May 31, 2011

men's walking group

A couple of pictures from our great trip to Saltspring , they are from top Mt Maxwell. one having lunch and the other looking towards Fulford Hbr and also the area where our tour guide use to live. Tks for the tour Bill.
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May 25, 2011

Men's Walking Group

I'm writing this report on the Men's walk on Monday, May 23 because Denis was busy with very important business elsewhere. Five walkers showed up and we walked behind the Legion and made a loop back to Shawnigan Lake and had coffee at the Subway.  We estimate the distance at about 7 km.  
Here is a picture of a house with a view.

May 18, 2011

Womens Walking

Lucky once again ! Raining when we left the Legion but had stopped when
we arrived at Cherry Point beach.An interesting walk with many seashore
creatures to see.Starfish of different colours,crabs,moonsnails,eagles and
a Killdeer that had built her nest out on the open beach (in our path) She
was very protective of her one speckled egg. Walking in the sand for some
distance is quite a workout so we were ready for a good cup of coffee at
the Legion.There will not be a walk this monday,Victoria Day.May 30th
may be a local walk, possibly the Cowichan Bay area.June 6th we are
planning for a trip to walk Thetis Lake Park and then on to the Six Mile
Pub for lunch.See you at the Legion at 10 am for the 30th and at 9:30am
on monday, June 6th. Enjoy the sunny,Victoria Day holiday !    V.M.

Womens Walking

High and Dry at Cherry Point beach.

A Killdeer protects her spotted egg.

Lenora must try the old fashioned rope swing.

A dead looking fallen tree still has some life in it.

May 16, 2011

Men's walking group

Well we didn't attempt the big trees because of all the rain. I hope we can do it latter. We had a good walk in Kingburn park, got a glimpse of the Monastery and lots of water in the Kokasilah river. and good coffee after at the Legion. Thanks for driving Bill & Harry. Next week I will be away making my fortune in the Gold fields. so you can do that hike you always wanted to do but I didn't pick it, ha anyway have fun and I will see you all on the 30th May and our special trip to Salt Spring. We will leave at the normal time 8.30 get the 9:45 ferry from Crofton, with our lunch and we will spend the day having supper in Ganges getting home in the evening 7 or 8 pm I hope to get a 15 passenger van for the trip. It should cost us 5 to 10 dollars each plus dinner. any questions please call me . Tks

May 10, 2011

Womens Walking

Many wildflowers on Tzouhalem Mountain and some great views of the
Cowichan Valley.We saw a few Douglas Fir trees that had rings of bark
removed to destroy them so that the Garry Oaks can get the sun they need
to survive.Joan has mentioned it will be a low tide next monday the 16th
so we will be walking at Cherry Point beach.Meet at the Legion
at 10 am.       VM

Womens Walking

The Camas

A Douglas Fir ringed to be destroyed

The walkers on Tzouhalem Mtn.

men's walking group

Great walk in Goldstream Park. Thanks for driving Dieter & Dave. Next week we will go to the big trees , up Renfrew Rd. providing the weather holds, like it is suppose to, Tks

May 4, 2011

Womens Walking

Thanks Claudia for giving us that pep talk on a rainy monday morning.
( Lets go for it !! ) We went,we explored some new trails,had plenty of
exercise,and a nice lunch.The rain had stopped and it turned out to be
quite a nice day. Next week monday May 9th.we will hike onTzouhalem
Mountain.We should be able to see some wild flowers.Meet at the
Legion at 10 am.     V.M.

Womens Walking

Below the highway on the Holland Creek Trail.

A trail snail.

A nice spot along the Holland Creek.

The skunk cabbage pond walk.

Keeping occupied while waiting for our table at lunch.

May 2, 2011

Men's walking group

Why to go gang the one time I'm away and off to Tim's . ha ha .To bad about the rain, but it will be better next week I hope, local walk next .Tks