July 26, 2011

Womens Walking

Nine enjoyed a ferry ride to Brentwood Bay.We walked near the marina and
on to the Blue's Bayou Cafe.None of the group was interested in trying the
alligator.It was a pleasant day with excellent weather.Next monday Aug 1st.
is a Civic Holiday and we will be walking in the Mill Springs-Deloume Rd.
area.Bring a lunch if you wish. Meet at the Legion at 9:30am.     V.M.

Womens Walking

Ready to board the ferry.

Blue's Bayou Cafe. Note the alligator on roof.

Abandoned Hornets nest.


Eagle at least a nautical mile away.

Men's Walking

July 20, 2011

Womens Walking

Seven walked at Rat Lake and area.Indian Pipe was spotted in a few places,
some unusual fungus,and many types of berries.Salmon Berries,Thimble
Berries,and low bush Black Berries.Some dessert with lunch.Next monday  
the 25th we will take the Mill Bay ferry to Brentwood.We will walk the
Brentwood area,then have lunch at a resaurant.Remember to bring some
money for lunch and your gold card for the ferry.Meet at the Legion at
9:30 am.      V.M.

Womens Walking

A well pollinated bee

A Lily Pad

My tail is bushier than yours

A tree fungus

July 13, 2011

Womens Walking

Monday 7 walkers drove to Crofton to walk along the seawall.They also went
to Crofton Beach Park,along Adelaide Road then to Osborne Bay Park where
they ate lunch on the beach.Next monday the 18th. we will walk around Rat
Lake,starting at the Frayne Centre.Bring a lunch.Leaving the Legion at 9:30am.
Thanks for the information for the blog,Claudia.    V.M.
P.S If anyone knows the name of the Grosbeak,please let me know.I found
four types of Grosbeaks in my bird books,but none had this colour.

Womens Walking

A Grosbeak.

Anna's Hummingbird.

California Quail.

House Finch.

July 11, 2011

Men's Walking Group

We had a very pleasant walk starting behind Kerry Park and making a loop to Shawnigan Creek delta and back through Mill Bay. I think about 6 kms.
Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.
Here is a good resting spot!

Hey! You are not walking.

It's peacefull under the stone bridge.

Shawnigan Creek under the highway bridge.

Can you spot the deer?

July 6, 2011

Womens Walking

Beautiful weather for the Mill Bay Ferry walk.Ate lunch/snacks at a favourite
spot on the rocks and watched a gorgeous yacht go by.We spotted many
lovely blue wildflowers covering some of the rocks.There were many Canada
geese,a raggedy rabbit, and 2 kayakers.I was abandoned on the beach while
concentrating on some photography,but was rewarded by spotting a large pod
of Sea Lions that others had missed.Monday the 11th. Claudia is back and will
have suggestions for a walk. Bring lunch or snacks.Meet at the Legion at
9:30 am.     V.M.
P.S. The monthly "Lunch Out" that we missed in June, will be on July 25th.
when we will take the Mill Bay ferry to Brentwood,explore some walking
areas and have lunch at one of local restaurants.

Womens Walking

Canada Geese at Mill Bay

A pod of Sea Lions basking in the sun. 

Lenora was brave enough to climb part way up.

A bee collects nectar on a Blackberry blossom.

July 4, 2011

Men's walking group

Well we have completed our organized walking for the year,We can still meet at 8:30 at the Legion and do a local walk, I plan on it when I can.
That was a good walk by Langford Lk today. and the food and company was great.We will get back to our regular walking on 12 Sept, Tks all and have a good summer.