April 30, 2013

Womens Walking Group

Ten walkers went out to the Point at Gordon Bay Park.Great views over the lake and to the
mountains.The wildflower reserve is always a special place to see this time of year.Our lunch
at the Senior Center in Lake Cowichan was delicious.We were also entertained by line
dancers. Thank you to Marianne and Claudia for driving.Monday May 6th.we meet at the
Legion at 10am.to walk locally.
A thank you to Claudia,Joan,and Dennis S for help with the blog last week.   V.M.

YSAG Photography Field Trip

We had a great field trip today to Lonely Tree Hill. Thanks Vera for suggesting this spot to us with all the wonderful wild flowers. The day was bright sun and not too cold. We learned a lot practising wildflower photography and realizing that these little guys don't hold still but are fore ver being jiggled by the wind. We completed the trip with a good lunch at a local pub. Thanks, Vera and Dennis for the transportation.
Here are a few examples of my efforts.
Sorry, I will get Captions later on.

April 29, 2013

Men's walking group

That was a great walk today, The weather helped make it great, Thank you Ed and thank you Harry for the coffee and thank you Sherley for the treats. Next week we can try Spectacle Lake, So have a good week and we will see you next Monday. Tks

Men's Walking Group

Some impressive "Altered Reality" photos you have there Dennis!
It was a great day for walking and I apologise for talking too much and missing the trail I was hoping to take you all on.
Anyway, here are my photo contributions.

A cable to keep the Trestle together.

Two walkers relaxing on the trestle.

Hmm - Do we need a long gun registry?

Men's Walking Group

Photos from todays Shawnigan Estates - Kinsol Trestle loop.

"Altered reality" - the shadow of Kinsol Trestle taken looking over the side (panoramic).

More altered reality - panoramic shot taken from center of Kinsol Trestle.

Natures "Stump Art. Looks to me like a mis-shaped weasel.

A lone Trillium.

Coffee-time entertainment at Harry's house.

April 26, 2013

Computer/Photography group

Hello All,
For our next Tuesday meeting we are planning a Field Trip to Lone Tree Hill on Millstream Road. We will meet at the Legion at 10:30 am as usual to car pool, or for those of you at Mill Bay, if it is easier to leave from Mill Bay let me know. We plan to stop for lunch at a restaurant or pub close by. I recall some suggestions made but don't remember if anything definite was decided. We will discuss that on Tuesday. This is a photography outing, so bring your camera(s) and check what settings might be appropriate for flower pictures(that would be Macro or close up settings). Bring a tripod if you have one.
I just came across a site that lets you practice different settings for a camera and shows the effects of doing this. I think this is a great way to actually see how settings can really change the final picture. try it by going to this site: http://www.canonoutsideofauto.ca/
Since Alice and I will start on our trip on May 6, I have updated my blog which I hope to post information on as we do our trip. The blog can be accessed by going here: http://ysagsphoto.blogspot.ca/
See you all on Tuesday.

Here is a picture from the recent "Shawnigan Gathering. It is taken with my Blackberry.

Dignataries at the "Shawnigan Gathering"

April 25, 2013

Womens Walking Group

Ten walked Tzouhalem Mountain.There were more wildflowers than usual this year which made it
difficult to walk the trails without trodding on them.The views from the top are always special. A
thank you to our drivers.Coffee outdoors in the sunshine on comfy cushioned chairs was nice.Next
monday the 29th. we will drive to the Wildflower Reserve to walk there and if time allows we will
go on to the Gordon Bay Provincial Park for a walk to the "Point" We will be back in Lake Cowichan
for lunch by 12:30 Remember, we will leave the Legion at 9:30am for this trip.   V.M.



April 23, 2013

Men's Walking Group

My photos from our Jack Point Park  walk. DeNNis.

Petroglyph near trail beginning - looks suspiciously recent.

One of many pieces of  "Natures Art" along this walk.

Freighter awaiting entrance to harbour.

Nanaimo from Jack Point trail.
This tree serves as multiple use picture frame.

Lots of interesting rock formations along this route - notice the hole through the rock.

More of Natures creations.

And more.

Duke Point Ferry slips.

Interesting growth on the rocks.

"Bliss" by Dick J. Vandereyk.
Wood sculpture at trail beginning.

April 22, 2013

Men's walking group

Well that was a great day out for the boys , Walk & Lunch, It doesn't get much better then today, The weather was great, The tide was out and the wind was light. Thanks for driving the Dennis's. Next week we can try getting to the Kinsol Trestle from behind Shawnigan Estates. We will meet at the Legion at the regular time 8:30. okay? C U there

Men's walking group

 some kids playing on the rocks
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Computer/Photography group

Hello All,
Please accept my apologies. I have been very tardy about sending out information for tomorrow's YSAG Computer meeting.
Here is one topic for discussion: JAVA, what is it and do we need it? Attached is some information about it and input from members in a Forum hosted by CNET's Lee Koo.
As always, bring your computer questions for us all to work on and come up with a solution.
We do need to discuss how we all want to proceed after next week. Alice and I plan to be on the road maybe in 2 weeks or there abouts and I would like to see you all continue the Computer/Photography sessions on Tuesday mornings. (I can send assignments by email when I am on our trip?)
Lets do some brainstorming and planning tomorrow!

April 18, 2013

Womens Walking Group

Kinsol Trestle and picnic areas below

Mallards among the reeds

Mallards preen as a Bufflehead goes by

Wildflower at the trestle - name, anyone ?

Once again the rain stopped as we walked the trestle.There we saw
the beaver dam and many types of ducks on the pond.The picnic
area below the trestle by the river will be a nice place to visit in the
warmer weather.Thank you Shirley for coffee and goodies that
disappeared rather quickly.Also a thanks to our drivers. Next week
the 22nd we will hike up Tzouhalem Mountain. Meet at the Legion
at 10am.     V.M.
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