June 24, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Twelve of us walked about 6 Km today down beyond the end of Briarwood Road.  We turned around at a point where we would not have an extremely long walk back to the cars.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

We parked near the beginning of Briarwood Rd (left) and proceeded down the trail beyond, to the point shown at the top right of the map, then returned via Briarwood Crescent.

Of course we had to check out the clear cut before we
 left the Legion. 

Once we got onto Briarwood we
were being watched.  Got
the shot too late to get the

Checked out Briarwood Park on the way.

Very little water in the creek.

These guys took over the watch further down Briarwood.

A unique mail box.

A woodpecker with a red head (??)

The trail through the forest begins.

Over an elevated bridge --

-- as there is lots of water in this area.

Obviously there have been lots of  "Busy
Beavers" in this area.

Up a few short stairways.

The decision is made to turn back at this point or we will
have a very long walk back to the cars.

There is some very tall
grass in places here.

Back across the bridge.

Some of  Mother Natures art work.

A retro mail box.

Don checks out a concrete penguin(?)

More deer in the neighborhood.

Coffee at the Shawnigan Coffee House.

Some new art work up on the walls.

Not this guy.

But this one.


June 18, 2019


Here are pictures that Bob took on the Men's Walk in Victoria yesterday.



Pink Dogwood

Gorge Statue

June 17, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Time for a "Pub Lunch Walk".    Nine of us headed down the Malahat for a stroll around the Upper Gorge Waterway.  We logged about 8 to 9 Km and finished off with a beer and lunch at the Four Mile Pub.  Map and pics below.  --  DeNNis.

We parked the cars at Canadian Tire on  Admirals Rd (near top left) and did a clockwise loop around the Gorge waterway, then did a counter-clockwise loop to the Four Mile Pub and back down "A1" (the old Island HiWay) to the Canadian Tire store.

Shadows looking down the Gorge waterway from the
Craigflower Bridge.

The view from the Craigflower Bridge.

The Heritage Craigflower  Schoolhouse.

Lots of flowers along the waterway walk.

Reflections from across the water.

A couple of deer across the water.

This Arbutus is growing out of the seawall just a few inches
below the upper surface.

Lots of flowers as mentioned. 

A very tall smooth cactus type plant.

And more plants.

Also Canada geese.

Rowing practice for some.

Looking down the Gorge waterway from the boating club.

Watching the water pour under the Gorge Bridge - the tide is
on its way out.

A Heron sitting on a piling just above
the Gorge Bridge.

More reflections.

This Seagull thinks his Kingdom is below this
lamp post. 

Viewing area underneath the Gorge Bridge.

The water is a foamy mess below the bridge.

Onward and into Gorge Park where we will visit the
Japanese Garden.

The entrance to the Japanese Garden.

Part of the Japanese Garden.

More flowering bushes.

Up a portion of the Galloping Goose Trail.

Through Portage Park.

Where there is more scenery -

And lunch beckons at the 4-Mile Pub.

Where it was enjoyed by all.