December 21, 2010

Womens Walking

A cool damp day,but a good walk at Whippletree.The shops were decorated
for Christmas and quite interesting.Lunch at the Pioneer House was enjoyed
by all.This was to be our last walk till the new year,but some of us felt we might
like some exercise after Christmas.If anyone else is interested,you may get in
touch with Joan or myself.May everyone have a very Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year for 2011. Also wishing you some quiet moments to enjoy
the beauty of the season. ....... V.M.

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December 20, 2010

mens walking group

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Mens walking group

Well it did'nt rain on us today, not in shawnigan you say only snow, Ha
We got 2 flakes of snow I think , any way it was a good walk, and we did 9.??
Kms . also had good food and service in the Black Swan, next week a local walk depending on the weather. we are planning a walk in Victoria area at the end of the month. tks c u next week

December 17, 2010

Womens Walking

A good walk around Briarwood including the park and Briarwood Green
behind Kerry Village.The small creeks are raging and waterfalls are huge.
This is another small farm area with a variety of animals.We returned to the
Legion for coffee and turtles.Next monday the 20th.we will walk near
Whippletree Junction,see some Christmas decorations and come back to
the Pioneer House for lunch.We miss Pearl who is a faithful walker and
wish her a speedy recovery.Meet at the Legion at 10 a.m.         V.M.

Womens Walking

Around Briarwood.
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December 14, 2010

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Mens walking group

That was a good 9k walk yesterday. and the sun was welcomed. But with all those dogs around we did have to keep an eye on Bill, Ha.
Next week is our xmas lunch so we can do a walk around the area behind Shawnigan Lk school and then to the Black Swan for lunch about 11:30 okay? Tks c u then

December 13, 2010

Men's Walking Group

It's good to be on the right side of the fence.

Another batch! How many? Count em.
Posted by PicasaThis was our morning walk, going through the wilds of Shawnigan Lake-Mill Bay area. We met all dangers head on and came out victorious!

December 10, 2010

Womens Walking

Eight of us walked near St. Johns Church.Nice country area,many fields,farms,
and animals.We also saw two VERY LARGE ant hills and a frozen pond
with many ducks flying in and skating to a halt.Actually their braking system
is quite good.We are fortunate to have many interesting things to see on our
local walks.Next week,monday Dec 13th. will be our last walk for 2010.
See you all at the Legion at 10 a.m. when we will decide where we will
walk.            V.M.

Womes Walking

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December 6, 2010

Men's Walking Group

Rat Lake with ice.

No fellas - that ice is not safe to walk on!
This morning's walk in great sunshine and cold.
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Mens walking group

We had a good walk this am, threw a few rocks on the ice at Rat Lk most stayed on top of the ice, Also we figured out a skit for February at the YSAG function. Shhhhh its a secret!!! next week a local walk depending on the weather. I'M going to try to get a picture up here latter. TKs

December 5, 2010

YSAG Computer/Photography Group

At our next meeting, December 7, 2010 the emphasis will be on Photography.
Bring your cameras and the Manual.
Let's discuss the special icons shown on our cameras such as Portrait, Landscape, Sports, etc.  Each camera is a bit different but each will have about 5 or 6 settings you can choose from.  These are settings that allow you to shoot in "Automatic" meaning the camera decides what it thinks is best as far as shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white baleance is concerned, plus others.  This takes care of all the technical stuff and it is remarkable how good an image is produced.  Sometimes it is better than anything you could have done going manual and putting your settings in.
So, this is great isn't it.  Yes, but....sometimes it is nice to shoot manual, isn't it?  Anyway the least we should do is learn and know what that camera is doing for you.  Here is the plan.  Let;s consider each setting and try to determine what that fancy digital gadget is actually doing in there.
 Other stuff:  Some interesting sites: Sophies Photo: Check it out
A site I have been following with lots of good photo advice, Digital Photograpy School:
A weekly competion at this site:  This is called "Signs". 
Also on this site: 11 Surefire Landscape Photography Tips.
 And finally a picture taken at the Old Mill Park to make this email interesting.

November 30, 2010

Womens Walking

Finally,we have done the Wilkinson Road walk.A few raindrops,but not too
slippery.The creek at the bridge was really roaring and could be heard from
quite a distance.We enjoyed our lunch and had a great visit with Millie,
Muriel and Doris who joined us at Ryders.Next week our walk will begin at
St.Johns Church and cover some of the local area.Meet at the Legion
at 10 a.m.    .............  V.M.

Womans Walking

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November 29, 2010

Mens walking group

Thanks Dave for bringing your umbrella we only got a little damp today and we did about 6 kms. Ha. We had a good walk and coffee at the Legion. Next week a local walk which we will determin next Monday depending on the weather, And we are planning on lunch at the BLack Swan on the 20th Dec, okay? Tks

November 28, 2010

Computer/Photography Group

Hello Computer people,

For this meeting, I checked into Keyboard shortcuts for when you don't want to use the mouse. Some shortcuts are specific for Gmail and the others are for Microsoft programs such as WORD, etc. A lot of these key shortcuts are fairly standard and so it is worth trying them in other programs too.

Why do more people use Internet Explorer or Gmail, Yahoo and others rather than SHAW Webmail? Bring your thoughts about that to the meeting and we can give reasons to our 2 new members of the group.

I have never used Microsoft Works, which is free with XP, Vista or Windows 7. Checking it out this weekend, I find it has changed (improved) a lot since the early days of Windows 98, etc. I made a quick December, 2010 one month calendar. It has a background picture of our yard with snow. It is easy to get any picture you want in there.

I will show the attachments that were included in the earlier email I sent out.
See you all on Tuesday!

November 25, 2010

Womens Walking

Our walk on Wilkinson road was cancelled due to the weather.We will try the
same walk this monday Nov 29th. if weather permits.We will then go to
Ryders Cafe for lunch. Meet at the Legion at 10am.    ......... V.M.

Womens walking

The snow has arrived !
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November 22, 2010

Mens walking group

Mens walking group

That was a neat walk this morn, at times the breeze was cool but probable not as cold as its going to get tonight. Also a great lunch at the Legion.I'm going to try to get a picture on here. Next week a local walk we will decide then depending on the weather condition,

November 21, 2010

Mens walking group

Hey Guys u got yr snow boots out?--good!!! They are ready for us with soup & sandwich at the Legion, So snow or shine our walk is on okay? We'll check it out behind the Legion at 8:30, TKS

November 20, 2010

Tai Chi Group

Here is an example of Tai Chi at a recent session.
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November 19, 2010

Womens Walking

A nice walk along Bob-O Link Trail,also did a short extension of it.Chatted
with a construction gang building MORE houses ! Spotted still more fungus.
What a year for fungus ! It seems to be everywhere ! Next walk will be on
Wilkinson Road.Meet at the legion at 10 am.See you at Kerry Park parking
area.        V.M.

Womens Walking

Our cup of coffee at the Legion
after the walk.

Natures colourful roofing
near Gibsons Park.

Not a positive identification yet,
but the shape,colour,and likely
spore print would fit a Pluteus.
(with thanks to a "Pro Shroomer")
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November 15, 2010

Mens walking group

Well what an interesting walk we had today, Thanks Derek for the tour of Camp Pringle we found it very interesting, And the rest of the walk was good no rain .Next week the plan is to walk behind the Legion and go for lunch about 11:30 at the Legion, We have about 8 confirmed going so far. Tks C U all next week.

November 11, 2010

Womens Walking

Thanks to Joan for supplying the pictures for the Rat Lake walk.The ladies
enjoyed the walk and returned to the Legion for coffee.Our next walk on
monday the 15th.will be along the Bob-O-Link Trail.Meet at the Legion
at 10am.   ............  V.M.

Womens Walking

Our walk at Rat Lake
Together at last.

A fungus with the name of
Orange Jelly.

A fungus that is possibly a type of
Turkey Tail.
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Computer/Photography Group

Hello Computer people,
Here is the agenda for our Computer/Photography meeting on November 16, 2010.  As you can see, the theme is more on computer concerns.
1) Our Blog For this session, let's  review where we are with our Blog and all the peripheral programs to make the blog work for us. We will start with our Gmail account, Picasa (on our own computers and the Web album).  If you have ideas of changes to the Blog to make it more useful and interesting to other YSAGs members, let's explore that.
2) Games and Timewasters  I think we all occasionally play games or spend relaxing time on the computer.  We will look at what our Windows software has to offer such as Solitaire, FreeCell, MineSweeper and others.  If you go on the internet there are hundreds of game sites.  Some places I like to check on are: Soduko, Crosswords, Griddlers and Kindle for reading.
3)  Ask Leo  I checked out Leo's answer on his take on peer to peer sites such as Limewire and others like it, and the implications and problems you can run into if you are using these.  Also, what information does our ISP such as Shaw or Telus have about us and should we be concerned.

November 9, 2010

Mens walking group

How about these rugged mountain men hiking the prospectors trail in Gold Stream park and the second picture is what made it all worthwhile

Mens walking group

Hey we had a great walk Monday in Gold Stream nice sunny fall weather. Not as many fish as we expected , but it was good we did about 7 km and made it back to the Legion by 11:55 for coffee . Next week we will try the Galloping Goose and on the following Monday we will go behind the Legion and have lunch in the Legion at 11:30 okay? Thats on the 22nd Nov tks

November 7, 2010


Here is a brief schedule of events for our YSAGS Group.  Check them out and jion us for what interests you


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November 6, 2010

Computer/Photography Grp

Hello YSAGers

Here is what I am proposing for our next meeting with the emphasis on Photography.
Any specific computer questions or concerns are of course fair game.
How do we make it rain on our photographs using GIMP? See the attached files. (The posts in the picture were treated, they stayed dry!)
We will learn the magic touch by following this tutorial:
Also,we will continue discussion on ISO/Shutter speed/Aperture. I think a quick review appropriate and then have a look at how the following ties in.
Focal Length
Depth of Field
Circle of Confusion (I like this one)
I owe Herb L. a big Thank you! I was playing around with our Blog settings and all of a sudden it disappeared from the internet. I sent Herb an urgent SOS and in no time we were back in business. I'll explain on Tuesday.

It is raining heavily!