December 30, 2013

2013 in Review

A look back at 2013 with some of my photos from various activities.  Remember when?

Jan.7 - Womens and Mens Walking Groups meet head-on on the E&N Railway tracks.

Jan 28 - Lunch at the Fan Tan Alley Cafe. Mens Walking Grooup.

Feb 18 - Shot (with camera) during walk from Legion to Shawnigan School.

Feb 22 - Woodcarving Group in action.

Mar 4 - Mens-Womens Walking Groups snowshoeing at Mt. Washington.

Apr 7 - YSAG display at Shawigan Gathering.

Apr 7 - YSAG Line Dancers at Shawnigan Gathering.

May 20 - Holidaying in May via my old hometown of Falkland.  Here is some action from Falkand 95th Stampede.

Jun 2 - Part of the YSAG contingent taking part in the Walk for Cowichan Caregivers.

July 1 - Shawniogan Canada Day Parade - YSAG Float and Zumba Group.

July 1 - Kids building birdhouses and tool boxes compliments of YSAG.

Aug 5 - Mens Walking inspecting the Shawnigan Weir.

Sept 2 - Somewhere between Burnt Bridge and Kinsol Trestle.

Sept 23 - Mens Biking on Galloping GooseTrail inVictoria. 

Oct 21 - Found during walk on Richards Trail.

Nov 4 - Rat Lake Walk.

Dec 2 - Cultural Center being assembled at Malahat Reserve.

Dec 17 - Zumba Group.

December 16, 2013

Men's walking group

We had a great walk up Cobble hill Mountain today, great views and hey we are proud of you Mike now you know what the top looks like. ha ha. Thanks for the pictures Dennis, they're good. Well I'd like to wish you all a great holiday and we will see you on the 6th of Jan to start another year of great hike's. If you need to walk off some of that turkey before then you may find someone else at the Legion on Monday mornings.

Men's Walking Group

Some jolly soul decorated this tree just behind the water tower.
A nice touch to start the climb.

A freighter anchored. Probably waiting for orders to proceed to Vancouver.

If you squint you can probably see the freighter near the left side of this photo.

The camera looking down on those looking up.

Looking down the west side of Cobble Hill Mtn over the valley below.

Down the slippery slopes.  The trail down was very steep in places.

OOPS! - The map ended up on the bottom.

Good jaunt up Cobble Hill Mtn with good company and finishing with a good meal.  Here is the track of our climb and stroll through Cobble Hill along with a few photos.

Starting at the Dog Park we headed up past the Cobble Hill (CH) Water Tower. Met lots of people and their dogs.  Stopped at the East side lookout then onto the West Side (WS)  and down a different trail. As you can see we finished up with a tour of the area before ending up at the Cobblestone Pub.  Notice by the Elevation points we climbed about 200 meters.

Men's Walking Group

It looks as if our Men's Walking group had a great day walking around Cobble Hill and gathering at the Cenotaph before going to the Cobblestone Pub for a well deserved Christmas lunch.

December 9, 2013

Men's walking group

Hi All We had a good walk today, Dennis & Jim say we did 8 kms. All in the Kinsol trestol area. We then had coffee at the Subway in Shawnigan. It's getting to be that jolly guys time of year so next week we will get in the mood and walk around Cobble Hill area and wind up the year having lunch at the Cobblestone. We plan on picking up our walking in the new year on a regular basis Monday mornings meeting at the Legion 8:30 on the 6th of Jan 2014. If you can't make it next Monday 16th, have a great Holiday Merry Xmas.

Men's Walking Group

Some pics from todays Kinsol Trestle walk.  Sorry no map - the GPS did not co-operate for some unknown reason - showed waypoints but no track.

Not a Winter Wonderland but cold and crisp - and some snow.

"Equestrian Mounting Block" - at each end of trestle - for short legged riders??

The tallest tree in the forest - looks a little out of place.

There is water still running under the bridge.

But quite a bit of ice in places on the Koksilah River.

No where to go but up  -  WAY UP!

Looking up-river from the trestle.

December 4, 2013

Beginning Computing

The Beginning Class at work.
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December 2, 2013

Men's walking group

Hi gang We would like to thank you Larry for that very interesting side trip to watch the crine lift those trailers onto the foundation, What's 6' in a big deal. ha. Anyway thanks Larry. And then thank you Dennis for all the pictures,That was a different walk to day but it was nice on the beach.We'll say we did 5 km okay. Next week we will plan on doing the Kintol Trestle. Tks

Men's Walking Group

Photos from todays Bamberton expedition. Very interesting viewing in excellent (but chilly) weather.
Map showing location of "Cultural Center" site where we watched the "Mobiles" being placed on the foundation.
Then a short drive for a nice stroll on Bamberton Beach.

First Mobile being lifted --

And set in place on the foundation.

"Sidewalk Superintendents" over-see the operation.

Meanwhile the second Mobile arrives and is prepared for the lift.

Second Mobile is set in place.

Then it's time for a walk on the beach at Bamberton Park.

Rusty relic (old winch) sitting on the beach.

Is this left over from an ancient Sea Monster?

Mill Bay - Brentwood Ferry doing its run.

Beachcombers doing their thing.

And,of course, the inevitable Sea Gulls.