November 27, 2017

Men's Walking Group

Great 8Km walk for the 9 of us.  A pretty cool morning but, again, NO RAIN.  Down to the Bamberton Haul Road from behind the Legion which we have not done in some time.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Started at the Legion (about 2/3 down near the right of map) and did a counter-clockwise loop.  Roads and locations are marked.

Frozen water droplets on the ends of the twigs look like small jewels.

Partially clear sky with a bit of mist in the distance.

The horses were happy to see us.

There is that mist.

Lots of water everywhere.

Busybee daycare is still there.  Sign has been refurbished a bit.

On Owl Rd.  Remnants of Hallowe'en?

Lots of bicycles of and for all shapes and sizes.

Coffee coming up soon.

Church for sale.  The price is right if you can afford to move it.

At the Shawnigan Lake weir we found some CVRD staff.

Lots of water in Shawnigan Creek.

William Rivers Community Park overflowing.


Coffee time before we head back to the Legion.

Somebodys bike ended up in the flower pot.

Artwork across the street.

Shawnigan Fire Hall.

November 21, 2017

Photography Group

A brand new Totem Pole on the brand new section of the Trans Canada Trail.

November 20, 2017

Men's Walking Group

Brook seems to have acquired the "no rain walking day" touch.  A great day for a stroll(?) up to Sentinal Ridge which we have not done for some time.  A lot of new homes have been added up there since we last walked the area.  Big houses with spectacular views.  Photos and map below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked on Deloume behind Tim Hortons, down across the highway to Mill Bay Rd, then up Noowick and up Sentinal Ridge.  Back down to Mill Bay center via various roads and off for a coffee fix.

A group this large takes a while to clear the roadway.

Down Mill Bay Rd past the Shopping Center.

All the leaves have turned colour along Mill Bay Rd but they
are still hanging onto the branches.

New construction along Mill Bay Rd.  We noticed several
newer homes.

Bakerview Rd does not offer a view of Mt. Baker today.  We
will have to return on a clear summer day.

Starting up the street on Sentinal Ridge.

There are even palm trees up there.  Must be because it is
closer to the sun.

The last pumpkin of hallowe'en.

California Poppies drawing their last breath.

Still more new housing going in on Sentinal Ridge. 

This looks like it could
make a nice mailbox.

Nice looking neighbourhood.

These don't quite fit into the picture.

Looking down Noowick Rd
to the water. (A bit of a climb)

The view from Legget Rd.

Checking us out.

The cooler weather and rain certainly green
up the territory.  From Bay Rd.

Old fence with address on sawmill circular saw.
Bay Rd.

Time for that coffee fix.

November 13, 2017

Men"s Walking Group

My GPS battery quit before we finished our walk - so no map of our trek.


We were expecting to get wet, but as the photos show we were very fortunate -  another NO rain walk.  It was a sunny 5Km walk for the 6 of us around the Shawnigan Village.


We started off from Cairn Park across from the Legion.  Down Treit Road and then onto Bob-O-Link Trail.  Worked our way back to the Legion before heading down to 'Tims' for coffee.

Heading off from Cairn Park - anticipating rain.

Quick shot blown up so not too readable - but a great collection of signs.

Nice looking Spanish style estate on Treit Rd.

On to Bob-O-Link Trail.

Lots of leaves on the ground.  Still no rain.

Water tower serving the Shawnigan Villiage.

Very interesting trail through the area.

Unique tree house sheltering the winter wood supply.

Some ups and downs along the trail.

We emerged onto Elford Rd as we came off the Bob-O-Link
Trail across from the Cowichan Cricket Club.

Truckers mail box mounted on the post.

Huge Monkey Tree.

Beautiful blue sky throughout our walk.

Does this mean it is a very old shop??

Neat way to display your house number.

Off to 'Tims' for coffee.