October 30, 2014

Womens Walking Group

We had a great walk along the Koksilah River on the Jack Fleetwood Trail. We did have a few hills to climb, a wide creek to cross, and a large tree to climb over which was across the trail. But we were on good trails and the fall colours were beautiful, particularly when wet. Next Monday Nov 3rd. we will walk the Trans Canada Trail from Tansor road. Then return to the Mongolian Grill for lunch. Remember, November is the beginning of our 10 am.walks till next spring. Meeting at the Legion at
10am.    VM

The Koksilah River at the Bridge

We begin our walk

Even the Ferns are colourful

Dianne measures the depth of the moss - two inches

The trails are padded with leaves, but not slippery

Dianne places rocks for us to get across the creek

Coloured leaves are a nice contrast to the dull fungus

A tree taken down for the trail kept the fungus

Many vivid yellows down by the river

This fungus at the base of a tree is about 16 inches across

So, where's my breakfast ? pancakes ?

Welcome news from Sue, we are on the right trail to the road

Up, up, and more ups.

The Halloween Ghosty tree

An colourful beetle found at Burnt Bridge in an unusual place

This is the underneath - anyone know it's name ?

October 27, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Denis took charge of the weather.  Larry took care of the directions.  Another great walk in good company.  Hope the pictures do it justice.  -  DeNNis

Parked in the Providence Farm parking area (bottom left).  Follow the red arrows up the yellow brick road and back.  Fortunately, Larry knew when to take the right or left turns, and got us there without a hitch.  Looks like our climb was about 80 meters - Ups and downs make for good exercise.

That mist is as close as we got to rain - excellent weather for walking.

Mother Nature hard at work with all the leaves and adding the moss to the big rocks.

Almost there - time for a breather and a photo-op.

There we are - looks like it was sliced with a pizza cutter.

We look pretty small in there.
The only way out is straight through  -  or UP???
No Passing!!

On the way back  -  Some take the high road,  some take the low road.

Getting ready for Hallowe'en.

The General Store.

And the General  ???????

Men's walking group

Well that was a good walk today, Thanks Larry. 12 0f us did 9k on nice walking trails. Split rock is quite a feat by nature. Larry says its about 40 ft high, and we always find Providence farm interesting. Tks drivers Robert,Brook & DeNNis. Next week lets try Richards Trail and see some fall colors.Tks

October 26, 2014

Womens Walking Group

Eight walked Millsprings admiring the different types of landscaping and some of the Halloween decorations. There is now a new park put in by the CVRD which is open to the public. There is a well built covered picnic area with tables and benches, a children's playground, and a sports court. A thank you to our drivers, Claudia and Sue. Next Monday the 27th. we will be at Burnt Bridge, with hopes of finding some fall colours after the wind and rain. Meet at the Legion at 9:30 am      VM

Just a bit of drizzle as we begin the walk

At times we have the street to ourselves

Some new additions to this yard

The dainty lady

The Deloume Community Park

The ladies admire the wood used for construction

The picnic area

Checking out the playground equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . .

For the children's safety

Yes, it passes the test

Many more houses to be built

Ready for the Trick or Treaters

October 20, 2014

Men's walking group

Whee we didn't get rained on today. Hey you're fast DeNNis thanks for the picture and comments.Good walk today {7k} and good food and company , It was nice to see you Wayne thanks for joining us. Thanks for driving Ken. Next week the weather looks a little iffy, if its decent we can do the split rock hike on Mt Tzouhalem Tks

Men's Walking Group

Another day in paradise - the forecasted rain did not materialize.  Denis has the fair weather touch.  Here are my shots from todays Blue Bridge walk.   --   DeNNis.

Follow the red arrows on the yellow brick road from Spinnakers Brew Pub on the left, counter clockwise across the Blue Bridge,  up -around across the Point Ellice Bridge and back to Spinnakers for a great lunch.

Mother Nature at work again - that tree starts under the fence behind the post.

Foggy start - but NO rain.  -  Dredging for the new marina.

Some fishy art work.

The "COHO" arriving from Port Angeles.

Things look pretty normal on this side of the Blue Bridge -

-- A different story on this side. Lots of construction on the new bridge supports.

Victoria Harbour Ferry Terminal  --  H2O TAXI

Frog-Art   --   I guess!!

Looking at the Selkirk Trestle from the Point Ellice Bridge.

Time for lunch at Spinnakers.  Looks like wild life in the area.

Checking out the barley and hops - could make for an interesting brew.