June 27, 2012

men's walking group

Well here goes again I did put my report on our walk on this machine but when I put those pictures on my report disappeared  , basically  I said it was nice to have John Join us on our walk. and next week we will walk Rat Lake from Delume Rd

June 26, 2012

Womens Walking Group

We had a good walk around Thetis Lake except for times
we thought we may be run down by some rather large
dogs. There appeared to be more dogs than people.There
have been some nice improvements since last summer.
A new bridge,railings,and a split-rail fence along the trails
We had lunch at the Six Mile Pub.Next monday July 2nd.
we will meet at the Legion at 9:30 am.to choose a walk.
Bring some ideas with you.   V.M.

At Thetis Lake

One of the wider trails

Joan takes photos of some lilies

A wildflower on the trail

A stump grows a garden

Lenora holds up a tree

June 25, 2012

men's walking group

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YSAG Men's Walking

Denis, our leader --- and yes he also has a camera.
Here are some of the pictures I took this morning. We had a great walk, starting from Manly Park. Thanks, Denis.

Once these caterpillars have eaten all the apple tree leaves, they go for the rocks!

Part of the group. They spotted an eagle way up.

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Men's Walking Group

 Waterfall at Manley Park.

Awaiting Cargo.

Checking out the view.

June 19, 2012

Womens Walking Group

Five walked to the Mill Bay ferry and back,about 6 K.
The rain held off and we enjoyed a nice brisk walk.
What we thought may have been an eagle from a
distance was something quite different. (see picture
below) Had our usual Legion coffee. Next monday
we may leave our local area if the weather co-operates.
Meet at the Legion at 9:30 am.      V.M.

A Heron watches us at the Mill Bay ferry dock

OH OH, we missed the ferry.

NOT a pretty face !

June 18, 2012

men's walking group

10 of us had an ossum bike ride today for our annual bike ride.From the Kinsol Trestle to the holt creek trestle near Duncan, We rode there about 15 k , then walked down to the Cowichan River and  had our lunch by the river bank. Then back 15 k, we stopped often to give our legs and other parts a break. ha . Good day and thanks to Bill for trucking our bikes down to the Kinsol Trestle. Next week we can walk Manle park and we plan on winding up our organized walking on the 9th July , Walking in Cobble Hill and ending up at the Cobblestone for Lunch. Tks C.U. next week.

Men's Walking Group - Some pics from our Bike/Walk 18th Jun.

Ed thought riding this guy would be easier than pedalling.

Away we go.

Ninety-seven(97) stair-steps to the river.

Lunch on the bank of the Koksilah Rivver.

Wild (Nootka) Roses.

Panoramic view of Koksilah River.

It was suggested that I could get a better picture by climbing out on this branch.

Holt Trestle.

Nootka Rose.

"On the road again" - back the other way.

More parking being constructed for Kinsol Trestle access.

June 16, 2012

Announcements - more BBQ pics.

Fun Bocci Game - Women vs Men
Panoramic Bocci
I think the women won.
Wiener Roast time.


A relaxing time at the Barbeque.

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June 12, 2012

ysag's garage sale

Ysag had a greatly successful garage sale raising almost 4000.00 dollars and a big thank you to the 36 volunteers that made it happen, THANK YOU.

If any one has some pictures please post them here.

Womens Walking Group

Seven walked the trails of Bright Angel Park.We saw
some wildflowers and met a gentleman who had counted
trilliums,with a count of 800 ! He brings his companion
Brewster who is a large friendly canine.We then went on
to the "Constant Crave Coffee House" which is new to
the Koksilah Rd / TCHighway corner.A pleasant little
shop where we sat outdoors in the sunshine and had
our coffee.One suggestion for next mondays walk was
to the Mill Bay ferry, or? other ideas? Meeting at the
Legion at 9:am.  V.M.

A brief stop in the sunshine

An unusually shaped plant at the park

He is about 6in,cute,but still a pest

And another pest


June 11, 2012

Fort Rodd Hill Visit - June 5th-2012

Fort Rodd Hill - June 5th.                 This is only a small sample of photos.  We spent a pleasurable few hours exploring the many sights and interesting information.  -  Then off to the Casino where
deNNis actually won some money.