April 30, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Eight walkers braved a mini drizzle through the park searching for fawn lillies. The deer nibbled on many Indian Hellebores. We recieved a warm welcome at the Lake Cowichan Senior Center and enjoyed a delicious lunch. We were invited to view the craft room and lo and behold one of my deceased aunt's paintings was on the wall.A member wrote a poem for us during lunch. If there are walkers that are not carpooling to Thetis Lake monday the 4th, there will be a walk to Mill Bay Nature Park. Leaving the Legion at 10am.    By Dianne C

Photos by Joan S

Ferns and Firs

Yellow Violets


Flower directory

Try to keep dry

Pink Fawn Lily

Bleeding Heart

April 27, 2015

Men's walking group

Good turnout again 13 of us did 7k around Bright Angel park.They certinly have done a lot of work around the park. Looks great. Thanks to the drivers Brook, DeNNis and Ken, also thanks for your input DeNNis the pictuers are great.We didn't see as many flowers as I hoped but great walk. Next week we can try Buttler road on west side of Shawnigan. Tks

Men's Walking Group

Below is my input from our Bright Angel Park visit today.  Lots of changes since last visit.  As usual, the weather co-operated and the company was good, but again, too many pics to choose from.  --  DeNNis.

Bright Angel parking lot in center.  Across the suspension bridge, down the opposite side of the river and back, a couple of loops and down to see the "Mystery House" (bottom right) and back before heading for our coffee.
The original sign still greets us.

Just thought this was interesting at the tree base.

Returning across the suspension bridge - everyone made it -

"but last one to cross becomes the donkey."

Gathered in the amphitheater for a photo-op.

The Amphitheater.

Lots of Trilliums.

And these guys.

Also Star or Fern Lillies.

Some of the "youngsters" require more exercise.

More flowers.

One horse quickly became three when they saw the offerings.

Saw a few lovely rhododendriums.

And some neat carvings.

If you trespass you are
locked in forever,
The "Mystery House" remains a mystery.

April 25, 2015

YSAGS Mixed Hikers, April 25, 2015

Although we ended up being only 3 hikers and 1 dog it was a great hike along a great trail just up the mountain from the West Shawnigan Lake Provincial Park. We missed the rain and hiked about 7 kms in 2 hours.
Enjoy the pictures.
This is the loop we hiked according to my GPS.

Steady on! That bridge does not look all that safe.

Oh! my knees are shaking - that is a long way down.

I've been framed.

Is that a character from the "Walking Dead"?

I tested the reach of my telephoto lens. This was taken across Shawnigan Lake from the Provincial Park.

April 24, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Eight walkers went up Mt. Tzouhalem on different trails. Dianne walked an extra trail as she is practicing for the Grouse Grind in Vancouver. Great views from the top and many flowers to be seen.  Thank you to the drivers. (well, the ones that went the right way) Next monday the 27th. we will be at the Honeymoon Bay Wildflower Reserve, hoping to see many Pink Fawn Lillies. From there we will go to the Lake Cowichan Retirement Centre for our lunch. We are leaving the Legion one half hour earlier at 9:30 am.    vm
Some view from the top

Flowers - flowers  Everywhere !

A few of the walkers



A tiny butterfly is landing

Sea Blush

Broomrape, so called as it is parasitic to Scotch Broom. We need it !

Spring Gold

Chocolate Lily


"Lipstick" lichen on deadwood - almost as pretty as flowers
Keeping Dry

Pink Fawn Lily


Bleeding Heart

Ferns and Firs.

Yellow Violets

Indian Hellebore
Flower Directory