July 30, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Six walkers did a brisk walk along the ocean to the Mill Bay ferry. Some exploring done around the rocks near Verdier Point. Returning to the cars by way of the beach. Next monday August 3rd will be a local walk. There will be a change for our " First Monday of the Month Lunch" to the following monday which is August the 10th., so that we are able to have our lunch at the Crow and Gate, and walk through Hemer Park. The roads, parks, and retaurants will be very busy on this monday 3rd holiday. Meet at the Legion at 9:30 am.    VM

July 27, 2015

Men's Walking Group

Ten of us did Wilkinson Rd today with a change in our usual route.  We investigated the very beginning of a 12 home development off of Horton Rd, then behind Sunset Maples (Brulette Pl) and behind Frances Kelsey School continuing on the trail along Shawnigan Creek back to our vehicles.  Wonderful weather, great company and good coffee at Shawnigan Coffee House afterwards.  About 7 Kms stroll.  --  DeNNis.

Started and finished behind Kerry Park Rec Center (Bottom-right).  Clockwise loop from that point.

Wilkinson Rd - Quiet pastoral farm land. Not as many animals as we used to see.

Junction of Wilkinson and Cobble Hill - which way from here?  Down past
George Bonner School to Petrocan and Horton Rd.

George Bonner School.

Frances Kelsey School.  --  Note of interest.: - Frances Kelsey was instrumental
in banning the use of Thlaidomide (which caused birth defects). She just celebrated
her 100th birthday a few weeks ago.

Sunset Maples townhouse complex on Brulette Place.

Another view.

Shawnigan Creek below Kerry Park Rec Center,
Not much water flowing  - need more
rain soon - lots of it.

Tennis Court behind Kerry Park Rec Center.

July 22, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Five did a shady walk through Manley Park then on to the beach. There were many mini crabs of many colours. Even though most were half an inch or less, they were able to move rocks to hide under them. The constant breeze at the beach made for a pleasant walk in the sun. The CVRD was applying new paint to all the stairways. There is now a walkers hand print on the fresh paint of a railing. Coffee and goodies were at the Ridge Cafe. Next monday the 27th we meet at the Legion at 9:30 am to choose a walk.  VM

July 20, 2015

Men's Walking Group

Nine of us today - walked from the shopping center to the Mill Bay Ferry and back - 10 km plus a bit.  No need for a map but will throw one in.  Coffee at the Shawnigan Coffee House afterwards.

No way to get lost on this map  -  there and back  - only one way.

Nice day to be on the water.

What is this??
Answer next week.

Turn-around point - some guys in a hurry for coffee - or they
didn't want to walk down and back UP the hill from the Ferry

Flowers in short supply right now.

See what I mean?

Apples - maybe in a month or two.

Canada Geese enjoying the water.

And some Kayakers.

Prime waterfront property - price probably negotiable.

Panorama from the Government wharf.

Good place to check out the view.

Back at the Shopping Center - time to head for the
Shawnigan Coffee House.