January 31, 2013

Womens Walking Group

Ten walkers did the Wilmot,Koksilah area in good weather.
We saw many ducks,geese,and Trumpeter swans.It was quite
special to see and hear the swans approaching from a distance
and landing in the fields.We enjoyed a coffee at the "Constant
Crave Coffee House" which has added another name since it
began selling funiture."House Of Hayday" Thank you to our
drivers.Next monday  Feb 4th.we walk the Cowichan Estuary
Conservation Trail.(parking at the bridge) Our monthly lunch
day is now changed from the last monday of the month to the
first monday of each month.Plans are to try a new restaurant
in Cowichan Bay for our next walk.Meet at the Legion at
10am.         V.M.

Womens Walking Group

Trumpeter Swans landing

Landed and beginning to feed

The young ones have a disagreement

Coffee at the Constant Crave Coffee House

Mute swans at Mill Bay

Mallard ducks

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January 28, 2013

YSAG Men's Walking group

Well, Dennis you beat me with posting pictures, but I will add some of mine.
Thanks, Denis and Dieter for driving and also for arranging a great lunch in China Town.

Here are some more photos.
The walk on the breakwater - was it cold?

Here is a fierce looking guy!

All decked out for New Year!

Life in a glass aquarium. Eating with the fishes?

YSAG Computer/Photography group

Hello Photographers,
Tomorrow our meeting is about photography. I will share some pictures of birds when I was at the Reiffel Bird Sanctuary and also a video I took at the Craigdaroch Castle Saturday when by chance a Robbie Burns celebration was going on.
Joan also will show us pictures of Fungi(may I say mushrooms?).
Bring your photography questions to the meeting for discussion and maybe we can also come up with good answers.
Here are some pictures from Saturday.
Just one of very many artifacts from over 100 years ago.

Waiting for the guests to arrive.

The Castle - Imagine horse drawn carriages in front.

Men's Walking Group

Pics from our Victoria stroll.

Heading for the deep end of the breakwater.

"Log-rolling" competitor - it's actually a rusty pipe.

Fishermans Wharf.

Johnson Street Bridge from Fishermans Wharf area.

Centennial Square Fountain.

Lunch at the Fan-Tan Cafe.

Harry and friend, Emily Carr.

What could this be??

January 21, 2013

Men's Walking Group

Here is what we saw on our walk. Thank goodness this couger is smiling!
Is he looking for kids on the swings?

He decided to stay put when he saw us!

Womens Walking Group

Twelve walkers had a great walk on a beautiful sunny,foggy,
morning.Thank you Claudia for guiding us along the trails,
also for the delicious goodies and coffee.(recipes too)
Thanks for the entertainment in the living room,Boomer.
Welcome to our two new members,Celine and Liz.
Next monday the 28th we will walk the Koksilah area.
Meet at the Legion at 10am.     V.M.

Womens Walking Group

Enjoying coffee and goodies after a l-o-n-g walk.
Boomer was there to greet us all.
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January 15, 2013

Womens Walking Group

Eight did a 6K walk which included many hills.Very little rain
which tried to turn to snow but didn't quite make it.For the
first time we stopped for coffee half way through the walk
which gave us much more energy to continue the last of the
walk and back to the cars.Next week monday 21st. Claudia
will guide us on some trails in Cobble Hill. And...ladies....
if we treat her nicely she may even make coffee for us.Meet
at the Legion at 10am.     V.M.

Womens Walking Group

Mr Eds cousin with his blankie
Nice carving,hope it does no harm to the tree
Dianne throws rocks across the creek
On our way home
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January 14, 2013

Men"s walking group

Good walk today we did 7 k, the weather was good and the company was great, We checked on the weir on Shawnigan Creek as the picture shows. We did a good inspection. ha
Then coffee at the little restaurant by the drug store, across from the Subway. {Can't think of the name}.We did get there before the RCMP and eat all the donut's. ha ha
Next week we can try some trails around Brirwood. And the following week 28th we plan on Victoria parking at the break water on to China Town for lunch. Not getting back to the Legion til 2pm. Tks
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Men's Walking Group

Photos from today's walk from the Legion.

Stopped for a chat with "Mr. Ed" on the way.


What is the purpose of this STOP sign?

Maybe we should try this for our summer bicycle ride.

Here we're at the weir.

A lone arbutus among the evergreens and green moss.

January 11, 2013

Computer/Photography Grp.

Hello All,
Next Tuesday, Jan. 15 is Photography.
I need to tell you that I will not be there because I have an opportunity to go with the Duncan camera club on a field trip to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary on the mainland. We are catching the first ferry out in the morning and coming back late afternoon. I hope to shoot a lot of birds(with my camera).
So, Dennis do you want to show your video? I still haven't found my key but I believe Denis has one and I know Ray does.
I don't have anything more to offer for the meeting right now, except for these two photos.
Can you find 10 differences where editing(photo shopping has been done)?
The answers are included, but no cheating!

Can you spot 10 differences?


January 9, 2013

Womens Walking Group

The new year began with nine walkers doing 6 k on different
trails around Shawnigan Lake plus along the tracks where we
met some fellows going the wrong way.Next monday the 14th
we will walk the Briarwood area and on to Mill Bay, if the
weather permits.Meet at the Legion at 10 am.     V.M.

Womens Walking Group

A wintery grey day on Shawnigan Lake

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January 8, 2013

Men's walking group

 Good walk, Good turnout, Good weather, What more could you ask for on the first walk of a new year,Lets hope this is a sign for the year ahead.
couple pictures taken along the way.
Next week we can go behind the Legion and check out  Shawnigan Creek. Tks C.U.
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January 7, 2013

Men's Walking Group

Some photos from today's jaunt.

Burl mushroom or mushroom burl?

Or are they "Magic Mushrooms"?

They are certainly huge, whatever you want to call them.

Shawnigan Shaman.

And never the twain shall meet??