September 26, 2011

Men's walking group

Hi Gang
That was a great walk we did today, all the way from our car to Timmy's for coffee and solving the worlds problems. It didn't stop raining all day, anyway next week we'll try Cable Bay again, okay? Tks

September 20, 2011

Womens Walking

Eight HIKED 7.4 K.We did not have a walk ! Many ups and downs but nice trails at the end of Kingburne road.We then walked through the park and down to the Koksilah River where we found a beautiful spot to have our lunch.Next monday Sept 26th.the walking group will be walking the Cable Bay Trail in the Cedar area.They will then have lunch at the Crow and Gate.
We will begin our fall and winter hours for Oct 3rd.We meet at the Legion at 10 am.We no longer bring lunches but will stop for coffee after our walks.Oct 3rd the walkers will meet Layne in Duncan and help celebrate her birhtday.She will have planned a walk along the Cowichan River and the dikes.Meet at the Legion at 9:30 am for Sept 26th.and at 10 am.for Oct 3rd. 

P.S Have some dessert for me at the Crow & Gate, ladies.   V.M.

Womens Walking

The hikers ready for the climb.

The green trees reflect in the river.

One of our trail markers.

Interesting trees (Manzanita ?)

September 19, 2011

Men's walking group

Hi All
Good to see u back Wayne, We had a nice walk around Rat Lk and area we did 8 kms, mostly up hill I think.ha . Next week we plan on Cable Bay up by Cedar with lunch at the Wheat Chief getting back to the Legion by 2pm
Tks C U

Men's Walking

Here we are and you see us coming!
Here are pictures taken during our walk this morning. It was a great day for walking.
....and here you see us going!

Denis walked into this big web and we almost lost him!

From all of us to all of you.
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September 16, 2011

Computer/Photography grp

Our next Tuesday's meeting(Sept 20) will be on Photography. Some of you worked on the assignment I gave this summer, so bring in the pictures you have on the Summer Challenge themes. For those of us that did not do it - well you are not off the hook so to speak, but let's do it in slow motion with one theme a meeting. With that in mind the first theme is "Solitary". Take a picture that is appropriate for this theme.
Attached are examples of the 12 other themes.
Further from our meeting last Tuesday:
- CVRecycle (Cowichan Valley Recycle)
these are groups in Yahoo that I belong to and have used. The first group does not allow any selling (free stuff only) whereas on the second group items are bought and sold. These are both local groups, meaning from Nanaimo south to the Malahat.
You do however need to open up a Yahoo account to take full advantage of these groups.

Themed Challenges

September 14, 2011

Womens Walking

Eight walkers did 8.8 K around Langford Lake.Some very nice boardwalks
and viewpoints on the lake.Unfortunately noise and construction going on
near part of the trail.We went on to Goldstream Park where we had our
lunch.(with the hornets!) At Goldstream we also walked to the Nature
House and the viewpoint from which you can see Boathouse Marina.
Next week Sept. 19th.we will go to Kingburne Park and have our lunch
on the river.Meet at the Legion at 9:30 am.

Womens Walking

The walkers on one of the boardwalks at Langford Lake.

Many Lily Pads on the lake.

E.T. Phone Home !

Rouhi inside a tree at Goldstream Park.

September 12, 2011

Men's walking group

We did Cobble Hill a little different way then we did before , But the one thing we did do the same at the summat was take the wrong trail and had to back track , we needed that little extra to make up our 5 kms, ha. good walk in the sun. Next week we will hike Rat Lk, and on the 26th Cable Bay and out for lunch so we leave at 830 but not back till 2pm okay? tks

September 11, 2011

Men's walking group

Hi Gang
Well after a great summer of relaxation on the beaches and things, its time to get active .
We said we would start our walking group officially tomorrow I'm a bit laxes in getting started , I'm thinking of doing Cobble Hill tomorrow and we can discuss going out on 26th maybe Cable Bay and the Wheat Chief for lunch, C.U. at 8:30 at Legion

September 7, 2011

Womens Walking

Five did 8.2 K at Burnt Bridge.A warm day,but we were able to keep cool
as the trails are through the trees.We met an ATV and some very loud
dirt bikes on our way.We then had our lunch at a beautiful spot on the river.
Next monday Sept 12th. we will drive to Langford Lake.Bring a lunch and
meet at the Legion at 9:30 am.     V.M.

Womens Walking

Water levels at Burnt Bridge are very low.Red numbers to right.

Lenora enjoys the views.

Lunch at the river.

The boys have fun raising dust.