back to his truck, then
catch up to the rest of 
Up the first set of stairs.

The faux petroglyph.

Lots of "cranky" trees on the trail.

Also lots of unique sights and rock formations.

The ducks quacking about the weird-o walkers.

Second set of stairs - not too tough to take.

Looking across to downtown Nanaimo.

The area had its share of wind damage.

Third and longest stairway -- 63 steps.

And still a bit of climbing.

BC Ferries Duke Point employee parking.

Unique walk way - tree rounds set on end into the ground
to keep us out of the mud.

Seaspan Ferry alongside Gabriola Island.

BC Ferry rounding the north end of Gabriola Island.

Jack Point Light and BC Ferry to the right.

Cormorant primping on Jack
Point Light.

Jack Point Light with Seaspan Ferry rounding Gabriola.

More rock formations.

63 steps back down.

Caught this guy in passing - doing what he Otter, I guess.

Last we saw of him.

Someone has been clearing the trail.

Thought this looked kind of scenic.

More "cranky" trees.

This old carving needs some TLC.

Through the tunnel, back to the cars.

A newer stone carving at the parking lot.

"Barley" sandwiches to start our lunch at the Crow & Gate.