January 27, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Eight walked a loop of Cobble Hill trails. Interesting and a good walk with some fog but great weather. We did about, close to, almost, 5Km.Thank you for driving Dianne. Coffee and goodies were by Claudia, entertainment by Boomer. Next walk Mon Feb 2nd we will be at the Stocking Lake Loop Trail in Chemainus. We will have our lunch at the Saltair Pub.Meet at 10 am at the Legion. VM

Busy Woodpeckers have been here

More holes spotted on the other side of the tree

These are huge

Black Flamingo

Metal Flamingo

Heavier fog higher up Cobble Hill

Dianne tries the bike out

Not much comfort riding this !

Wendy and Boomer

January 26, 2015

Men's Walking Group

Denis got in ahead of me, but here is my map and photos from an enjoyable Gorge walk and 4-Mile Pub lunch.  Hard to choose which photos to post.  --  DeNNis.

The "Yellow Brick Road" again.  Parked at Canadian Tire (Admirals & Craigflower).  Across Craigflower Bridge and down Gorge Rd to Gorge Bridge.  As you can see, we wandered around Gorge Park a bit including the Japanese Garden, then up Craigflower Rd, back via Canadian Tire with a detour through Portage Park to the 4-Mile Pub.  I am sure we walked off most of our lunch on the walk back to our cars at Canadian Tire.

A bit foggy to start. Looking down the Gorge from Craigflower Bridge.

Bufflehead ducks.

Sculling(?) on the Gorge waterway.

Huge swan on lawn across Gorge from sidewalk - had to watch him awhile to ensure he was real.


Gorge Bridge on Tillicum Rd.

Looking up the Gorge from underneath Gorge Bridge.

The whole crew.

Lots of greenery and color in the Japanese Garden.

Just a small area of the Japanese Garden.
A few neat cobwebs, too.

Portage Park Panorama.

And to top it all off  -  The 4-MILE Pub lunch!!!!

Men's walking group

Well we didn't see the sun today but hey we had good walking weather, good company, interesting scenery what more could we want. Oh-yes good food also at the 4 Mile. And while there, we met a old time acquaintanence. Ha. Good turnout, 13 of us, did 10k and thanks to the drivers. Next week we can do a local walk through Cowichan Bay. Tks

January 19, 2015

Men's Walking Group

My map and a few shots of our long, sloppy walk up Mt Wood and back down to the Last Spike on the E&N tracks.  Must admit it was fun though.  Enjoyed the company and the exercise.  DeNNis.

The trusty "Yellow Brick Road".  Went through the Easter Seal Camp (top left) up to the E&N railway tracks - along to where we caught the Mt Wood Trail.  Then a long slog up the ATV trails until we got up to where the sun was shining through (top right area of the map).  We climbed about 240 meters - our maximum elevation was 400 meters, up from 160 meters at the track level.  Some steep downhill back down to the railway tracks.  Then a fair jaunt back to where the Last Spike is located, very close to where we started up the mountain.
Some stragglers getting started.

A little trouble finding a dry walking path.

Just a few small lakes along the way.

Nice blue sky - so where did all the water come from??

Some kids like to stamp their feet in the puddles!!

So far - so good.  Most of us still smiling  --

But a few more rivers to ford  --

And a few more hills to climb.

BEER break!!  We should have been collecting - lots of empties along the way.

Back on track - or should I say on THE tracks.

This should have been where we started up the mountain instead of where we finished.

The Last Spike Cairn.

Plaque on Cairn.

Plaque in ground.

Men's walking group

Wow that waS some walk today. The first half was up hill and very wet but hey we did it. I'm proud of you all. I think that will be a summer hike, if[?] we do it again. 13 of us did 10k, it took us 2 hrs up Mt. Wood and 30 minutes down to have a look at the Last Spike on the railroad tracks. Next week we plan on a walk by the Gorge. Parking at Canada Tire on Admirals & Craigflowewr around 9:15, having lunch at the 4 Mile 11:45, getting back to the Legion by 2pm.okay? Tks

January 14, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Five walkers enjoyed a foggy 4 Kms along the Bob- O -Link trail, noticing all the architectural and natural diversity of our neighborhood. Next week we plan to walk the Friendship trail below Walmart, hopefully stopping at Coffee On The Moon. Meet at the Legion at 10 am as usual. Text and photos by Joan.

Rustic Cabin ?

Cozy Cottage

Doreen's house guests

She was not home to invite them in.

It's beginning to look like spring. (believe it or not)

January 12, 2015

Men's walking group

Good turnout today, 13 of us did the friendship trail in Duncan and added on to it doing 8.01 k. Good walk, nice walking weather. Thanks for driving Brook,Ed and DeNNis, also thanks for yr report with good pictures. Next week we will try to find the last spike on the railway and some trails on Wood Mountain. We plan on walking around the Gorge in Victoria on the 26 Jan and having lunch at the 4 Mile.Okay? Tks

My map and photos from what I will call our Walmart Friendship Trail walk today.  Good weather, good company, good walk.  -  DeNNis.

Parked the cars in the Walmart Parking lot in Duncan.(top-right of center).  From there, just follow the red arrows on the Yellow Brick Road.  Should be fairly self-explanatory, I hope.

The sign that greeted us.

This bridge crosses Bing Creek where the Friendship Trail joins the Galloping Goose/Cowichan
Valley trail.

Bing Creek - looking pretty muddy.

Unique fencing beside trail by new development going in near Cowichan Valley Trail.

Kind of a neat gateway into private property alongside Cowichan Valley Trail.
Still decorated for Christmas with lights ablaze.

The trail runs alongside the E&N tracks and the highway just south of the
Cowichan Commons Shopping  Centre.

Mother Natures' art out of chaos.

Time to rest and discuss tactical plan.

A little more artwork by Mother Nature and Human Help

Had to put this in  -  couldn't look up far enough, so held the camera back over
my head and hit the exposure button.  Talk about a lucky shot - but I will argue
that it was planned. 

Missed seeing this guy today.  He was further back on the Cowichan Valley Trail.
Took this shot when we walked there back in April of 2014.