August 27, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Blue skies and sunshine for a pleasant walk to Kinsol Trestle and up the Koksilah River a ways.  Nine of us drove out Renfrew Rd and Glen Eagles Rd to the Kinsol parking lot where we started our walk.  Approximately 8 Km start to finish.  Stopped for coffee at Shawnigan Coffee House on our return.  Photos and map below.  --  DeNNis.

On the way to the trestle this sign always draws a laugh.

Just about at the trestle.

For seniors and short legged people.

We arrive at the trestle.

At the far end of the trestle we go down and underneath it.

A view from the other side of the trestle.

The top of the stump at left.

The trail to down under the trestle is very steep in places.

Looking back up.

Onto the Jack Fleetwood trail.

Water level is very low in the Koksilah river.

The top of the tree at right.
How and why was this chunk taken out of it.

Natural gas line crossing the Koksilah.

Watch your step.  The Jack Fleetwood trail
is full of tricky roots.

What kind of critter is this??  Looks like somebody's Pet Rock.

A close up of the photo on left.
Eyes in the trees watching us.

One of a couple small bridges.

I hope these guys ducked.  There is another one ahead.

Back at the main trail.  Time for a rest.

Some of the original timbers left along the trail.

Back at the trestle heading the other way.

August 20, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Ten of us walked about 5 Km in the smoky haze from forest fires through Manley Park and back part way along the beach.  Finished off with coffee at the (RED) Old School House in Cobble Hill.  It was an enjoyable jaunt with a few ups and downs for exercise.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.


Parked at Manley Park entrance (bottom right).  Follow trace from "Cars", then clockwise around the loop and back to "Cars".

Weir is full but large lower drain not opened.

Across first of several bridges.

Not much water in Manley creek.

About three ships anchored out but hard to see them
through the smoky haze.

How long will this old Arbutus stand??

Lots of colour in this Mountain Ash.

A good crop on this Walnut tree.

The dairy farm.

These Douglas Fir trees were planted years ago in neat rows.

Down the stairs to the beach.

The Arbutus Ridge fuel dock.


Beach bush whacking.

Where we came from.

Back up from the beach.

Fall is in the air.

Queen Annes Lace -- In bloom  -- half gone to seed  --  gone to seed.

Back on to Granfield Way.
Seen in passing from the beach.  (The ships are barely discernable.)

Mother Natures work.

August 13, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Misty due to smoke in the air but cooler.  Pleasant day for a Ferry ride and a stroll through the Brentwood neighborhood.  Parked above the Mill Bay Ferry Terminal and cruised to Brentwood to take in the sights.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

After getting off the ferry  we did a counter-clockwise loop around Brentwood (bottom right).

The Mill Bay-Brentwood Ferry appears in the mist.

All aboard for the cruise to Brentwood.

Walkway stair is blocked.  Back and up the road at which time
they removed the blockage.  Extra exercise.

Under surveillance by a large black pussy cat.

The Blue Bayou Café - but we don't want alligator today.

The walkway below a large gated townhouse community.
We will walk around and back up above this complex.

One of the old Navy "Blue Boats."  Used years ago as 
transportation for Navy and Navy Dockyard personnel
back and forth from the Dockyard to the Colwood side
of Esquimalt Harbour.

Unique entrance to this yard.

The original Brentwood college building in Brentwood.

Deiter having a "Canon" moment in front of the antique shop.

Lunch at the Bleue Coyote Pub from both the "head" and "foot" of the table.

Captured these black berries through the window of the pub
using full zoom (42X) on the camera.

What are these wild flowers?

Back onto the Ferry.

Watching the crows avoid the sharp spikes on the lamp post.

The end of our journey - except the long walk up the hill
back to the cars.