May 31, 2013

Photography Group

                                                      Shearing At Peerless Alpacas
The animals are kept under cover the night before shearing to keep them dry.Starting with the light
coloured animals so that fibre colour is not mixed,they are walked to the shearing table which is
vertical,restrained so as not to cush.(sit down) The table is then rotated till horizontal,restraints are
put at the animals feet,and someone controls the head with a towel at the ready for the spitters.Only
two at Peerless.The shearing time for an animal is about fifteen minutes.They will also have toe
nails clipped and get yearly worming shots while on the table.The shearer begins at the legs, then on
to the hips,neck,and midsection.The blanket fibre/fleece from the midsection of the Alpaca is of the
number one quality.Wendy will sort the fibres and put them in bins as the shearing is done.When all
the animals are shorn and fibre collected Wendy will send it to a mill to be made into rovings for
spinning,yarn for knitters,batts for duvets,or felted for sewers.

May 28, 2013

Womens Walking Group

The ladies parked at Brentwood College and walked to the Mill Bay Marina.There are now more boats,some larger luxury vessels.A new bistro has opened and condos are for sale.(expensive)
They returned to the college to join the mens walking group for a guided tour of the new
Millennium Trail.Thank you,Denis for arranging this most interesting day and inviting the womens walking group.It was a wet,rainy day,which we ignored as our guide Mike was most informative
about the many features of the trail,then went on to show us many of the indoor work areas,class-
rooms,and explanations of the students curriculum.The college has 463 students.We all enjoyed
lunch in the cafeteria which has a large selection of foods and can seat up to 500 people.The total
distance for the walks was 7.3 K. Thanks to people who helped with the blog.Next Monday June 3rd.
we meet at the Legion at 9:30 am.Please bring suggestions for a walk.Thank you Joan for some of
the following photos.          V.M.

May 27, 2013

Ladies & Men's walking group at Brentwood

Well that was quite a tour we had in the rain, Aren't we some tough old birds,It would have been nicer if the weather would have co-operated, But hay we did it. That's how we make memories,I thought Mike was a great tour guide, He is so Bessy its hard to get in contact with him, I would have liked to give you all more notice, But that's the way it worked out. I hope you all enjoyed it.Helen and I will be away for the next 3 weeks, We are going looking for the sun shine, We will see you all when we get back, Tks

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May 23, 2013

Photography Group

Photography by Margaret Jones

Womens Walking Group

Dianne took 12 walkers to the cemetery to show us a beautiful bench which was carved by a man
in memory of his parents.We also saw a deer resting among the grave markers.We walked at
Shawnigan and part of Mt. Baldy.At a pond,noticed waterlilies and 2 dogs retrieving toys thrown
in the water.Then back to Dianne's for coffee and a most yummy fresh baked carrot cake. Thank
you to all the drivers.Next Monday 27th.we meet at the Legion at 9:30 decide on a short walk
near Brentwood College.We will meet at the college at for a guided walk on the new
" Millennium Trail " We will have lunch at the Brentwood cafeteria at 12 noon.       V.M.