December 29, 2015

Men's walking group

It is nice that some of our walkers got out walked some of that turkey off, The weather was good for walking and I would have enjoyed some good company and walking. But my new friend Mr Art Ritis is telling me I am going to have to walk at my own pace and would only hold you guys up so for now you will have to get your heads together and figure out your future walks and keep the blog up. It's an easy job and just think you get to decide most of the walks. I have lots of info and the spread sheet to record the walks. Have fun guys and I'll join you at coffee some times. Thanks I've enjoyed helping out with my input.

December 28, 2015

Men's Walking Group

Brook, John C. and myself  did the "Legion Loop" today - behind the Legion, down the Bamberton Haul Rd, stopping for a break at the Shawnigan Coffee House before finishing. The weather was great, just a little cloudy.  We did about 7 Kilometers.  --  DeNNis.

Started at the Legion (bottom center) - follow the loop counter-clockwise.

The horses were glad to see us - as usual.

Max zoom - Pileated Woodpecker at top of Hydro poles.

The water was down a bit in the little William Rivers
Community Park but still pretty sloppy.

Masons Beach looking pretty empty - too cool?

The site of the old Shawnigan Hall.

December 22, 2015

Men's walking group

Wow we had a bit of a wet time on Monday. But being the outdoor men we are, we did'nt let it bother us. We did 7k around Cobble Hill and wound-up at the Cobble Stone for a nice warm lunch. 10 of us enjoyed a great lunch to wind up the year.I would like to thank all those who attended. and I would like to congratulate Larry for the best attended walker and Ken for the second best walker for the year and Rick for last with 5 days, ha ha. Also thanks to all the volunter drivers for the year. DeNNis thanks for being our official maper and all those great pictures all year long. Next week all those that wish to walk, we can walk behind the Legion, normal time. We will start our walks again on the 4th Jan 2016. Lastly I would like to wish you all a great Christmas and a happy New Year.

December 21, 2015

Men's Walking Group

A "wee bit" of moisture today, but still an enjoyable jaunt about Cobble Hill.  As you can see on the map, we did a lot of meandering about before we were allowed by our leader to stop for some sustenance at the Cobblestone Pub.  Thank you, Denis for leading us and trying to keep us on the straight and narrow.

We parked at the Cobble Hill Dog Park (bottom left).  Following the red arrows will give you some idea of our convoluted route around the Cobble Hill area.
Some were better prepared than others for the rain.  Denis usually
orders more sunshine on "walking days".

Even the horses were wearing rain coats.

Some "Christmasy soul" even decorated along a section of Fisher Rd.

That was very thoughtful of them.


A unique fence - needs some repairs, though.

Lots of action in this yard.

This guy says "DON'T let it snow!"

December 19, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Women's Walking Group

No rain, so a good 4 - 5 K walk. Today we blazed our own trails. Trudging through tall wet grass, weeds, tripping along the Blackberry vines, and leaving many footprints in the mud. Off in the distance we saw the road back to Kerry Park. we were behind Sunset Maples. I am away on the 21st., the first day of winter, if anyone would like to walk, you might meet at the Legion at the usual time and decide on a location.   VM
                  Wishes for a wonderful Christmas to all

December 14, 2015

Men's walking group

Good walk today.Welcome to our walking group Bob I'm sorry we did'nt have a mountain for you to climb. We will in the future. Ha. Thanks for your pictures DeNNis. Like you said, the weather and company was great. I seen the girl peaking out of her opening to try and see the end of the line up, I'm sure it was a surprise for them. Anyway it turned out good. Next week is our Xmas walk and lunch out at the Cobble Stone. So we meet at the same time 8:30 at the Legion and will be back there by 2Pm. Always good food at the Cobble Stone. Tks see u next week

Men's Walking Group

Below is my version of todays Manley Park walk.  Of course the weather co-operated and the company, as usual was great.

Parked at the entrance to Manley Park - follow the trace counter-clockwise.  Rob took us through a short extra trail near Satellite Pk (top center).
Not as much water as we expected in Manley Creek.

Some wind damage - mostly bits of branches, etc.

Manley Creek.

Unloading dock at the Tank Farm.

A good turn out - a Bakers Dozen showed up today.

The trail from Hatch Point through to Arbutus Ridge was closed
off for the month of October for improvements.

Much easier to navigate, but not as interesting.

Much wider, with no tripping hazards.

And no more stairway up to Ratcliffe Rd - Nice fence though.

Big changes at the Tank Farm - more truck bays added.

December 11, 2015

Women;s Walking Group

Three walkers went across the trestle and down below for part of the way, as there was some construction being done near the base of the trestle. The Koksilah River was high and rushing rapidly. Lunch was at the Black Swan. Thank you for driving, Helen. Next week Dec 14th. we will park at the Mill Bay hall, then do the new trail around Kelsey School. Meet at the Legion at 10 am.  VM
Photos and walk information by Claudia

December 1, 2015

Women's Walking Group

On a sunny, cool and frosty morning we did 4 K, then walked up to the pond to see the ducks. All other ponds were frozen over. Back through the Ridge for coffee and treats. Next monday Dec 7th. we will walk the Kinsol Trestle, then on to the Black Swan Pub for lunch. Meeting at the Legion at 10am.  VM