July 31, 2013

Photography Group

My input from our photo shoot at Kinsole Trestle yesterday - Dennis

Interesting cloud formations.

The Kinsole Trestle - is this called stretching it?

Lunch time.


 Stretching it the other direction.
Kind of liked this, too.

July 30, 2013

Womens Walking Group

Seven walked about 5K at the Cowichan River. The river is quite low. There were no tubers on the
river,but we did see people with tubes looking for spots that weren't too shallow. Some had lunch at the campground, others down by the river. Next Monday the 5th.we will walk part of the Trans
Canada Trail and end up at Cairns Cottage On The Lake. Bring a swimsuit and your lunch. Meet
at the Legion at 9:30 am.      V.M.

July 29, 2013

Men's Walking Group

Addition to my previous posting - I am slowly learning more tricks.

GPS track from our Quarry walk last Monday - I have inserted points of interest as you can see.

Mt Tzouhalem walk today.

A closer view of todays walk.  I made these extra large so the text would be easier to read.  Hopefully I will get better at this.
I downloaded my tracks to Google Earth where a lot of these markers are identified.

Men's Walking Group

     Eight hardy walkers challenged Mt Tzouhalem today.  Our "hiking-odometers" failed us but we know it was 10+ km as we did a little extra loop enroute to the "cross" on top.   After our descent we rewarded ourselves with a great lunch at "Original Joes Restaurant and Bar" in Duncan.  Thanks both Den(n)ises for driving.

     Since next Monday, Aug 5th, is a holiday we will do a local walk behind the Legion.
The "Cross", taken from on our walk Feb. 23-2009.  We thought it was wooden, but is
obviously the same metal one.  Notice how foggy it was that day.

Cobwebs on the twigs growing atop the rotting stump - natures neat art work.

Atop one of the viewpoints on Mt Tzouhalem.

Some weird shaped trees.

This one made a great handrail right alongside the steep path.

Panoramic view of Cowichan Bay from the top of Mt Tzouhalem.

I zoomed in on the "Butter Church" from the top of Mt Tzouhalem.


Another view of the "CROSS".

July 24, 2013

Men's Walking Group

Seven of us had a nice stroll Monday up above and around the Quarry (also known as Kingzett Lake).

Next Monday - the 29th - we plan on doing Mt Tzouhalem to the "Cross" and then into Duncan for lunch at "Original Joes" restaurant - getting home about 2 o'clock.

All this hot weather makes it look like Fall is in the air.

Overlooking the Quarry from ATV trails above.  Looks like "Aliens" have landed their UFO's here.

Could these be the "Aliens"?

Pan shot from west end of Quarry.

Pan shot from northeast side of Quarry.

From east end of Quarry.

Old stone oven(?) near east end of Quarry.

July 23, 2013

Womens Walking Group

Eight walkers did the Cowichan estuary to the mill.We were unable to carry on through the mill sight
along the river as usual.A gentleman from Western Forest Products explained of much activity with
trucks dumping sand removed from the logging channel so that logs could get to the mill.We then
crossed Tzouhalem road and walked the other side.The river was dry at our lunch spot but we did find a "lunch log" A few of us went on to explore more trails which brought us to a lovely spot on the
Cowichan River.We also discovered a medieval frontier village.We covered 8K of trails. Next Monday the 29th. we will walk the Cowichan River starting at Horseshoe Bend,walking various
trails along the river, and having our lunch at the campground. Meet at the Legion at 9:30am.   V.M.

July 17, 2013

YSAGS July Picnic at Transfer Beach.

A good time was had by all at our Transfer Beach outing.

360 deg. panoramic of the group.

 Since there are so many of these (and this isn't all) 
the name of the game is "Find the ball".

And there was also lots of non-YSAG activity.