May 27, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Seven walked the Cowichan River trails. We noticed many wildflowers on the river side of the trail where the sun shines. We explored the river banks and the flat rocky areas at the water. We had lunch at the campground picnic tables while swatting at mosquitos. Thanks for being a driver Margaret. Next monday June 1st. we will leave for Eves Park at 9:30 am. On the way back we will have lunch at the Red Rooster.   VM

May 25, 2015

Men's walking group

Hey wasn't that a great annual bike ride. Nine of us did 34 k from Matticks farm to Sidney and back it took aprox 1 hour and 15 mins each way. The weather co-operated and we did get to eat our Lunch on the beach in sidney. I think next year I had better practice a bit more before hand, as by the end I was at the back of the pack.I really want to thank the truck drivers for taking our bikes down. Without you volunteering it would be a lot harder to arrange an outing like this,also thanks to our photogragher NN for the great pictures all year long , next week a easy local walk behind the Legion, unles someone brings in a walk that they would like to do. Tks

Men's Walking Group

Great bicycle ride from Matticks Farm to Sydney today.  Sorry, no maps.  No "dash-cam" either, so just a few photos.  Enjoyed the weather and the company.   --   DeNNis.

First stop - to see what is new at the pig farm,  Lots of chickens and one big
"porker" having a snooze in the background. (Could be more in the shed.)

The chickens are heading out to join us - so time to move along.
Sydney-Anacortes Ferry just arriving.
Such a fine old gentleman - someone left him flowers.

Pigeons sunning on the beach - could easily step on them
as they didn't even blink.

Bikers enjoying their lunch on the beach.

Morning Glory growing profusely on the seawall.

Looking down the pier from our lunch spot.

May 19, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Five walked Kerry Park trails, then on the trail to Tim Horton's for coffee and treats. Next monday the 25th. we will drive to the Cowichan River. We may park at the bridge parking lot to see if there are any tubers on the river, then drive to Horseshoe Bend to walk the trails along the river to the campground where we will have our lunches. Bring a lunch and some water. Take note , we will leave from the Legion one half hour earlier at  9:30 AM.   

May 18, 2015

Men's walking group

Thanks Derik, a great walk and the time of it was just right for our group. I'm not sure of the distance but of what I heard it was between 7 or 8 k. Well the time has come for our annual bicycle ride. I think everything is set to go next week so bring your bikes and lunch to the Legion at 8:30. We have the trucks lined up to take them down to Maticks Farm where we will start our ride out to Sidney and back on the Lochside trail, We should be back to the Legion by 3 or4, Tks

Men's Walking Group

A wonderful stroll through the woods today for a different approach to the Kinsol Trestle.  Below are my map and photos.   ---   DeNNis.

We parked at the end of Kingburne Drive and made our way through the woods to the Kinsol Trestle, then returned via the same route.
An ecosystem in itself.

Under the canopy.

Unique tree.

Fiddlehead Ferns where ever you looked.
Fifty shades of Green.

Checking out the view below - trees and ferns.

Checking out the view below the Kinsol Trestle.

A touch of color to lighten the dark background - so what if it is Broom?

End of season Trillium.

Interesting fungi.
The woodpecker tree.

"Northern Starflower" -  I think!

"Vari-Leaved Collomia"  -  again,  I think!
"Salt Marsh Starwort"  -  think I got
this one right.
The "Destination".