February 24, 2014

SNOW (Men's Walking Group)

Mens walk cancelled due to snow.  Thought I would throw in a couple of shots going down the Malahat - and in case you are feeling upset about snow at this late date I have added a few others. - DeNNis

Near the Malahat summit Sunday 23rd.

Same area - same time - just before noon.

Would you believe - APR 19-2008.
We had a little more on Jan 12-2011.

Dec 21 - 2008

Look at this - Dec 22-2008

And my backyard - Dec 22 - 2008.

Last - but not least.  March 12 - 2010.

February 23, 2014

Womens Walking Group

Yes, tomorrows walk is cancelled due to the amount of snow. Next Monday March 3rd. we will try the same walk on Carlton Road. It is also our luncheon Monday. A decision as to which restaurant will be made when we meet at the Legion at 10 am.         V.M.

                                       If you are not having to shovel it, it is quite pretty.

Computer group

Hello All,
For our meeting on Tuesday February 25, 2014 we will by special request start discussion and explore streaming software programs - what they are and how they are used and the pitfalls to be aware of.
I admit I know very little about this topic so I am going to rely on the collective knowledge of this group to make this a learning experience for all.
So, I'm expecting input from all of you.

Here are two pictures of a morning surprise.


February 21, 2014

Womens Walking Group

Again and again the shots rang out, the hunters are here once more. But the fearless six of the walking group, carried on through the estuary as they did before. A nice warm, sunny walk. We were fortunate as it rained before we started and began again as we returned to the Legion. Thank you to Claudia and Lila for driving. Next Monday the 24th we will explore Carlton Road. See you at the Legion at 10am.   V.M.

The estuary where the ducks and geese fly in.

Placing the decoys before the shoot.

The walkers look out towards the loading dock

A Red-Winged Blackbird reaches for some seeds

A Heron spies something tasty

A Bald Eagle finally turns toward the camera

February 17, 2014

Men's walking group

Thanks for the pictures Dennis, They pretty well tell the story of our 8 km walk today. All that you don't see is all the sun and the little shower,the good conversations etc. Next week we will plan on a trail on the west side of the Shawnigan Lake off of the Cross Canada trail, so you may want to wear your boots. If Ed is up to it he will show us the way. Okay. Tks

Enjoyable walk through Mill Springs today.  Below are my photos and GPS trace. - DeNNis

GPS track of our route from Frayne Center up Benko Rd, through trails past  Mill Springs Water tower and various streets and trails back to Serious Coffee.  I also put in the Gazebo location near top center.
Very attractive front yard with carvings and seagull taking to the air.

Nice Gazebo - got there just in time to avoid some heavy rainfall.

Looking behind us from the Gazebo.  There is SNOW in them thar hills.

Looking across the highway from Lodgepole Rd.

February 16, 2014

Womens Walking Group

There wasn't a walk last Monday due to icy and cold weather. It did leave some interesting ice formations. (below) Monday may 17th we may walk towards the mill site to see if the fellows remembered to leave the table and chairs out for us. Or we may walk one of the estuaries. Meet at the Legion at 10 am.    V.M.

February 15, 2014

Photography Group

Hello Photographers,
For our February 18, 2014 meeting we will again focus on all the new cameras within the group. Bring your cameras old or new and any manuals that you have. We downloaded Manuals to your specific camera models so go over all the many functions your new digital camera has to offer.

Since we have a number of new members, I think it would be helpful to go over basic photography principals. Lets start by checking out some of the very excellent tutorials available online. One great site for tutorials is Cambridge in Colour. Here is the link to their tutorial called: Concepts and Terminology http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/camera-exposure.htm Here you can see the three settings on your camera that you need to understand to be in control and be the master of the camera.

Look at your camera and see where you can change these settings. Try taking pictures after making setting changes. Don't worry, it is not like the old film days. It doesn't cost money to press that button and you can delete as you practice.
Have fun!

February 13, 2014

men's walking group

Hi gang I'm sorry to say but due to the weather forcasted we will cancel our Brenytwood walk for Monday and skedual it for a fair weather day. We will still meet for a local walk,and be back by 12 noon, okay? Tks

February 10, 2014

Men's walking group

Good morning its about 7:30 and we have about 1 inch of that white stuff here and raining so I think we should cancel our walk this morning. And next week the weather dosen't look that good so we may have to delay our trip tp Brentwood, Anyway we'll figure that out latter this week . Okay Tks

February 9, 2014

Computer group

Here is information about the Computer groups Feb. 11 meeting.
First though a picture:
In case this is confusing, this is a Seagull getting away from the crowd after snagging a big clam on the beach. You can
see that he put on the speed to get away!

Hello Computer group,
On our Feb. 11, 2014 meeting we will focus on all the great things our local library has to offer if you sign on to their online services.
Our local libraries are a real bargain! The services are all paid through our taxes which means that all the features are free to a resident on Vancouver Island. All you need to do is register. Besides all the traditional library services, you can now go online to borrow ebooks, emagazines, emusic and more.
How do you use the library?
Did you know that we can now also register to use the services of any public BC library? We will find out how to obtain a "BC One Card". This allows a BC resident to use library services all across BC.
We started looking at movie making and video production last computer meeting. I admit this is new territory for me. Here is where someone in the group can step forward and share their knowledge about videos. Let's work out a plan as to how we want to get into this new to us area.


February 6, 2014

Womens Walking Group

A small group this Monday, but a great walk. At times our walks include wonderful views and interesting sights. Other times the interest may be in animals we see, and people we meet and chat
with. Many different breeds of dogs walking their masters. We also met a 91 year old gentleman who kept up a lively conversation and a steady pace all the way up the long hill in Manley Park.
Thanks to Ann for driving. Next Monday the 10th. meet at the Legion at 10am with suggestions for
a walk.    V.M.

The creek at Manley Park

A freighter waits for cargo

A small amount of snow on Mt Tuam

Clouds on Mt Baker

February 3, 2014

men's walking group

Good walk today and we got to see that beautiful valley, I hope not too manny got wet feet getting across the creek. They say we did 8 kms and it did seem like it.Maybe double "NN" will put some pictures on for us. We will do a walk around Deer and Mill Spring Park next week. OKAY. THANKS. Also we are planning on going to Brentwood on the 17th of Feb. We will confirm next week.

Men's Walking Group

My offerings from today's walk through what I call Fern Hollow.  A cool, crisp morning made for a brisk jaunt through the woods.   -  DeNNis.

Confusing map - Follow the red arrowheads from the Legion down along the bluish dotted line and then the yellow line back to the Legion.  The RED Flag "To FERN Hollow" shows where we got on the path at the end of Wooden Rd to take us down through the Hollow.  The bottom left hand end of the blue line (bottom left corner) is where the horse is located.   

A little bribery can make new friends.

Anyone for Mountain Biking???

A little sunlight poking through the trees - not great for photo ops.

A touch of snow or frost on cobwebs makes nature-art.

A bit of an obstacle course doesn't stop us.

But two or three slows us down a bit.  Some what tougher going than the last time we were through here.

Fungi still thrives.

February 2, 2014

Photography group

Hello Photographers and Computer Geeks,

Back by popular demand we will make a distinction between a computer session and a photography(camera) session. This Tuesday, February 4, 2014 will be devoted to photography.
Since many of you have purchased new cameras it is time to see what you have and go over the many features available on those cameras. With that in mind bring you camera to the session and any instructions or manuals that came with the camera. Manufacturers unfortunately don't provide very much in the way of instructions any more but we will show you how to go online and do a search for a Manual in .pdf form. This can be downloaded to your computer. 
We will try to give more information as to what future meetings, both computer and photography sessions will have in the future. The topics chosen are supposed to be helpful, we will try to include topics suggested to us.
We are planning a trip to the Victoria Museum again this year. The tentative date for this is February 25, 2014. The exhibit is "Wildlife Photographer of the Year". Here is the link" http://royalbcmuseum.bc.ca/exhibitions/upcoming/2013-wildlife-photographer-of-the-year/
The pictures displayed are outstanding. More details will follow.
See you all Tuesday for "Photography.

I don't understand "Gull" but he seemed very unhappy.