August 25, 2014

Men's Walking Group

As you can see on the map, our walk today pretty much circumnavigated the metropolis city of Duncan - from Lakes Rd on the east to beyond Beverly St on the north, by the E&N tracks on the west and the Silver Bridge on the south - a total of about 9 Km.

The map is pretty well self explanatory. We parked at McAdam Park and did a counter-clockwise loop (the yellow dotted trace).  It was interesting to see the flood control measures taken around the Somenos Creek area near Beverly St.

No worries about flooding at the present though.  Look at the water level - barely up to the knees of that little dog.

Still have to cross the bridge though - don't want wet feet.

Interesting - Part of a culvert on end with foliage growing out of it.

The Duncan "Fresh Water Eco-Centre".

Sewer water treatment pond??  It starts bubbling occasionaly.

This concrete wall carries on across the street behind us, and is built to accommodate a solid gate of some sort to stop water ingress.

Thirteen walkers today including the photographer.

Cowichan Commons (Walmart, Home Depot, etc.) in the distance below Mt Prevost.  If you zoom-in, you can make out the Memorial on Mt Prevost.

Paying attentiion to the walk signs.

Old Duncan Station (now the Museum) and Caboose.

Kept on moving past here -

and carried on under the "Silver Bridge".

Autumn is definitely in the air.

Across another bridge and back to where we started.

August 20, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Our walk Monday was a little shorter but a lot tougher as these photos will show.  Great weather and  a good climb up and down.  -  DeNNis.

Parked our cars just off  Strathcona Heights Rd (260 Meters Elevation) - pretty steep climb up old logging road - to Mt Baldy Summit (460 meters).  Then down the other side (above Easter Seal Camp) to the cell phone tower (360 meters).  From there a fairly level trail through the bush back to old logging road.

When you see these big Arbutus trees, you know you are just about at the summit.

Beautiful views of Shawnigan Lake.

Looking north-east from the other side of the summit.

Some pretty steep slippery slopes as we start our way down the other side.

Thought I should get a picture while everyone was still with us.  At least they are all still smiling.

Our next stop is the Cell Tower  away down there below us.

More steep, slippery slopes.

This was a tough one to negotiate.

We all made it safely - "Whew."

After consulting a couple of bird books, my best guess is a "Red-Breasted Sapsucker".

Also some pretty flowers-weeds???

August 16, 2014

Photography Group

A small group of us went out to the Tea Farm located north of Duncan on Richards Trail. It was a great day and the hosts were very freindly and gave us a good run down of their tea farm and pottery creations. This is the only tea farm in Canada. We sampled the tea and some great baked goods. This was a good trip.
Here are some pictures.

Red Rooster

Flowers for the bees.

Some interesting clay creations,

A tea cozy made from leftover or old material.

And here is what it is all about. Great tea in a very pleasent setting.

August 11, 2014

Men's Walking Group

So many photos - so little space.  Here are some of the shots from our Duke-Jack Point walk. - DeNNis.

Google Earth view of Duke Point Ferry Terminal. Parked in Trailhead Parking Lot (bottom near right). Our route is in blue from there up and around the 1 Km loop and back.

First of three stairways.

Faux Petroglyph.

Ten of the twelve walkers.

Up the second stairway.

Pan view of Nanaimo across from the trail.

So many interesting rock formations - not enough space to show even just a few.

Probably good that three guys are on the left end of that precarious perch - looks like it could take a tumble.

Looking up from underneath.

The third and last stairway up.

Jack Point Marker light at outer end of loop. On the left is a freighter and center is a BC Ferry.

Another example of neat rock formations.

Jack Point Marker light at end of  1 Km Loop.  To the left is a freighter and the little white blob far off to the right is a BC Ferry.

Duke Point Ferry berth and foot-passenger loading ramp.

Back near the trailhead - the tide is now a way out - big mud flat.


Just water to drink - aren't we good??

Plus a little extra something with our delicious meals - OF COURSE!!