September 30, 2013

Men's walking group

Hi All
Thanks for the pictures Dennis, We sure did luck out today with the rain, Nice to have you back with us Mike. and good turnout 10 Next week we can do Kilmalou rd and Mill park. We will see you all at the Legion  at 8:30 Tks

Men's Walking Group

Photos from our walk today.  By the time we got back to the Legion my GPS said we walked 9.9Km.  Thanks again Denis for holding the rain off until we finished.

Follow the arrows on the "Red brick road".
The "Google Earth" version.
Tried to get everybody in but is that a small arm coming out Jim's shoulder?

Looks like Mr Slug had his fill.

Fording the creek to avoid climbing over the blow-downs.

Shawnigan Shaman on Recreation Rd.

Not a great photo - but we did see some wildlife. Pileated Woodpecker having a feast.

"Bracket(?) fungi - according to John H. Like brackets on a wall.

If you look carefully you can see a faint rainbow.

Shawnigan Express - and notice a hint of the rainbow between the trees.

September 29, 2013

Computer/Photography Group

Hello All,
Computers: For our computer session on Oct 1, I will talk about a new program I am testing called 'DoNot Track Me(DNTme). It is a little application that works in the background in your browser and blocks all the tracking when you are visiting websites. It is amazing how much anonymous information is sent to advertisers that we are not aware of. It explains a lot about why we get advertising popping up.
On Tuesday evening there is a YSAGS Dinner so we may have some activities going around us during our meeting.
Bring your computer questions to the meeting and let's all collectively answer them.
Photography: Last Tuesday we photographers did a field trip to Bright Angel Park. It was a beautiful morning and we really enjoyed the outing. Unfortunately the mushrooms that I expected just were not there and the few we saw had been destroyed. Well, we used up so much energy that we needed a coffee and food replenishment at the Double Barrel coffee shop at Whippletree Junction.
Here are 2 images of some very non-edible fungi.


September 23, 2013

Men's Walking Group

Some photos from our bike trip today. Also wanted to point out how fast we are. Were supposed to meet the guys at Banfield Pk at 11:30 for lunch but got there so early we carried on to the Blue (Johnson St) bridge, watched a boat go through, then down Esquimalt Rd and back to the park via Dominion Rd, Belton Ave and Craigflower.  Got there at the same time they did. - deNNis.

On Selkirk Trestle. Photo courtesy of 1 of 3 Johns.

Inner Harbour - "Coho" loading for Port Angeles.

"Blue Bridge" lowering after a sailboat passed through.

"Banfield Bill"(??) holding court from his throne.

The benches were still a little damp for sitting.

A very enjoyable outing.

Men's walking group

Hi All
Well we had a great bike ride today, Nine of us left the Legion at 8:30 putting our bikes in Ken's truck & John's van {Tks guys for driving} then headed down the road towards Victoria parking at the Galloping Goose near the 6 mile pub{no it wasn't open ha}. WE started off in a little rain but it soon stopped and the remainder of our ride was great. We met 3 other walkeres who drove down to meet us and we all had our lunch in the Vic West park near the south end of foot bridge that goes across the Gorge Selkerk Trestle.After that we headed back to our start point. I think we did 27 kms, great day. Next week we will do a local walk up Mt Baldy Rd, Tks.

September 20, 2013

Computer/Photography group

Hello All,
For our photography meeting next Tuesday , Sept 24 lets go on a field trip. The destination is Bright Angel Park and for those interested a coffee at either the Drumroaster or the one at Whppletree Junction, after.
We will leave from the Legion at 10:30 or if you want to go directly to the park, we will meet there about 10:45 am. I think the mushrooms should be out in full force by then, so we will have lots of opportunity to practice macro photography.
Here is a picture of the suspension bridge taken by someone in the Women's Walking group about 2 years ago.
See you all on Tuesday.

September 18, 2013

Womens Walking Group

Six walked the trails through Kerry Park. The creek was very low and many of the leaves had turned
colour and fallen. We then walked towards Barry Road noticing a large Fir tree that had been cut down. There was certainly plenty of wood for heating a home for some time. We carried on to Mill Bay and Tim Hortons for coffee. Inside we saw the Mens Walking Group having coffee also. They
may have had goodies as they stayed longer than we did. The walks for the next two Mondays the
23rd and 30th. of Sept. will be at 9:30 am. meeting at the Legion parking lot. The third Monday
Oct 7th. there will be a time change for fall and winter. We will meet at the Legion at 10 am. till
next spring.         V.M.           Gone fishing ....... see you next month

Men's walking group

Hi all you bikers I hope your bikes are all oiled up and ready to go on our annual ride .
The plan is to leave the Legion at 8:30 regular time, getting down to our parking spot by the Galloping goose[ just up the road from the six mile pub)  by 9:30. Bring your lunch with you which we will eat in the park by the trail in Vic West.Any questions please phone Denis 743-3107.
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September 16, 2013

Men's Walking Group

Here is my version of our Rat Lake walk today. - Dennis.

GPS track of our walk shown on "Vancouver Island Backroad Maps". The numbers indicate the elevation in metres above sea level.
If you ever want Lily Pads go to Rat Lake.

Ed's "autumn colors" are my "Rat Lake Palm Tree".

Looks like Handysen Creek is pretty much underground at this time.

Mother Nature at work.

Fungi Inookshuk??

Braille trail marker.

More natural artwork.

Men's Walking Group

Today we walked about 5.5 km. around Rat(Muskrat) Lake. We had 7 walkers on a very nice mostly cloudy morning. Here are some photos.
Rat Lake. The water level is very low.

A white water lily

A sure sign of Autumn.

September 10, 2013

Womens Walking Group

We did about 6 K at Thetis Lake. Excellent trails and a beautiful lake. We saw many Lily pads and
both white and pink Lilies. A swimmer that was going at a great speed down the length of the lake.
We also saw many dogs fetching toys from the water, the friendly ones coming to say hello and to
shake water off as they stand beside you. Lunch was enjoyed at Millstream Village. Thanks to
Joyce our driver to Victoria. Next Monday the 16th. we will walk at Eves Park, leaving the Legion
at 9:30 am.    V. M.

Men's Walking Group

Seven of us walked yesterday, Sept 9, from the Legion to and through Shawnigan School and back with a refreshment stop at Shawnigan Coffee.  We determined the distance to be almost bang-on 8k.  The weather as usual was perfect.

Follow the little red arrows on the green line.
With all the deer around, how is it that they never get into these flower beds?

Beautiful, well kept old buildings.

We walked along with a group of students for a bit until we realized we might
have to put our rusty learning skills in use - so we went the other way.

Sports building - upper playing fields.

Well groomed for some competition.

Great weather for sight seeing.

A birds-eye view of our route.