November 26, 2013

Men's walking group

Thanks for the pictures Dennis, Their great. I may question you about the kls I'm sure it was about 75% up and 25% down. ha ha. Good walk and good view and good company. Next week we will walk in the area of Bamberton and hopefully see some construction on the Indian Reserve, Normal time 8:30 at the Legion.

November 25, 2013

Men's Walking Group

Photos and maps from todays walk through the clear cut off Butler Rd.  GPS said 7km- 50% uphill - 50% downhill. 

The map on the bottom was meant to be on top. Difficult to reposition. - Dennis

Had to throw in this pic of the moon up above.
Great company. Great weather. Photo courtesy John H.

Frozen puddles make for interesting subjects.

The "Rock pit/pond".- red flag on map. Possibly blasted out to get rock for roadways.

Panoramic view overlooking Shawnigan Lake.

"Jack Frost artwork.
Google Earth map showing extent of clearcut - nice and neat with just a few patches left here and there. Our walking track shown in blue. White traces are logging roads. Power transmission line cut neatly through at bottom left.

Started at Butler Rd. Water in the rock pit (Red flag) was frozen over. Elevation at the point where we turned around to come back was 342 metres, slightly less than the Malahat Summit.

November 22, 2013

Computer/Photography group

Many years ago I found and used a site called Gibson Research Corporation. The URL is: . Among other things it was capable of testing your(my) computer as to how visible it was to potential hackers,viruses and malware. I had forgotten about it but came across it again. The site with all it's information has grown to be very complex and probably overload for most of us. It also is disturbing as to what the internet can and does find out about us. We all worry about what the government knows about us but I think we should be more concerned about what, unknown to us, other entities are out there monitoring who knows what.
I will demonstrate a little program on this site called "Shields Up!". It is free and easy to do and may make you feel good if your computer passes or you may find some surprises. The site has good explanations about what goes on, "under the hood".
Please note: I talked to Mike and he informed me that you talked about this site when I was away - O well, it is worth revisting.
This seagull also is concerned and wondering about it all also.
For our photography members I will direct you to a site hosted by photographer Darlene Hildabrendt from Edmonton. She calls it 'Her View' and over a short time the site has grown and is full of great information about photography.
See it here.
The big news is that she now is Managing Editor of Digital Photography School(DPS) another great source of photography knowledge and is based in Australia. The energy some people have, Eh!
See it here.
So, for next Tuesday bring your ideas, curiousity and questions to the meeting, both for computers and photography.
P.S.: I have added the names of our Beginning Computing Class to this Group Mailing. So, new members Welcome and see what we are doing in our other sessions.

November 18, 2013

Men's walking group

Well we did it again got our walk in with out rain well almost.( a few drops at the end) Our gps guy says we did 10 k , Good walk 11 walkers . Next week we plan doing Butler Rd on the west side of Shawnigan Lake. Tks

Men's Walking Group

 My contribution from today's Wilkinson Rd walk - Google Earth track and a few photos. - Dennis.

Follow blue track from Start going clockwise, past St John Anglican Church, Mill Bay Elem and Bonner School to McDonalds and on up past Kerry Park Hall by the creek back to the Start.
Shawnigan Creek from bridge - lots of water.

We're being invited for Christmas!!! 

Some of the headstones with Remembrance Day crosses at St. John United Church Cemetery.

"On guard" - don't know what the box holds.
"Ant condominium".

Pleasant(?) looking little fellow.
Some of the carvings on Boyles Rd.

Computer/Photography group

Hello All,
Here is our agenda for our November 19 meeting.
1.) Our first topic will be a discussion on passwords and why there is a need for strong and different passwords. The following excerpt is from "Ask Leo":
Why is it so important to use a different password on every site?
I keep hearing that I'm supposed to use a different password on every internet site where I have an account. What a pain! I can't remember all of those passwords. Yeah, I know. You want me to use a password manager thing, but that seems like putting a bunch of really important things into a single basket. What if that basket gets hacked? I use a strong password, why isn't that enough?
The hacks of several online services have brought this issue to light once again.
I'm sorry, but a single strong password just isn't enough anymore. You must use different strong passwords on every site where you have an account – at least, every important site.
And yes, then you must devise a way to manage them all.
Let me run down an example scenario that's causing all of this emphasis on multiple different passwords.
Discussion to follow.
2.) The other topic will be a discussion of word processing,etc. programs. We all are somewhat familiar with Microsoft Office and it's many variations. There is another program available called Open Office and it is free. Mike and I will also be introducing Open Office to our Beginners Computing class on Wednesday.
3.) As mentioned in earlier meetings, photography topics may get intorduced in computer sessions and vice versa. We saw the excellent mushrooms/fungi pictures that Vera has taken this Fall. Great work, Vera and Thank You for sharing. Below is one I took on our Men's Walk.
Mushrooms at Rat Lake

November 17, 2013


Sorry for the delay in getting these onto the blog. Some of our group put entries into the Nanaimo Woodcarving Show held Nov. 2nd. Here are some photos from that event. - Dennis

Skip Whitfield's walking stick - "First"

Alice Wiebe's Wood Spirit - "First" and "Best in Division"
Skip Whitfield's Boot - "First" and "Best in Division"

Denis Lainchbury's Family Crest - "First" and
"Best in Division"

Denis Lainchbury's Chip Carving - "First" and
"Best in Division"

These other photos are just a few of the many other show entries.

November 5, 2013

Men's Walking Group

My photos from our Rat Lake walk Monday.  Lots of fungi and maybe some sort of wildlife.  -  Dennis.

We began our walk down off Deloume Rd.  WT is the water tower. The little red arrowheads indicate our direction on the red brick road. As you can see we almost missed the trail coming back. Great walk in perfect weather.
The gang - counting the photographer we had a perfect "bakers dozen".

Rat Lake looks about the same as we left it last time.

Some of us decided this looks like it could be some sort of wildlife. Maybe??

Just some of the many varieties of mushrooms and fungi.

And there are lots of the Big Foot- 'er Big Leaf Maple leaves

November 4, 2013

Men's walking group

Hi Well we had great weather again today for our walk.We did about 10 k with 13 walker's [GREAT TURNOUT]. Didn't SEE MUCH LIFE ON THE WATER IN RAT lAKE. IT WAS A GOOD WALK HOPEFULLY SOME ONE WILL POST SOME PICTURES. So next week is Remembrance Day and there may not be any walker's, We will be back in stride the following Monday the 18th, Okay well see you all then. There will be further info on the trip to Viking Air on Friday the 15th at 3pm . Tks