July 31, 2012

Womens Walking Group

Nine walkers did 6.43 K on the Trans Canada Trail and
around Chemainus. Thanks to Marvelene and Laura
for being our guides. We then walked back through the
village to the Willow Cafe for our lunch. Welcome to the
womens walking group Margaret. A new member who
joined us this monday. Thank you Joyce for driving.
Next monday Aug 6th. we will walk the Old Mill Park,
then on to the Baldy Mtn. Trail. Meet at the Legion
at 9:30 am.      V.M.
The Walkers

Horse and carriage carry tourists

Primrose along the Trans Canada Trail

July 26, 2012

Womens Walking Group

An update for our walkers. Bonnie Martins is closed on
mondays, as are some other restaurants in Chemainus
so we will make other plans for lunch.     V.M.

July 24, 2012

Womens Walking Group

A good walk at Eves Park. It was a bit upsy-downsy,but
nice views of Mt Sicker and the farmlands below when
we reached the top.Some were brave and entered a cave
on the way down.Joan spoke of types and names of
plants in the park garden,which she helped plant some
time ago.The piece of restored railroad track we saw on
the trail has an interesting history of transporting tram
cars full of copper from Lenora and Tyee mines on Mt.
Sicker to Crofton.Russell Farm Market was a stop for
coffee on the way back.A welcome to Loris who joined
the walking group this monday.Thank you Rouhi for
driving.We will meet at the Legion at 9:30 am. next
monday the 30th.for a drive to Chemainus for our walk,
then on to Bonnie Martins for lunch.   V.M.

Mt Sicker in the backgound

Joan enters the cave

An almost transparent Indian Pipe

July 20, 2012

Yum! Good stuff!

These are pictures from the YSAG Summer Picnic at Goldstream Park.
It was good food, a good day and most importantly, GOOD COMPANY!

Note: Pictures provided by Helen and Denis.
Here's looking at you.

Our own Niagra Falls.

That is way up there!

Is there light at the end of that tunnel?

A Gnarley tree.

Are these guys walkers?

Here are the walkers.
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July 16, 2012

Men's Walking group

We started our walk at Burnt Bridge today, over the bridge along a logging road and trails off of it on the north side of the Koksilah River. It was a great walk on a very nice day.
Thanks, Bill for getting us 5 walkers out there.
Tha Koksilah River at Burnt Bridge.
Four of five walkers on Burnt Bridge. Yep, it looks pretty sturdy!

Wild Deer Creek.

Ferns growing beside the Wild Deer Creek falls.
We know it is 'Wild Deer Creek' because a little sign said so.

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Womens Walking Group

6 walkers did 6 K around Kerry Park and beyond.Then
walked to Ryders Roadhouse for coffee and some for
lunch. If we have drivers we will get to Eves Park next
monday the 23rd. Meet at the Legion at 9:30 am.  V.M.

On our way to the Roadhouse

One big mushroom ! Edible too.

Just hangen' around

Remember the raging river this spring ? It is now a
few small pools and covered in vegetation

July 10, 2012

Womens Walking Group

Seven walked around Spectacle Lake. A warm day so we
appreciated the shaded trails in the trees.We were able
to see many wildflowers as we left the main trail and
explored other trails leading down to the lake.There we
saw some people fishing, others were swimming.We also
met some very wet dogs which often do a nice big shake
as they go by.Next monday the 16th. we will walk at
Eves Park.Meet at the Legion at 9:30 am.    V.M.

Spectacle Lake

Red Paintbrush

Tiger Lily

July 9, 2012

Men's Walking Group

Today the Men walked around Cobble Hill and then had lunch at the Cobble Stone Pub.
Thanks Denis for arranging this.
Below are pictures of what we saw.
#1) A Horse.
#2) A van that needs a horse.
#3) A Nut Head on an Iron Horse.

A Horse
A Van that needs a horse or two.
A NutHead with an Iron Horse.
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July 3, 2012

Womens Walking Group

Three walkers braved the elements and did 5.3 K
through rain and wet bushes.It was a small group on a
wet morning but included excellent identifiers of plants
and flowers, plus an official photographers assistant who
parted soaked bushes and eliminated soggy leaves
which allowed us to take some pictures.An interesting
walk along many new trails and then an invitation to
a home to see a lovely garden and pond which the lady
of the house had planned and completed herself.
(Along with her dog Mischa) Next monday July 9th.
weather permitting we will walk around Spectacle Lake.
Meet at the Legion at 9:30 am.  V.M.



Tree Fungus

On the trail

July 2, 2012

men's walking group

So win I'm away you let a little rain keep you from walking Rat Lake eh. I've got an in with a little bird. ha just kidding, any way next week is our wind-up for the summer, and we'll be back to our normal walks on Sept 10th. We decided to walk Cobble Hill area parking at the dog park, and having lunch at the Cobblestone. C.U. at the Legion 8:30 Monday.

Men's Walking Group

We had 5 walkers this morning. Since it was raining lightly we walked behind the Legion on a path that we had not been on before. I think we walked about 5 k. For coffee we stopped in at Moziro's, they have good coffee.
A fawn in the grass - no Mother in sight.

Two Foxgloves and Grass.
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