April 15, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Some rain in the forecast but we didn't see any.  Eleven of us walked about 7 Km along the Bamberton-Haul Rd and back along the power line.  Finished with a coffee stop at the Shawnigan Coffee House.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Drove from the Legion down Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd, took a right on Deloume, right on Gibb Place and parked at the bottom of Fern Ridge Drive.  Walked up past the  Fern Ridge water tower on the trail to the Bamberton-Haul Rd.  Then just past the path down to Rat Lake we took a road to the power line and eventually took a path back to the Bamberton-Haul Rd.

Up Bamberton-Haul Rd - past a couple signs stating 1 Km and
2 Km but from or to where we had no idea.

Trees are in bloom - must be that Spring is in the air.

Past the path we would normally take down to Rat Lake.

Obviously the signs were showing the distance to this road
where we turned up to the power line.

The road is blocked past the power line and we find out why.

Blasting area.

We carry on down the power line trail.

Having to ford a couple small lakes along the way.

Don't know what happened to this photo but thought it
looked a little artistic so threw it in.

Another artistic effort.

This tree shape is quite unique.

From the "High Road" (this photo from previous walk) --
I took a photo of  the rest of the guys who took the "Low Road".

The "Low Road".  The guy in the rear is someone we met along the way.

Back on the Bamberton-Haul Rd we head back to the cars for our coffee break.

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