September 29, 2015

Men's walking group

Thanks for your pictures and comments DeNNis, they're great as always. I agree that was a good walk 10 of us did 9k. and then we had our lunch at the Marina(Gaby's). Next week on Monday I will be in Tofino so if you want to join me we can do our walk on Long Beach, ha. I'm sure you can figure out a walk. Maybe Wilkinson, Dennis maybe you can let me know who all was there so I can keep my log up to date. Tks

September 28, 2015

Men's Walking Group

The following is my version of a great walk on the Esquimalt-Victoria waterfront today.  So many photo opportunities - here are some of them.  Weather and company, as always, were great.  -  DeNNis.

Walked from West Bay Marina (top left) along the waterfront promenade, named "Westsong Way", to and across the Blue Bridge.  Did a small jog up a side street to view the bridge construction from the other side, then back to West Bay along the same route where we enjoyed a well deserved lunch. 

The water was dead calm - great mirror.

One of many beautiful views.

Little show-off  -  Right alongside the walkway  -
not afraid of  walkers passing by.  One of three that
otter know better.

Deiter got a good shot at the geese.

Busy, busy harbour.

Busy, busy, busy harbour.

Across the Blue Bridge and then back we go.

"Hybrid Cityscape" -  Look out for the boat!!

Enjoying the weather and the views.

Two of the three little rascals back down by the water on
our return trip.  Couldn't catch all three in one shot.

Some poppies growing on the bank.

Lunch at GABY'S SEASIDE RESTAURANT on our return to West Bay Marina.

September 24, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Seven walked the Legion trails. Good to have Dianne back after a busy summer and vacation. Next monday the 28th. at 10am at the Legion we will decide on a walk. Bring your suggestions.   VM

September 22, 2015

Men's walking group

The weather was great for our walk yesterday, 8 of us walked 9k around Duncan, Thanks for the pictures DeNNis, And for driving Dieter & Brook. Next week {28th} we plan a walk from West Bay Marina up to the blue bridge to check it out and see if they are doing a proper job of it, Okay?, Then have lunch at the Princes Mary Resturent at the Marina.Getting back to the Legion by 2pm, We will meet at the Legion at 8:30 and car pool down there, see you then. Tks

September 21, 2015

Men's Walking Group

The following is my input on todays loop around Duncan.  The map is pretty self explanatory.  Enjoyed the weather and the company.

Parked cars at McAdam Park (bottom - near right).  Follow the loop counter-clockwise.
Another bridge.

 Starting out - first of a few bridges.
Settling pond.

The ducks and seagulls love it.

There is LIFE at the end of the tunnel.

 Lots of action in the FITNESS
CIRCUIT  --  getting started but
soon on our way.

Memories Bridge.
This little flower grew all by its lonesome
on the trail.

A small area of the "Sportsplex" - lots of cushiony running and exercise areas.

Quite the "brushcut."

The downstream side of the Silver Bridge.


September 17, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Five walkers strolled (up and down) through Arbutus Ridge. Some nice landscaping seen,even though there are quite a few birds and deer on the properties. Watched the construction of a new home with an ocean view which is being done around rock and through rock on the hillside.We walked the steps to the top of the tower, which has a complete walkabout so one can see the view from all directions.Thanks for the tour Joan. Next monday Sept 21st. is the time change. Meet at the Legion at 10 am.  VM

September 14, 2015

Men's Walking Group

Six of us walked today from the Legion around some of the Shawnigan area which we found to be very unfamiliar territory.  Enjoyed coffee at the Shawnigan Coffee House on the return leg.  We covered about 6 Km.

We did a counterclockwise loop from the Legion which took us down a trail off Treit Rd through an area we had never tried before, consisting of some private gravel driveways (bottom left) where we got a little disoriented until we got back to Furlong Rd - interesting walk.
Ysag bird house from last years Canada Day.

Deer in the headlights - it's okay - the vehicle is  parked.

"Bambi's Lawn Maintenance Service."

Seen in passing.

Cowichan Cricket and Sports complex.

Water bottle filling station?

"The Watcher"

The comforts of home can be HARD to take sometimes.