March 27, 2012

Womens Walking Group

Thanks to Joan for this weeks blog and pictures.
A remarkably rain free 6 plus Km walk enjoyed by eight
optimists armed with umbrellas.An eagle perched in a tall
tree above the parking lot off the highway at Koksilah Road
to watch us to head off for the Wilmot Road trail to check
for the swans,more geese than swans, but there were well
over 50 of them further along,behind the houses.Lunch at
the Bay Pub provided close up bird study-one very curious
gull waited patiently outside the window to see what we
were being served,but had to go elsewhere for his food-
no handouts from us.We didn't even leave him any crumbs.
Next week April 2nd.we meet at the Legion at 10 for
an Old Mill Park walk.Then drive back to the Legion
for coffee and birthday cake.Courtesy of Joanne.

Computer/Photography Group

We had a great field trip to Victoria to see the special photography exhibit in The Royal BC Museum. No photography was allowed in the exhibit area but the images shown were all very impressive.
Cameras were allowed in the general museum exhibit area however.
Here are two examples of the very realistic scenes.

March 26, 2012

Men's walking group

Well we had a good walk today up Mt Boldy no rain, ha  It takes a lot longer to go up then to come down I'll tel you that! We all made it back to the Legion for coffee after.
next week a local walk we'll decide Monday morning okay? Tks

March 24, 2012


Here is the Agenda for March 26 to March 31.

March 23, 2012

Computer/Photography grp

Hello Photographers and Friends,
Here is a reminder of our Field Trip to the BC Royal Museum on Tuesday, March 27, 2012.
We should leave from the Legion at 9:00 am. and be back at around 2:00 pm.
I think you will find the restaurant "Santiago's a good place for lunch. They have a good menu selection. There should be something available for all of us.
Click here for the museum website:
If time permits and the weather is good we can do a walk around the Museum area. There are some good Photo opportunities.
See you all then!

March 19, 2012

Womens Walking Group

Nine walkers did about 5 K to and around Rat Lake.It was
a perfect day for a walk.We saw different types of ducks,
and a Red-tailed hawk, but were surprised there were not
any signs of new spring growth or any Lily Pads on the lake.
Next monday the 26th we will walk Willmot Road to
Cowichan Bay, return to Koksilah Road, then drive to the
Cowichan Bay Pub for lunch.Everyone is welcome to join
the walking group.We enjoy the exercise and getting to
know the local areas.During the summer we also walk in
Victoria or up Island.We meet at 10am every monday
morning at the Legion.          V.M.

Womens Walking Group

On a bridge at Rat Lake

Fallen deadwood on the trail

A small waterfall

The lake with some reflections

Men's walking group

 Our group waiting for their cruise ship

A bird house in the tree's by the Brentwood Collage Chapel  [in Brentwwod]

Our Don Wan of the group  [some people have all the luck]

That was a great outing today and we cane all thank Larry for putting it together and checking it out for us.
And for picking a great place to eat and checking out the service, LOL, ha   Thanks Larry.
Next week sounds like it may warm up so we can try and reach the top of Mt Boldy okay/ Tks
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March 18, 2012

Mens walking group

Just a reminder for our cruise to Brentwood  tomorrow "Don't forget your Gold Card" or it will cost you. Okay? c. u. AT 8:30 and we should be back by  2:00 pm.

March 13, 2012


Here is our Agenda for this week.

Men's walking group

I have been delaying putting in my report on yesterdays walk, as i'm not sure how to explain it. In one word you could say WET.ha Now that it's over it was"nt that bad. eh!
Thanks for the pictures Dennis and thanks for driving Dennis &Ed.
Next week the 19th will be much better as we take the ferry and walk in Brentwood [in the sun] and have lunch in the pub, Getting back to the Legion by 2pm Tks C U.

March 12, 2012

Womens Walking Group

We cancelled our walk this monday due to some nasty weather.It did improve
around noon when I went for a walk and noticed a critter in some bushes near
by.Picture below.We planned to walk to Rat Lake 3 times in February and twice
in March.This monday the 19th will be our 6th try. Leaving from the Legion
at 10 am.      V.M.

Womens Walking Group

Anyone know what this critter is ?
Just a little damp!!!

Mill Bay Marina under construction.                        2N's

March 11, 2012

Computer/Photography Gp

For our Computer meeting on Tuesday I will talk about the new Webmail 2.0  feature offered by Shaw. It is a Blog that any Shaw costumer can set up free. I set one up for me a few days ago, so check it out here:
The above photos have nothing to do with that but I wanted pictures included in this post.
I will also go over the choice of digital projector and screen that I will recommend for purchase, to the Directors at the meeting on Wednesday.
Ed Wiebe

March 8, 2012

Computer/Photography Group

Hi All,
Well, there we are, displaying our photography in the Mill Bay Library. I think it looks really good and with the information tickets at the counter people can check out what other interesting things YSAG is up to.
These pictures can stay up till the end of April.
The light reflections are a bit of a problem. To really see the pictures at their best you need to go into the library and see them for yourself.


I want to let you all know that the Lapidary Group is now Active. Our group leader is Edward Hughes. There are challenges with a number of things, such as a room that is damp and musty. The equipment works but we need to be careful what is running because the circuit breakers will trip.
Edward is the only person in the group that actually knows about lapidary. We are however enjoying doing our projects and with warmer weather the room will be more pleasant to work in.
If you are interested in joining contact Edward.
Below are some pictures.

March 6, 2012

Womens Walking

Eight walkers headed out from Briarwood Park on another
sunny morning even though it had threatened to be drissly
earlier.Not all of us proceeded on across the impressive new
CVRD bridge to the marsh behind Kerry Village after
viewing the new houses being built in Briarwood.Those who
did were able to see the bright yellow spring Skunk
Cabbages beginning to open.On the way back we checked
out another trail heading to Mill Bay,but are saving that one
for another day.Next monday the 12th we are finally off
to Rat Lake.Leaving the Legion at 10am.     V.M.
Thank you Joan, for the pictures and the Blog for this

Womens Walking Group

Who hasn't seen a pair of eagles yet ?

Pair of swamp lanterns

No, we aren't taking that trail too !

Mossy deadwood

March 5, 2012

Men's walking group

Nice pictures deNNis thanks .ha
The guy up there turned off the rain just at 8;29 so we enjoyed a nice sunny walk down through the Mill Bay Nature park. And a nice look around the old Church on the highway by the bridge.. Next week we plan on parking at Kerry Park and walk around Mill Bay, Tks C. U.

Men's Walking Group

Mill Bay Park
Mar. 5/12                          deNNis
Seven Swans A'Swimming

March 4, 2012


Here is the YSAG Agenda for the next week.

March 2, 2012

Men's walking group

Sorry for the nix up last week, But Dennis says you made the most of it and had a good walk behind the Legion. We will do mt Boldy  on a sunny day down the road. next week we can do Mill park. on Kilmalu, parking by the highway. Tks