December 17, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Six of us walked about 8 km around Swan Lake Nature Park and then up onto Christmas Hill.  Some low fog but mostly clear skies and NO rain.  Finished up by meeting Brook, Bob, Denis L and Jim at the Carriage House Pub on Fort St for a brew and a nice lunch.  --  DeNNis.

Parked in the Swan Lake Nature  Center lot (center near right), did a clockwise loop around Swan Lake Park, then up and across McKenzie Ave up the trail to Christmas Hill Park.  Climbed about 80 meters from Swan Lake Park to the top of Christmas Hill.

The new floating walkway on Swan Lake.  Looks like a recycled
plastic finish.

Had to add this because of the colouring.

The new walk goes across the end of Swan Lake.

A couple of ducks feeding.

Some interesting bridges on parts of the trail.

A unique tree growing several upright branches.

Another neat bridge.

Lots of water droplets on the bushes hanging on for life.

Some interesting trees noticed along the way.


A portion of the old boardwalk.

Crossing McKenzie Ave on the way up to Christmas Hill.

Part of the stone walkway up Christmas Hill.

Reaching the summit of Christmas Hill.

360 degree views from the top.

Something to see in all directions.

Starting back down.

Watch your step - the trail could be precarious.

Some odd tree growth - especially the Arbutus.

Looks like we are being watched as we descend.

December 10, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Our typical "Walking Day Weather"  --  No rain and a bit of blue in the sky.                                 Ten of us walked about 5 Km around the Mill Springs area.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked on Deloume just above Tim Hortons.  Then took the path that would skirt part of the Mill Springs area. Did a counter-clockwise loop through the Mill Springs area, then back onto Deloume and down to where we knew the coffee was.

Path off of Deloume Rd leading to Mill Springs area.

One of those trees that picked the top of a
stump as its base.

A few of these boardwalks along the path.

And several of these signs
along the edge of the path.

If you look at this photo the right way you can see that it is a ways down.

These carvings are a familiar
sight in Mill Springs.

Looks like Santa is very welcome at this house.

The latest phase of Mill Springs still in progress.

The path straight ahead would take you up by the Mill Springs
water tower.  We opted to go left back down to the street area.

There we met the "Grinch".

Naturally we had to stop for coffee at Tim Hortons.

December 3, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Very chilly morning - about minus 2 degrees.  However, ten of us showed up for a brisk 7 to 8 Km walk through the Shawnigan area.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis

Thanks to Bob for the map as my GPS batteries died.  Started at the Legion (top right).  Did a large clockwise loop, across the road, through Cairn Park over to Old Mill Park, down the E&N tracks and back to the Legion with a stop for coffee at the Shawnigan Coffee House. 

Onto the first of various trails after going through Cairn Park. 

Heading up Treit Road.

Into the mist as we head down the hill on Treit Road.

Lawn decorations awaiting inflation.

"Shawnigan Shaman"

Lots of very tall trees bordering Recreation Rd.

Entering Old Mill Park.

Looking up Shawnigan Lake from Old Mill Park beach.

Panoramic shot taken from the beach at Old Mill Park.

Discussion break at the beach.

Pleasant pathway through the park --

up to this point - where it gets a little damp.

Backtrack --

-- and onto the E&N track.

Leave the railway tracks at the CVRD wharf and back to the road.

Past the Shawnigan Museum.

A stop at Shawnigan Coffee House before returning to the Legion.